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Franz von Stuck 'Salome II' 1905 {{PD}}

Franz von Stuck ‘Salome II’ 1905 {{PD}}

You have a choice, dear Scorpio, this Solar year through to your next birthday: you can either focus on hurt and ways of rebelling from those who’ve wounded you, or you can focus on developing your most unique skills and, when ready, sharing them with the group. Obviously, any thinking person would opt for the latter, but the problem is, tiny decisions made in the moment, small justifications of the most minor of detours, can lead you very quickly into a spot where you may respond to past hurts reflexively, out of sheer pique. Consciously apply effort to honing those skills and abilities that are most ‘you’, that you specifically show exceptional talent with (and don’t be overly modest–you know what you’re great at!) and your year will prove to be one where you don’t just make progress, but you heal. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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