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Adolph Menzel ‘Atelierwand (Studio Wall)’ 1851 {{PD}}

We can shape things as we like today, with our values and commitments offering a form into which we pour the essence of our energy; it’s pure creativity, without the need for an Art or a singular creative act to give it contours. We are both the source and the means of conveyance, with thoughts perfectly synchronized with action, and choices truly reflecting reasoning and the intellect. That said, we may find ourselves resistant to what’s smart or practical (I suspect it won’t feel original enough for our Soul-essence), and our fondness for and awareness of our own empowerment may put us at odds with the facts, with our own beliefs, and/ or with the social sphere–but otherwise, it’s a day when we can manifest so much that is at the core of our Beingness, in one form or another (Sun nov Saturn and parallel Vesta, Mercury sxt and parallel Mars and square Pallas, Venus and Juno conjoined and square Jupiter).

1920 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is finding a note in your jacket pocket that reads, ‘Save me’–and you don’t know where it came from or who wrote it. Where does your mind go?