Zeus, or, What a Man Gotta Do

The Infancy of Zeus by Nicolaes Pietevsz Berchem 1648 {{PD-Art}}

The Infancy of Zeus by Nicolaes Pietevsz Berchem 1648 {{PD-Art}}

Reprinted from ECLIPSE Astrological Journal (closed to new subscribers); article first appeared in the Winter 2010 issue, now modified and re-issued, December 2013 here on WordPress. All Rights Reserved.

Astrology has long needed a male-specific indicator that deals directly with some of the most common behaviors exhibited by men in Western society; Zeus fits this role nicely. Though most of the traits we might associate with it aren’t the most admirable or flattering in the minds of many, they are subjects that every man must face and answer the call of in his own way: ambition, power, Self-control, infidelity, sexual expression and appetite, and the relationship to the father. We’re looking at Zeus as most applicable to discerning male behavior; in the female chart it may suggest something about a woman’s responsiveness or lack of it to male authority/ power plays, to power partnerships, and may describe her vulnerability to attack or to being deceived by willful males with whom she partners. In both, it may represent ambitions and desires of an almost primal nature.

Naming a body or point after the ultimate god in the Greek pantheon would put a huge meaning burden on anything; with Zeus’ Roman counterpart, Jupiter, claiming the largest planet in the system, that can’t sit well with a mythological Being known for his arrogance and exercise of power and prerogative. With Zeus we note that the symbolic situation indicates an element of frustration for an entity that’s known to do what he likes, without question, and that requires others obey his supreme authority. For Zeus, this all could feel like a bit of an insult. If we accept this, then we can surmise that Zeus in the natal chart will in some way tie to frustration of the sense of supremacy and Will–and we have our first possible nuanced meaning.

Then we think about Zeus’ story–what does it suggest as typical behavioral energies for an entity so named? Zeus’ father, the Titan Cronus, devoured his children as soon as they were born to his sister and wife, Rhea; Cronus’ appetite was based on a prophecy that he would be surpassed as most powerful entity by one of his own offspring, and he worked frantically to prevent that from happening. Rhea, however, was understandably reluctant to stand by and watch her progeny dispatched by her desperate mate, so when Cronus arrived to devour Zeus, Rhea substituted a swaddled stone, and the anxious father swallowed the bundle without examination–and though he did urp it up later, discovering the deception, he never found his son. This suggests factor number two for the point’s possible meaning: as an indicator for an absent, disconnected, competitive, rejecting, or hostile father (we may even have here a prototype for ‘the devouring father,’ a complement to the well-known ‘devouring mother,’ signaled in this case, perhaps, by Zeus’ hard aspect to Saturn, Pluto, or the Sun, or when located in the 4th House).

Zeus was initially sheltered in a cave by Gaia, but Mother Earth knew that was no place for a boy to grow up, so she took him to an isolated island and put him in the care of a young goat-nymph, Amalthea (and here’s where I should say that there are many versions of this story, as there are for all myths from antiquity, so you may know it with different details or features). Being raised on a wild island with a lovely little nymph-goat in charge could account for Zeus’ taste as an adult for sex with animals; he was known to turn himself, and sometimes the objects of his lust, into animals, either to hide himself from the eyes of his goddess wife, Hera, or in order to hide his paramours/ assault victims from those who might be willing to aid them in escaping his attentions–and so we have another possible meaning for the point, as an indicator of either an inclination toward mindlessly urge-fulfilling sex (like animals), or an actual taste for what’s considered a perversion, or perhaps a compulsion toward the social taboo (which can be as commonplace as infidelity)–and this suggests that in synastry, Zeus in contact (square or conjunction, possibly by opposition) with another individual’s placement, or in contact in the individual male chart with Pluto or Mars, may indicate the perpetration or experience of sexual assault, or at least a potential for sexual intimidation, or the intimidation that can be exerted by an all-powerful authority figure, which is its own kind of assault.

