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By Gabriel von Max c1900 {{PD}}

Vesta conjoins Zeus today, and when we view this in light of other contacts being made (including Chiron sesquiquadrate Ceres, Venus square and Mercury sextile Hygeia, and Mercury novile Saturn) we might find wants shaping priorities, goals, and values, making standards far more flexible than they should be; we also see how relationships or financial circumstances affect health negatively. It may be a day when we’re hit with a few surprise revelations about our true priorities and potentials, and we’ll see where we do (and don’t) want to invest. The good thing is that we’ll have what amounts to x-ray vision of the real world picture; reality will ‘speak’, and what’s right for us will be clear–then it’s just up to us to keep values intact, and make the ‘healthy’ choice.

By Władysław Podkowiński 1891 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the passage of time. It’s been on everyone’s mind lately, in one form or another. Pretend that no time has passed since you were first conscious; now consider how much or how little your essence has changed since that point. Two things: you can go back to the ‘Refresh’ point at any time (these are the timeless qualities of the Self/ Soul that can get lost in the everyday), and reflect on what views and values of yours life may have altered in the living. The goal is to remind ourselves that we’re really timeless Beings, and that the changes we can feel so acutely rarely affect who we truly are, even as we learn, mature, and grow spiritually.