The Eclipses of March 2016

Extraordinary photo by Wing-Chi Poon  See featured pictures here:  Released under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Extraordinary photo by Wing-Chi Poon See featured pictures here: Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Solar Eclipse 8 March 2016 5:54 PM Pacific Standard Time at 18 Pisces 55

In energy terms, eclipses wipe out what came before. They clean the slate and write a new energy equation on it, one that describes the general influence and tone of Sun (consciousness) and Moon (emotions) in interaction. This may build on what came before, or obliterate it—we can only know which for the individual by inspection of the eclipse impact in the natal chart—but in any case the pair of eclipses brings a shift in tone that extends through to the next eclipse set, in about six months. The New and Full events are always separated by two weeks, but not necessarily in that order. They shake-up and realign, and the change they bring can be subtle as a breeze, or shocking as an earthquake that drops the ground beneath our feet.

A New Moon eclipse brings a kind of ‘super-birth’, a brand new energy direction that sees the inception of many beginnings themed to the sign and aspects of the Lunar event; a Full Moon eclipse brings something to closure, again related to placement and aspects. Sometimes the Full Moon presents as a finish, a fait accompli, an ending or boundary past which we can go no further, or it shows us a culmination of events and their result; when the Full Moon is an eclipse, we add to this a sense of finality that may remove something or someone from ours lives for good. We must remember, too, that with a Full Moon, we may find the seeds of new beginnings, as when one thing ends it invariably leaves an empty energetic ‘space’, into which something new always, eventually, goes.

With a New or Full Moon we keep orbs as close as possible, simply because we want a crisp picture of Lunar effects. For a Solar Eclipse (a New Moon, the alignment of which finds Earth, Sun, and Moon along the same plane, with the Moon between the Earth and Sun) we allow a slightly more generous span; we respect the intensity the event generates, we feel our primal senses give a little ‘jump’ as the Moon moves between us and the Sun and blackens in relief against the Sun’s glowing corona, and through the experience are just a little more acutely aware of our connection to Nature. Even being able to explain the mechanism of the event doesn’t divest it of mystery. It makes sense, then, that we use bigger orbs for the aspects this impressive alignment forms.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse/ New Moon of 2016 conjoins Chiron (only one minute less than 2 degrees apart) and Ceres (with a gap of just over 3 degrees), and falls close to (off by only 42 minutes) exact opposition to Jupiter. Normally we don’t consider semi-sextiles unless they’re tight, but we have one today, to Uranus. The eclipse also sextiles Pluto, is widely trine Juno, and quincunxes Zeus, though the orb is too big to also include Zeus’ companion in Libra, Black Moon Lilith. We also see a T-square, with Saturn the arm to the opposition of the eclipse (Moon-Sun) to the combination of Earth conjoined Jupiter (and we might note that since the Earth is always precisely opposed the Sun, we wouldn’t be noting it here except for the involvement of Jupiter).

With the eclipse closely conjoined Chiron and Ceres we can expect a new state surrounding a wound (and this may involve healing or fresh wounding), associated especially with the primal wound our natal Chiron represents, or one keyed to our personal expression of power, talent, or authority, especially as it comes through a natural role, or through what we might describe as a gift (for instance, through being a parent, or as a man or woman at a biological/ social level, or in our role within the Arts or in whatever way we display our talents), and this may come about through material circumstances (Earth) created by the social order or their representative entities (Jupiter—religious or educational institutions, ‘foreign’ governments) and their judgments, or by current material facts (also Jupiter in the Earth sign Virgo).

This wound-related or power-related event may show us our socially or materially-imposed limits (the Saturn square) that will spur or create change (Pluto), which is ultimately empowering to us (Juno), though this empowerment requires adjustment to our goals, ambitions, and desires (Zeus)—this adjustment may require enhanced discipline or acquiescence to the rules (Saturn)—and the whole thing may come as something of a surprise (Uranus). What occurs likely springs spontaneously (Uranus) out of older circumstances (the Saturn T-square may even imply an age-old struggle of some kind) that point us in a new direction, either through an experience of hurt, or an experience of healing (both Chiron), and the way these reflect our personal power situation and natural authoritative roles (Ceres). The new start is empowering and possibly status-conferring, especially if we form a new partnership (Juno), and forces modification of our desires and ambitions (Zeus), as they will have to change (Pluto) to accommodate the new direction (the New Moon eclipse).

The Sabian for this eclipse is, ‘A Master Instructing His Disciple’. This suggests an inflow of information from which we may benefit, that matures us and makes us more adept in some area, specifically an area we are trying to master, than we were before. The ‘super-birth’ relates to applying our attention and effort to a discipline or body of knowledge, of being accepted into or initiated into a Knowledge Tradition that shares the accumulated experiences of all who walked the Path ahead of us. An example of what we are to become (‘A Master’) is before us; how then does this change our ambitions and goals? We receive, in one form or another, something akin to the wisdom of the Universe in the Solar Eclipse event, passed on by one who knows and shares this with us, and no matter what it appears to be on the surface, what happens or develops at this time will in the end be fortuitous for us, taking us a step farther along the Path, either enhancing our expertise or our personal development.

The Lunar Eclipse follows on 23 March 5:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time at 3 Libra 17

The Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon in Libra, sextiling Mars, opposing Mercury just before its Superior Conjunction with the Sun, novile Juno, and is quintile to Saturn, which is stationary and poised to retrograde. The novile and quintile both suggest a small spark of ingenuity, genius, inspiration, cleverness, and carry the impulse of the creative and innovative; this suggests that what ends with the Full Moon carries inherent within it the creative seed of something new—that is, we’ll be able to see the new start already sprouting from the ashes of the old ending.