By the sheer nature of his behavior (deceptive, surreptitious, willful) Zeus shows that he believes his deceptions (in order to do as he wishes) are justified, thus this point may indicate Self-righteous behavior that supports lies and deceit, as well as a simple propensity to be sneaky, all in order to exercise his Will without question. If it touches Mercury in the male chart one should assess with care the individual’s inclination toward (or away from) honesty, and contact to Neptune could show a marked tendency to deceive (himself or others) in order to exercise his perceived prerogatives (notice I said ‘could’—as with any contact between bodies, there are always a number of possible interpretations).

We should also consider Zeus’ position in the pantheon; he’s the supreme god and husband of Hera–does he figure in as a marriage indicator, perhaps showing the appropriate mate, a god for every goddess? I would say, possibly, but only in direct contact with Hera or Juno cross-chart with a female mate (by conjunction, or square/ opposition, appropriate considering the stance each takes later in the marriage, with him breaking the vows and her punishing, a perpetual state of conflict)–otherwise, he’s more of an authority figure. So, this brings forward the possibility that this is a mate indicator under specific conditions (with all the implications inherent to that, including high status or a marriage made because of the status of one party or the other, and the possibility of serial infidelity, and also the possibility of the ‘300 year honeymoon,’ a marriage between two who are blissful together, as long as they are in some way removed from the influences and demands of everyday life). We can look at Zeus in the female chart from this viewpoint, assessing the need for a high-status mate, the potential for the mate being inflexible in expressing his Will, or the chance that she will suffer as the wronged party from repeated infidelities by the partner (though I don’t believe this reference would be valid in a same-sex female union).

As well, there’s the idea of Zeus as one who overthrows the existing authority in order to take the role himself–the heir who must claim his birthright actively–it won’t be handed to him. There’s the chance that the Zeusian male may be in a life position where he needs (or believes he needs) to be very assertive and competitive with the preceding generation in order to take his ‘appropriate’ place in the world. In this case the asteroid may indicate a man’s most worldly ambitions, especially in terms of desiring a position he sees an elder, particularly a father or father figure, occupying on the career or social ladder. We need to examine any connection to the 10th or 11th, as well as any relationship to Saturn, or contact to the Sun that is other than a conjunction, with an eye to a desire to supplant the father–contact to Saturn in any form should alert us to this kind of ambition, and to the chance that it may be Self-thwarting, by the very influence that makes it so solid and important to the individual in the first place (Saturn)–as well, any of the aforementioned aspects may signal adult behaviors acted out with other men that mimic the situation with the father or father figure, and this may be a major influence on Zeusian expression, whether or not the situation is being re-enacted in the present.

The glyph used for Zeus is almost too obvious in its phallic design: an ‘x’ (marks ‘the spot’?) with an arrow jutting upward. This is a heavy-handed hint that Zeus’ sexual appetites shouldn’t be discounted too much; it’s also a clue that animus, aggressive, testosterone-fueled action and exercise of power, and the life-role as Male (in its meanings as mate and husband, and as a man’s social identity), are all prominent in the function and meaning of the asteroid.

Now it’s time to test these theories. I found an excellent example in the chart of former President Bill Clinton (19 August 1946 8:51 AM Hope, Arkansas USA, using Placidus). Clinton’s 11th House Leo Sun is conjunct Zeus–are we surprised? No, in fact the point looks right at home there!

Zeus also sits at the midpoint of the Ascendant and Midheaven (the symbolic place where the personality meets the career/ public reputation), so we should not be surprised that his Zeusian energies have come into play very publicly and repeatedly, and the point also sits at the approximate midpoint of a trine between Jupiter and Uranus (society and the individuality urge) echoing the Ascendant/ Midheaven/ Zeus picture of private urges becoming publicly known. Zeus is semi-square the Mars/ Neptune exact conjunction in the 1st (delusions of what it means to be a man?) These ideas would relate to his concept of who he is in an ideal state–his internal image could be based on ideals, a fantasy, or a complete misunderstanding of ‘manly’ behavior and conduct, perhaps rooted in Clinton’s own absent father/ destructive stepfather experiences, as he was certainly intelligent enough to know that both these examples were unacceptable, and so rejected them outright–which may have left little in his real life to base his ideal of himself as a man on. We all know of the inspiration young Bill received on meeting President John F. Kennedy; is it any coincidence that the personal conduct of each man has strong similarities? And could the assassination have echoed the abandoning father, essentially making JFK both the ‘ideal man’ on whom Clinton tried to model himself and the father figure who ‘left’ before revealing himself in three-dimensional terms?

