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Photo By Carol M. Highsmith – Library of Congress Catalog: http://lccn.loc.gov/2015631245 {{PD}}

The question is, will we see transformation of our Love or Money toward an ideal, or will these disintegrate into a nebulous oblivion? A change of fortune–that’s the broad influence behind Venus’ entry into Pisces and novile to Pluto. The aspect itself promises something probably unanticipated and likely more dazzling than anything we would’ve come up with during Venus’ passage through Aquarius; suddenly the landscape changes (we get out of our own heads, and get a little space for our thoughts to heal or to express a unique talent–Mercury nov Chiron), and that change supports a shift that calls on our creativity and our spiritual essence to respond. This affects our relationships and/ or our asset situation as what we care about changes, transforming into something else, taking a shape that reflects alterations to the institutions, ‘rules’, and structures of our lives that began with Pluto’s entry into Capricorn; we’ll likely see another step in just what these modifications mean (particularly how we will benefit) in real world terms when Venus sextiles Saturn on the day of the Solar eclipse, the 15th.

With these shifts as the underpinnings, we see two contrary effects: our actions and choices both give support to and show the extent of our own personal strength and authority (Mars trine Ceres), but they may seem ‘unlucky’, creating conflicts that block our receipt of ‘more’ or bringing upset within the social sphere or to our own belief system (Sun sq Jupiter). Stick with what enhances your power position, in this case; any negative feedback is fleeting, and based on attitudes, inner or outer, that would disempower you, if given full rein.

Today’s word image is the 70’s song, ‘Magnet and Steel’. Do you know this song? It’s been playing in my head for two days, and I had to get it out by putting it here 🙂 What in your life acts like a magnet on you? Is there something you feel compelled toward, as if you are helpless? Or does something or someone respond to you that way? We may need reminding that we are not helpless within the situation; we can change our responses and others’ responses to us by–drumroll–changing ourselves, or at least by altering our responses away from what may feel automatic. That’s not the answer we usually arrive at, when we want things to change, especially when we feel some aspect of the situation is completely out of our control, but in this instance we are offered the chance to see that who we are has a powerful affect on both what surrounds us and our interactions–we don’t have to be the magnet OR the steel!