What ends here may be something involving our role as an individual (Mars) within partnership (Juno, Libra); we may ‘get the message’ from our opposite number (Mercury, as anyone ‘not us’ delivering info), and this ends a previous emotional situation (FM) while beginning a brand new one, one where we are more likely to be responsible for and see to our own emotional well-being in both personal empowerment (Juno) and real-world (Saturn) terms. It’s not a message of independence or selfishness, but rather one of finding emotional fulfillment through the Self, and the clever ways we can be in charge of ourselves within the reality picture. We’ll no longer look to the partner for affirmation or support (at least, not as much as we have in the past); even if we remain in a close, and for some a dependent, interaction, we will develop something within at the Full Moon that serves our own individuality as a source of nurture and support (the Moon).

The Sabian for the Lunar Eclipse is, ‘Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion’. This suggests that in becoming more Self-responsible we will not be alone; the thing about this kind of development is that we will go from needing to be surrounded by people who are in material/ physical terms like us to being surrounded by those who are spiritually like us, no matter what their outer circumstances or appearance. It’s like moving from a clique in high school where there’s only one standard of ‘cool’ and everyone strives to be, dress, and act the same, to moving through the world gravitating to and attracting others of like spirit. The fire is the enlightened energy that attracts us all, and the quality of youth mentioned in the image a feature of active spiritual perception—a lightness and an eagerness—that does not feel the need to judge differences. We become more attuned to the essences, rather than the externals, with whom we interact—and this is all for the good, even as some connections are lost as we move on, and they don’t.

With a Lunar Eclipse we also look at the Sun Sabian: ‘Two Lovers Strolling On A Secluded Walk’. For a Lunar Eclipse the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon within the same plane, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. It’s our own shadow we observe at a Lunar Eclipse; in this case, we may be seeing how our interaction within partnership, as well as our attitudes toward it, may have been making us feel alone and lonely (the ‘Secluded Walk’ of the image).

I don’t usually discuss things for an eclipse that aren’t directly triggered by that eclipse, but in this case I’ll make an exception, because many people may be feeling this gathering in Pisces and understandably mistaking it (that’s a Piscean specialty, after all) for a Lunar eclipse influence. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, Ceres, Chiron, and the South Node will all sit within 24 minutes of each other at 21 degrees Pisces. This brings hurt, authority figures or one’s own personal authority, and the past together in such a way that a memory of, for instance, a past power struggle lost becomes, through the haze of imagination, a more significant (and possibly more injurious) event than it really was. That is, we may suddenly designate this a seminal event that seems to be the source of the Lunar eclipse effect, when it’s actually just a carry-over of the Solar (Pisces) Eclipse that preceded it—and we are doubly likely to do this if the struggle we have in mind was one within a partnership. The Pisces area of the natal chart will be sensitized by the Solar Eclipse, and like a tuning fork, this grouping of Ceres, Chiron, and South Node may continue to carry the reverberation long after our awareness of the eclipse would usually be relegated to background noise within the unconscious.

Lunar crater Daedalus. We know what happened to him, right? Stay away from the Sun, kids! {{PD}}

Lunar crater Daedalus. We know what happened to him, right? Stay away from the Sun, kids! {{PD}}

Fun facts: according to, “Since the moon formed about 4.5 billion years ago, it has been gradually moving away from Earth (by about 1.6 inches, or 4 centimeters per year). Right now the moon is at the perfect distance to appear in our sky exactly the same size as the sun, and therefore block it out.” And this: “Researchers say that when it formed, the moon was about 14,000 miles (22,530 kilometers) from Earth. It’s now more than 280,000 miles, or 450,000 kilometers away.” To answer the question, Will the Moon ever escape Earth’s orbit? we have this somewhat snarky explanation from Physics Forums: “. . . the moon will only move away from Earth until it reaches an orbital resonance when the length of the Earth’s day and the Moon’s month will be equal – that’s in about 50 billion years. In theory the moon could then move closer to Earth, but since they are both going to be consumed by the sun before that – it’s a bit academic.”


4 thoughts on “The Eclipses of March 2016”

  1. Wonderful ! Thank you !

    Thank you, Natasha!


  2. so *useful*, your gift – greatly appreciate the flow via your virgo/pisces zone! i can certainly feel the stirrings and feel fairly peaceful about any potential upheaval. i hope your eclipse season isnt a bumpy section of Path, julie. 🙂

    Thank you so much, 1weaver–I wish the same for you 🙂


  3. Meya GHORAYEB said:

    Unfolding those secrets!! is Amazing ! I believe this analysis is the most accurate and quite reasonable. Can we imagine how Great the cosmos is; to grant the Knowledge for their Lords and the talent for having the potency to give the meaning !!!

    Agreed–the Cosmos is amazing! Thank you for your kind words, Meya–


  4. It feels like this analysis was written specially for me. The sudden, unexpected, unusual new relationship that arose at the end of March with a person whose qualities open up the wounds regarding disempowerment in the prior partnership, yet at the same time bringing significant fresh creative [Piscean 10th house] inspiration, which is very healing. Because of a significant age gap and different life focus, my perception has been of a Yoda-Luke Skywalker dynamic on one level. Me the elder instructing the younger in the Jedi arts. Though of course the teaching goes both ways – and I the Buddhist can see I am being given significant teachings in patience, wisdom and compassion.
    The development of self-support related to the Lunar eclipse involved the purchase of a camera in order to resume a fulfilling means of self expression. This helps to alter past situations of self denial – relying on partner’s validation.
    The Sabian Symbol around the campfire reflects the sense of being “twin spirits” shared by both of us in this unusual connection.

    Wow! Thank you for the confirmation–glad my analysis resonated for you!


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