Let’s take a brief side trip to JFK’s chart, specifically to note the Zeus picture. President Kennedy (29 May 1917 3:00PM Brookline Massachusetts USA) has Zeus at the top of the Placidus chart, exact conjoined Saturn, both in Cancer, and on the other side, conjunct Neptune in Leo, all in the 10th House. Zeus is conjoined the Midheaven (less than 4 degrees into the House), and is also trine a conjunction of Chiron and Vesta (the sacredness of the wound and the skills, and these may be domestic, sexual, or contain high-concept, abstract ideals), and semi-square Ceres (the necessity of including powerful females in the life). JFK’s Zeus is all about power and ambition, propelling him through ideals (Neptune) and the father’s influence/ power and reality urge (Saturn) almost equally, though the exact aspect to Saturn suggests this influence had an edge–and Joseph Kennedy was known to be a demanding and dynamic figure who had rigid and very high expectations for his sons; he specifically planned for one of his sons to become president, and when the eldest, Joseph Jr. died as a World War II pilot, Joe Sr. switched his ambitious sights to the next oldest, John.

Unique use of skills (Chiron) blends with JFK’s concepts of what in life is sacred (Vesta) and easily (trine) accommodates Zeus’ expression in the public arena (10th); certainly, his political reputation was built on bringing ideals to reality (a perfect blend of positive Neptune/ Saturn), and the aspect is also indicative of the power of those ideals to influence others and to produce a vision (Camelot, the term still applied to the totality of impression created by himself and his family during his Presidential term). The semi-square to Ceres shows the belief that connection to the powerful female as a force of nature is expected, with the slight disharmony of the aspect suggesting that friction with women in the life is also expected–I think both Jackie and his mother, Rosemary, more than fill these roles, along with any number of rumored liaisons with personally powerful (by that I mean charismatic and influential) women. Altogether, JFK’s chart illustrates a Zeus focus that is about gaining and exercising power, with little distraction (except what might be provided by the occasional encounter with an elemental female!) This is already much different than the influence we find in Bill Clinton’s chart, and further examination of the more recent ex-President shows even more divergence from his idol.

We’ve already touched on the way Zeus may influence some of Clinton’s ideas (or delusions) about what it is to be a man (Neptune/ Mars in the 1st, which also describes the influence of Zeus/ Neptune on actions, implying willfulness perhaps based in ideals or delusions), and as well have noted the public and personality prominence of the Zeusian influence, but we still have a laundry list of Zeus contacts that help explain a great deal about the former President’s behavior. The conjunction of Zeus to the Sun is classic; the way the energy of, attitudes of, and subjects attributed to Zeus are almost inextricable from the Sun/ Soul energy and identity is easy to see when we look at Clinton’s behavior–more often than not, this dynamic man has done whatever he pleased, with little reference to others in his life, and his choices show not just a disregard for others who might be hurt by his behavior, but a lack of concern with his public identity–it’s as if he believes his own sense of entitlement is not only justified (perhaps through the experience of his own primal hurt, as if he’s already ‘paid’ for it, Zeus sextile Chiron) but that it should require very little adjustment–his desires override everything, and should be treated as sacred (Zeus sesquiquadrate Vesta–though the aspect angle suggests he’s likely aware that this posture is out of sync with his own true values, with his Vesta).

