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‘Hallucinations’ By Odilon Redon CC0

The 5th we may experience a series of reveals, things suspected or glimpsed, confirmed, things feared or hoped for suddenly there before us, with big ‘C’ Change, especially in perceptions, inevitable. Shifts in perception almost certainly bring a questioning of our values or commitments, but it’s healthy to willingly refresh the viewpoint–anything else risks a loss of originality in expression, or of value related to output or relationships, so that we fall behind socially as well as in our own evolution and growth if we try to freeze things in place.

The most important energies all revolve around Pluto. We see Mercury parallel the Underworld god upon entering Sagittarius, and we see Pluto himself, on his slow grind around the zodiac, conjoin asteroid Hygeia. What we think changes by expanding; our world and its possibilities get much bigger, or show more potentials, than we anticipated possible. Repeat the mantra, ‘Change is good’, even if on the surface it’s disconcerting or frightening–on the 6th we get a solid preview of what’s coming, so any mystery or sense that things are out of control doesn’t last long. The Gemini Moon quincunxes Pluto-Hygeia morning of the 6th Pacific time, offering a peek at the kinds of feelings these changes might stir.

‘Bad Girls’ By Felipe Gabaldón 2009 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

The word image for these two days is a person who exhibits no obvious identification with either sex. Gender fluidity is all the rage these days, and it’s about time–why should anyone have to confine themselves to a single label, or to label themselves at all? This image suggests we should let our attitudes gain more movement and less constriction, allowing us to remove a label we’ve always chafed at wearing.