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Paul Klee – ‘Gespenst eines Genies’ (Ghost of a Genius) 1921 {{PD}}

Today Venus conjoins the point Black Moon Lilith, and both are novile the South Node; the conjunction happens in Capricorn, and makes for a rather grim tendency to concentrate on negatives. We see relationships and/ or financial situations in light of what enrages us, rather than focusing on what we love about them, and the impulse is to lock things down, to contain the bad feelings, or to try our darnedest to continue to ignore or deny matters, in spite of the way we are oh-so-conscious of them now. We may just want to put a lid on it, when it might be much healthier to shift our focus from judging things as negative to seeing them as information. This might allow us the emotional distance to access the novile aspect’s ability to add a touch of genius to proceedings via memory; we are able to dip into the past and extract just the right thing to turn that downer into a beneficial event or to see profit from something built in the past. It’s up to us to find the serendipitous connection between previous circumstances and now, and to use this as a lens through which to re-focus our interpretation of the current situation.

‘Into The Black’ Uploaded to WikiMedia by tm
Photo by Vieira_da_Silva Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is the color black–or rather, the absence of color, as a black object absorbs all the colors in the spectrum, bouncing nothing back to the eye. So, this image may prompt us to look for one of two things: something in our lives that acts as a ‘black hole’, which can never be ‘filled’, or something that refuses to interact with us, that doesn’t bounce anything back to us. Do we want this in our lives? may be the question–and then, what are we willing to do about it?