It’s here we should note the difference between Clinton’s approach to specific energies and JFK’s: where JFK has Zeus trine a Vesta/ Chiron conjunction, urging harmonious expression, Clinton has an easy aspect (the sextile to Chiron) and an irritating one (the sesquiquadrate to Vesta), and though he’s shown an accomplished sense of diplomacy (the sextile to Chiron in Libra) he’s also acted out his own wounded behavior in the partnership arena, wounding the mate through repeated infidelities. Chiron in Libra, conjoined Venus, Jupiter, and Juno–this is almost a recipe for hurting the females who populate his world. Add Zeus’ square to the Moon (suggesting conflict with basic non-sexually perceived female energies) and Zeus’ trine to both South Node (Zeus’ behaviors from the past are easily brought into the present) and Sedna (the Zeus weaknesses and irrational entitlements are impossible to even see, much less acknowledge) and it’s clear that Clinton’s Zeus energies merge into a ‘perfect storm’ for infidelity, essential disregard for women, and a compulsion to repeat the formula of acting out over and over again.

In comparing his chart and the charts of several important women in his life and career, I’ll concentrate on those contacts that really ‘pop’ and explain the interaction, rather than trying to be exhaustive, since the most important points with Zeus will be the ways in which Clinton exerted his Will vis a vis the wants and needs of the individual woman. We should start with the most constant female presence in his life, that of his wife, former Senator and Secretary of State (and now Presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton (26 October 1947 8:02 AM Chicago Illinois USA). If the comparison between the charts of Bill and Hillary doesn’t make you a believer in the power of Zeus to explain quite a bit about their relationship, then I don’t know what will. You’ll recall Bill’s Sun/ Zeus conjunction in the 11th, symbolic of the Soul and essential energies associated with it, placed in the House of group affiliation/ leadership, hopes, wishes, and what we possess that can be offered to the world, and friendship; Hillary has an exact conjunction of Saturn to Bill’s Zeus–Quel fromage! as someone speaking very bad French might say: Bill managed to find a woman who’s most natural Saturnian impulse in her relationship to him is to suppress his impulse to act like Zeus. Or, should we read that as her presence helping to materialize the circumstances of this impulse in him, literally helping him make it a reality? Either way, it’s a tremendously telling contact.

And, since Bill’s Zeus is clustered with his Sun, it follows that Hillary’s Saturn also conjoins this elemental symbol of Bill’s Being (her Saturn also sextiles his Uranus, ruler of his Placidus 5th of romance). This is a strongly binding contact; Saturn/ Sun connections, especially hard or neutral (conjunction) aspects, between charts seem to be the most persistent and solid connectors possible, promising that even without physical proximity the individuals remain prominent in each other’s consciousness, and often within each other’s material circumstances (for instance, through alimony payments), as well. Typically a Saturn conjunction to a partner’s energy is a very stressful cross-chart contact, as the Saturn person will without consciously intending to seek to suppress the function of whatever it touches, but most especially what it touches by conjunction, in the other person’s chart. It would be unfair to categorize this contact as Hillary wanting to tone down Bill at his essence; but it is fair to say that she will, without even meaning to, react to her husband as if his very Beingness is extreme–and this illustrates how Saturn contacts can be very hard on the Saturn person, as he or she struggles to take a step back and not respond from an instinct that suggests, in this particular interaction of energies, that one must attempt to control the other, in order to avoid chaos.

But here’s the rub with Saturn: the person receiving the Saturn contact from the partner may have chosen the individual in part because of this influence; sometimes it’s as if the non-Saturn person recognizes the need for limits, and is unable or unwilling to place the needed boundaries on his or her own behavior. So, the very reaction that the Saturn person may dread (‘uptight’ ‘controlling bitch’ ‘hard ass’ or ‘tightwad’ are some of the more picturesque, negative expressions applied to a Saturn person responding to their natural inclination) may be a big part of the (likely unexpressed, or even unconscious) attraction for the person affected. Saturn contacts can definitely bring lessons in mutual benefits that are not apparent at first glance.

