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Frederick Childe Hassam 1910 {{PD}}

The radical, erratic, and unreliable among us find themselves helplessly attracted to those who are steadfast in their dedication, their priorities, and who give off a certain saintly aura due to the purity of their commitments–and of course, the opposite will hold, that those dedicated to a cause will want to be with someone who just can’t commit. There are also those who are taking the academic approach, and they will be drawn to those who are passionate beyond all reason, as the passionate will be attracted to those who take a cool, theoretical approach–and those who want to be in the avant garde may find themselves pulled toward what they care about most, rather than their usual preference for what is fashionable. In all these matters of attraction, we find that the benefits come in looking deeply into something, and from accepting that what seems light has a darkness, and what seems dark can hold the key to the light–it’s all in how thoroughly we accept reality, as it stands, rather than as we think it should be. One warning: beware of twisted and so unhealthy thinking or reasoning; to accept it, it may be required that we adjust our values, morals, and ethics–and that’s a sure sign it’s really no good.

Today’s word image is two fish swimming in opposite directions. That’s Pisces, of course! In what way are you contradicting yourself, putting effort in two opposing directions and so effectively thwarting any real progress or resolution (or perhaps just obscuring the issue)? If something doesn’t spring immediately to mind, check matters of the natal House that holds Pisces or features it on the cusp, and/ or any bodies or points ruled by Neptune, or the matters of the House where Neptune is currently transiting. And if need be, stop swimming for a second, if only to get your bearings.