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Józef Pankiewicz – ‘Nocturne: Swans in the Saxon Garden in Warsaw by night’ c1894 {{PD}}

That shadowy disquiet we felt yesterday continues today. It may feel a bit like we’re in a car at night, careening down a pitch black mountain road: our headlights (forethought, sensibilities, ‘the facts’) light up a narrow cone of road at any one time, but our sense of sheer cliffs either side, of the narrowness of the paved way, and of the potential for upset by uphill traffic or a gust of wind or an unexpected hairpin turn make us fundamentally tense, disoriented, and distracted. The best way to combat this (though I don’t actually recommend fighting negative influences–they are meant to tell us something, so paying attention is important, embracing them as information, rather than a threat, is instrumental to understanding) is to reach out through relationships, finances, or the Arts, to pour yourself into relating, creating, or providing. As Venus enters Sagittarius she also parallels both Hygeia and the Black Moon Lilith point, suggesting that taking an open, far-sighted, exploratory attitude that fact-checks beliefs or that provides objective, reality-based feedback is the way to go. There’s no way to completely eliminate that uneasy, suspicious, or upsetting vibe–it lingers–but we can look in the direction of light, and so drain it of much of its power.

Bertha Lum ‘Point Lobos, 1920’ {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the wind, stirring the tops of the tall trees, bending them together, but leaving lower branches undisturbed. This is very much like the forecast for today, things agitated but essentially out of sight, too far away to directly impact us on the ground (or in our groundedness), only serving to make us uneasy. Just accept that not everything in our world is under our control–nor should it be–and consider that disturbances nearby don’t necessarily spill over, except in the most peripheral way, onto us, and so don’t really need our attention. Permission for one less worry or drain is granted.