Now, keep all this in mind, particularly the willing choice people make in terms of mate that can appear to be less-than-ideal when the relationship is observed from the outside; connections hidden from others can be remarkably strong. For people fairly close in age, the Zeus of each chart can be conjoined the other–not a strong indicator of anything, and we must remember that some bodies, such as Sedna, are very slow moving. In Bill’s case, his Zeus is conjoined Hillary’s Saturn and her own Zeus, and also widely conjunct her Mars/ Pluto exact conjunction. This is a lady with a formidable temper, and with her Saturn conjoined this pair she likely takes turns expressing herself in no uncertain terms, alternating with complete suppression of temperament–an uncomfortable stance for any individual, and possibly indicating the paternal figure (Saturn) as setting the standard for what is permissible in expression of temper.

Bill’s Zeus (which is exact sextile his Uranus, adding unpredictability and spontaneity to its expression) also trines Hillary’s Sedna, contact to which can mask what it touches, creating a ‘blind spot’=it’s easy for her not to see his Zeusian behavior–in fact, she likely looks at him and doesn’t recognize the propensity at all! This suggests that each and every infidelity is probably received as a new, and quite genuine, shock. His Zeus quincunxes her Moon=this implies the possibility that his very Beingness (as the Sun is co-located with Zeus) triggers uncertainty about herself as a woman–and though she may feel in a constant state of flux and adjustment, especially emotionally, in their relationship, she also may view this contact as a way to power and strength. His Zeus opposes her Pallas=Again, we must remember that Bill’s Sun is also involved, with both his Zeus and his Soul identity (Sun) directly contrary to Hillary’s own inner wisdom and skills; she may feel expression of her skills suffers as his Beingness ‘outshines’ her abilities, effectively putting her in the shadows.

This may set up a dynamic where she is perpetually feeling that alliance with him is against her better interests–and yet other contacts urge her toward it. His Zeus squares her Nodal axis, Mercury, Ascendant, and Venus=his urges to power, ambitious action, and messin’ around cause conflict with her past lessons and influences, with her communication and networking ability, with the direction she’s headed in life, and with both her personality and her sense of herself as a woman. This is, in my opinion, definitely the most detrimental effect to her chart: a contact where his urge to power, his Willfulness and lust, breed conflict with her conscience (the development of which is linked to the South Node experiences), her basic communication abilities, and her point of interaction with the world (the Ascendant) and her ideal sense of herself, is disastrous–and yet they stay together, thanks, I believe, largely to that Sun/Zeus/ Saturn complex.

We also shouldn’t discount the possibility that Zeus for a woman shows her willingness to ally with power, and Hillary’s is conjoined Bill’s Sun, which is conjoined her Midheaven (though her Zeus is not). This suggests a sort of transference, with her own ambition channeled through him, bringing her to public prominence by association. It’s worth noting that Hillary’s Zeus and Saturn create a Grand Cross with her Nodal axis and Pallas, suggesting that material or physical manifestation of ambitions, wisdom, and skills is compulsory for the lady; it’s also worth noting that Bill’s Moon conjoins Hillary’s North Node and that her Pallas conjoins his Earth, suggesting that he emotionally reads her as his Path, his destined direction, while he looks to her for real-world wisdom and advice, and this latter set of contacts, almost as much as Sun/ Saturn/ Zeus, may explain the persistence of the union.

There is one minor aspect between the charts of Bill and Hillary that we might want to note, simply because the contact combination will come up again between Bill and some of the other women, but in these other relationships, it will be in a much different form. Bill’s Zeus is quintile (72 degrees) Hillary’s Chiron (technically the measurement is closer to 71 degrees). Though the quintile is little used and only generally understood in the individual chart (as an indicator of an exceptional ‘touch,’ ability, talent, or perspective), the contact between charts introduces speculatively the idea that Bill’s Zeusian urges had a ‘genius’ in tapping into Hillary’s woundedness (and perhaps in supporting her Chirotic talents, as well). Just a thought to keep in mind as we look at the way Bill’s Zeus contacts the Chiron of our other subjects.

