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‘Woman in Ecstasy’ By Ferdinand Hodler 1911 {{PD}}

Merc made apparent turnaround in the wee hours this morning PDT, the 3rd, and we may all be feeling just a bit freer, now–and you may have felt the Moon in Cancer form a sextile soon after direction, giving us a strong dose of emotion around what transpired during the retro period, and that may have been soothing or unsettling, but has probably been put into proportion, by now. What’s coming, though, is where our attention should be.

Mercury direct moves from a retro approaching sextile to Neptune to a waning one, with contact not having been made since Merc first passed in direct aspect, what feels like a lifetime ago (so, roughly a month!). This likely eases the mind as we feel more and more rational, less influenced by an overactive imagination or delusion/ deception–and this easing/ freedom feeling is even more apparent as Merc moves away from a some-time-ago square to Saturn–change and limits seem to fall away, boundaries no longer as defined or restrictive as they seemed.

So that’s all good. The question becomes: will these perceptions be accurate, in terms of our reality? The first two contacts Mercury direct makes tell the story: a trine to Pluto, followed by a conjunction to Sedna. This suggests that all the loosening and relaxing may lead to a surfacing of rage, an impulse to purge, a destructive desire, or a wish to transform or resurrect. This might apply to something one spent considerable time pondering or dealing with during the retro–suddenly, a big change might seem very positive. Judgments about the fitness of this conclusion can only be made in light of the natal scenario, but if things have been overall steady and positive, it may be just the thing to pursue, particularly if it has the character of attending to the long-neglected or the long-sensed but unaddressed. Use your instincts, and be honest with yourself–genuine honesty is the only way those instincts are worth a sh*t.

Saturn retrogrades on the 4th, and Neptune in just over 3 weeks, on the 28th. The former may lift even more restrictions, opening the way further, especially in intellectual pursuits, the new and the innovative, the original and unique, if you’re a Saturn retro responder– but, if the retro cycle tends to withdraw security or dependable supports in your world, then you’ll see the characteristic responses, concentrated in changes to your understanding of things, or calling into question what seemed unique, original and worthwhile just days ago, with the springing up, likely without explanation, of roadblocks and denials.

With Neptune we’ll be looking at a change in background noise, more than anything. Re-consideration of the creative, of ideas and ideals, may be on the agenda, and often this turnaround can prompt one to dig for the Truth of something, as we try and connect our conceptions to reality.

That’s our glimpse ahead. Have a wonderful weekend!