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Actors in a confrontation on a verandah. Colour woodcut by Kunikazu, early 1860s CC BY 4.0

What does healthy Self-assertion look like to you? We may think it has something to do with flexing our muscles, declaring our power, or marking our territory, because it kind of feels like we need to do that–but we should know that, at least today, we would be doing that only for ourselves, and possibly putting others off in the process. It may feel as if we’re required to make choices that compromise us and that threaten our personal power, status, or reach. In reality, the issues will center in being willing to bend enough to honor our own values and commitments–so you see, it’s an internal issue, at essence, one where the unbending ego insists it’s being wronged, when what you’re really called to do is live up to your own obligations and ideals–walking your talk, if you will (Juno semi-sq Hygeia, Vesta sq Ceres)

Over the next few days, we have an Earth Grand Trine with the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus. Our attention goes to sudden, instantaneous changes to our reality picture, to obstacles, barriers, restraints, rules, and perhaps most importantly, to results of the passage of time and past efforts–and with the Moon approaching Full (perfecting AM PDT of the 26th)  those results, coupled with the signature endings of a Full Moon, are likely to feel too restrictive, like a dead-end, like something has closed in on us. This is specifically because of the Sun’s current approach in trine to Saturn–as if possibilities and alternatives simply slip away–and we see it, spotlighted, before us, our awareness likely exaggerating the importance or the effect itself. ‘I’ve got no choice’ may become the refrain for those operating unconsciously. For the rest of us, however, there’s hope. If you’re not happy with what you see developing around you, you may want to gather energies and intent to be dedicated at the time of the Full Moon; these should focus on what you want to create for the future (Pisces Full Moon quincunx the North Node). Just something to think about in the run up to the Lunar event.

Sometimes the old man (Saturn) and the radical (Uranus) can really get into it. Jar depicting combat-ETHAM 036790-P8190744-gradient
By Rama and one more author CC BY-SA 3.0 fr

Today’s word image is an astrological aspect: Saturn trine Uranus–let’s make that any natal relationship between the two. In the birth chart they offer a small recipe for stasis, balance, and energy flow and expenditure in the life; they can also delineate the internal individual relationship between the spirit of radicalism, modernism, and chaos and ‘What Is’, as well as one’s likely relationship to ‘the Group’ and response to authority. I have the trine natally, with Uranus ruling my Ascendant and Saturn my 12th (Whole Sign)–and certainly, I’ve seen the flow of unconscious (and sometimes Cosmic) material into my interface with the rest of the world–and it’s here we may note that Saturn is ancient ruler of Aquarius, drawing the two, no matter how disparate they seem, as much more alike than we may realize–for what happens to the revolutionary, once the revolution is over? If you’ve got a connection between Saturn and Uranus, and you’d like my comment on it, please place your comment on this post, tell me what signs they’re in and Houses they rule, and what the aspect is between them; I’ll offer a few words or more on the relationship. Comments will be answered publicly only. Please use the comment function, not my email, and don’t send birth data–this is only the shallowest dip into potentials in honor of the current configuration, nothing more.