If our theories hold true, Zeus should make prominent contact in every sexual dalliance that also involves a man exercising a belief that such is his right, embodying the Zeusian assertion that his desires should be fulfilled. When we look at Bill’s chart in comparison to the chart of long-time girlfriend Gennifer Flowers (24 January 1950 5:45 PM Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA) we find Zeus describing the relationship well. His Zeus falls in her 1st, as does his Sun, making her identify easily with who he is (this can result in a feeling that ‘we’re very much alike,’ engendering great sympathy toward him). This was a long-term alliance, lasting fourteen years, likely based in a couple of contacts: Gennifer’s Neptune sextile Bill’s Zeus/ Sun, and her Sedna trine this, suggesting she saw what she wanted to see, as she was unable (Sedna) to see the reality; and with his Saturn conjoined her Earth, she likely saw him as being able to make her material/ earthly goals a reality, while perhaps she felt ‘real’ to him, grounding him in a way that connected him to the sensual (and to his perception of her as exceptionally beautiful, with her Venus/ Jupiter conjunction falling in his romance 5th) and to a sense of the relationship as sacred/ sexual (represented by her Vesta conjoined his Earth/ opposed his Sun/ Zeus), not to mention that she probably filled a fantasy for him (the contact to her Neptune). A quincunx of his Zeus to her Mercury was likely embodied in the need for her to keep things secret in order to preserve his power, requiring a continual adjustment of what and with whom she communicated, and her Sun conjoined his Ceres suggests she may have embodied a primal force of nature in his eyes; that would only add to the attraction for a man so keyed to the expression of his own power and lust.

The most interesting contact between the two charts, and likely the cement of the relationship, is signaled by Bill’s Zeus completing a Grand Trine with Gennifer’s Chiron and Moon/ Sedna/ Midheaven conjunction. This says that he may have been tuned in to her primal wound (Chiron) and to her emotional ‘blindness’ (Moon/ Sedna) as well as how she may have been oblivious to the way the relationship would affect her public persona/ reputation/ public role. This brings up a less-than-flattering side of Bill that we will see again (and glimpsed in his relationship with Hillary, via that Zeus quintile to Chiron): women with whom he becomes involved seem to be ‘targeted’ through their own woundedness. This is not consciously done, certainly, but does suggest that Clinton’s Zeus can smell (figuratively speaking) those women who will have a weakness for him through their own sense of need–definitely a Zeusian move, to want to engage with sexual partners who are in some way vulnerable to him and his power.

That’s not to say that vulnerability was the principle attractor for Bill’s Zeus–in fact, he genuinely responded to all the women we will discuss here, with one significant exception–and this is because, as we’ll see, there was no attraction (and no resulting relationship, other than a legal one) at all. In the case of White House intern Monica Lewinsky (23 July 1973 12:21 PM San Francisco California USA) there was genuine love (on her part) and genuine attraction (on his); as well, Zeus’ homing instincts for the wounded woman were operating in high gear in this instance.

Monica’s Sun/ Vesta conjoined Bill’s Mercury/ Saturn conjunction says that she was very responsive to the reality he communicated–a ‘believe what he says’ position, and her Venus conjunct his Sun/ Zeus shows, very simply, love, both for who he is, and for his Zeusian proclivities–and what’s more seductive to a man who wants and needs power and admiration (and what man doesn’t have a little Zeus in him?) than unconditional acceptance of who he is? Her Earth/ Jupiter conjunction on his Ceres says that he may have seen an Earth Mother Archetype in Monica, and with each person having a Taurus Moon, this could’ve been a strong attractor for both–as we’ll note, Monica has some difficulty knowing who she is, particularly in terms of what’s really empowering for her; however, she has an exact Chiron/ Mars conjunction (wounded animus, and injured concept of what a male should be) that conjoins his Sedna and trines his Zeus/ Sun. This implies there was both that attraction from woundedness, or via the subjects of the wound, and that Bill was unable to see how truly hurt, vulnerable to a man, and needy this girl really was.

