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Gustav Klimt 1894 {{PD}}

Mars enters Sagittarius and we want to have an impact: far-reaching, on things far away, on beliefs, and on the facts, with the latter either relating to changing those realities or on giving them a ‘cover story’ that aligns them more closely with what we believe. Under this influence, the facts might seem more aggressive than usual, insisting upon themselves in a way that could raise our ire, anger the ego, expand our viewpoint (whether we are willing or not), or drive our choices, and leave us little room for fantasy or supposition–and that’s a good thing, the way Mars through Sagittarius may force alignment with a real-world picture that is inclusive of what’s foreign to us, and so something we need to learn about.


Today we also see Venus semi-square Chiron and Neptune quincunx Ceres; we notice all the ways our values, relationships, and financial arrangements set off our wounds or call forward our unique skills, and we may find later, when looking back, that our own imaginations were what kept us from fully exercising our prerogatives. That means that, though clear sight is always our goal, right now that’s prevented by our own inclinations. We mesmerize ourselves into believing we are less (or less capable) than we truly are–that’s a spell that needs to be broken as soon as possible.

Today’s word image is the color green. Green suggests newness, or an untried quality, or one lacking training. Fecundity might be implied; what new in the life, what thing just begun, or just now growing, what untried ideas or efforts, need to go forward? Or is it jealousy or envy, giving a Venusian name to behavior that can otherwise be confounding?