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月岡芳年 TukiokaYositosi(1839-1892) – The ukiyoe “鹿児島暴徒出陣図” {{PD}}

Real-world difficulties, blockages, or barriers lead to inspired solutions, approaches, and attitudes, and original or fortuitous ideas. That suggests we shouldn’t be too discouraged by what doesn’t work out, and should instead cast it as the thing that can bring out our most creative and profitable thoughts. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Winslow Homer – ‘After the Hurricane, Bahamas’ 1898 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is castaways on a desert island, struggling to survive, are hit by a hurricane. Sometimes the sh*t storms just keep coming; know that you will get through it. Things go best with an optimistic attitude and a commitment to do all you can to affect circumstances positively, because that will pay off.