Monica’s Ceres/ Neptune/ Juno conjunction in Sagittarius only adds detail to the picture: she is ‘lost in a fog’ when it comes to understanding her own power, correct sources of empowerment, and natural place, and possibly is victim of her own fantasies or delusions. And a final nail in the relationship coffin? This is only a guess, but with her Saturn conjoined his Part of Fortune, she may have, just by being, suppressed fortune for him, acting as a veritable ‘bad luck’ charm–and as history records, her association with him is probably the relationship that was most damaging to his image and his career, not to mention his marriage.

Finally, let’s look at a woman who sued a sitting President for sexual harassment (whether true or not, the accusations are an unheard of distraction for a world leader), Paula Jones (17 September 1966 no time available Lonoke Arkansas USA). I didn’t look at Progressions, Directions, or Transits for the period; these might change the picture. What I see in the cross-chart interaction is pretty one-sided, with contacts that suggest Ms. Jones may have sought a relationship (or at least have fantasized about one) and been turned down or ignored–and chose to lash out as a result. With her North Node conjoins his Moon, she may have taken his appeal to emotional interaction (the way Clinton relates to the masses as a politician) personally, seeing an emotional connection as her destiny. (And from Clinton’s point-of-view, the lawsuit may have felt like emotional destiny, a ‘what I deserve’ comeuppance.)

Paula has her Sedna quincunx her own Mercury and sextile her own Ceres, and all placements are at oo degrees=this suggests she’s a ‘babe in the woods’ in terms of communication and sophistication of thought (particularly in the arenas of fairness and relationship–Mercury in Libra), and Sedna says she won’t have much luck sorting this out–in fact, she’ll be unable to discern her own mental beliefs and inclinations, making her not only exceptionally receptive to what others tell her, but in a very real way making her unable to sort truth from fiction. The Ceres influence may make her aware of the elemental needs of a woman with its contacts leaving her totally unequipped to fulfill them (and perhaps making her a victim of allergies, environmental toxins, and other natural conditions that can affect one’s mental well-being and perceptions). With her Neptune square Bill’s Zeus and opposed his Moon we see the possible tendency to want to see his Zeus in an idealistic light (as her prince? as the Zeusian exception who doesn’t dog around on his wife?) as the point fills in a T-square for Paula. But it’s more likely, considering the tense aspects, that Paula saw him as a prime screen upon which to project. With her Saturn exact quincunx his Sun (possible Daddy issues), and her Chiron quincunx his Zeus, it seems inevitable that she would want to repress him, and also see him as injuring her–and yet there aren’t the kinds of contacts coming from his chart that would suggest an energy flow of a kind in her direction–which may have been the crux of the problem, for her.

As to the possibility of assault or aggression on Clinton’s part, his Zeus does semi-square his own Mars/ Neptune, giving us the possibility that this kind of behavior could occur, possibly without him realizing how aggressive he’s being (Neptune)! And, though natal Pluto is within wide conjunction orb of Clinton’s natal Zeus, there’s closer contact for Pluto to both Mercury and Saturn, suggesting that he may be more prone to open his mouth in a Self-destructive manner (and we’ve ample proof of this) than to link Plutonian urges to Zeusian desires. Clinton’s Pluto does conjoin Jones’ Mars and trine her Pallas, but I see these contacts as actually describing something Jones likely would’ve found very attractive: Bill’s Pluto may have offered a destroying of the internal animus for her, implicit with the idea that he might carry this for her–the effect might be to make her feel like more of a woman! And the trine to Pallas could’ve promised to transform her into a goddess, to bring her best skills forward–if only he’d have seen it the same way.

Need I go on? Zeus is, indeed, of some prominence here, but in a capacity of denial, as I see it. It appears the accusations Paula Jones made had little to no bearing on reality–specifically on her reality–she may have heard things, even observed things, but it appears unlikely she had a sexual experience with the former President. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that a man who has so successfully employed his charm with both women and the public would need to have troopers round up unwilling women for him? Nor does passively exposing himself seem characteristic of the former President. Though many of Zeus’ victims/ paramours were unwilling, the god used illusion, subterfuge, and yes, charm, to have his way, more than anything else, and Zeus was anything but passive in getting his thrills–there was no mistaking when Zeus was in the area, and wanted someone, and there was no sense of uncertainty or the use of other beings to facilitate his wants.

I’ve added Zeus permanently to the bodies I include in chart study; the point seems rich with meaning that adds dimension to analysis. Too, as with the other bodies and points, it’s important to recognize that it doesn’t always blaze with meaning for every chart. As famous Zeusian Sigmund Freud (Zeus exact conjunct Ceres, conjoined Moon, quincunx Ascendant, arm of Grand Trine with Mars and Chiron) once instructed, in telling us not to read too much into things, “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” Too bad, then, that the decidedly un-Zeusian Special Prosecutor Ken Starr (Zeus exact conjunction to the Vertex, sextiles to Jupiter, Juno, North Node, Uranus, trine to Sedna) didn’t know his Freud.

Reprinted from ECLIPSE Astrological Journal; article first appeared in the Winter 2010 issue, now modified and re-issued, December 2013.

Text Copyright © 2010 by Julie Demboski

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  1. Having a chuckle on reading this, in my chart Zeus is conjunct Vesta in my 7th house Taurus, in his current transit he is conjunct my Pallas/Juno conjuction in Pisces 5th house, so maybe that “God” is finally possibly going to show up, rather than the control freaks of past who seemed determined to try to make me go dark lol! In natal Zeus is also sextile 9th house Mercury in Cancer and opposite Neptune1st house Scorpio, so yes relating matters a lot to me and I have done my very best so far in life to keep docontaminating my mind and not wield wrath and vengeance, and now makes total sense because he is also square my BML in 10th house Leo. There are some very fortunate men in my past to still be standing and not in stone hahaha.

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  2. Corinna Hurst said:

    Hi There, i was doing some research on Zeus the TransNeptunian Point and came across your article. I noticed you refer to Zeus as an ‘asteroid’ and ‘rock’ but are describing the glyph for the TNP. Of course there are thousands of asteroids but i can’t find any well known ones referred to as Zeus, are you referring to the TNP?

    You’re quite right, I am referring to it incorrectly. There is an asteroid Zeus (5731) but that’s not what I’m using. I should be more precise, and I definitely concentrate too much on whether and how something works in the chart, rather than on what it actually is! Thank you for pointing it out.


  3. What would Zeus in Virgo at 27° exactly conjunct the Vertex trine Moon/Mercury in Capricorn create? A male who is very aggressive? This person is a Capricorn Sun around 24°, so Zeus is trining it too. All this Capricorn planets are in the 11th.


    Hi Stacie! I’m not comfortable assessing something like this from a partial picture (and I don’t look at charts for the comments section), but I can offer a little very general info. Too, I’m speaking of the TransNeptunian object, not the asteroid, which is important to note, and I use Whole Sign, so the House placement you mention might differ from what I would get, and the Vertex is dependable as a measurement only when the birth time is accurate. First, trines facilitate expression, making it easy in some way, but don’t compel it–and Zeus’ energies are nothing if not compelling–which might imply that the trine contacts you describe could take very subtle forms, not the more strenuous lust/ ambition of harder contacts. In Virgo Zeus may get what he wants through criticism (the kind that presents as aid and forms a bond, or the kind that makes one feel less worthy, and so susceptible to Zeus’ manipulation), by keeping careful account of who owes what to whom, by being willing to ‘get his hands dirty’ (that is, work for what he wants), or by providing a ‘harvest’ to others that creates interaction or obligation–and of course, there are other possibilities. Conjoined an accurate Vertex, the implication would be that his Zeusian expression would essentially create his Fate–an intriguing idea.

    Thanks for coming by!


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