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“Julie Demboski’s Astrology is technically beautiful and compassionately human. Her delineations of day-by-day astrology as well as deeper explorations through her newsletter and books are elegantly written and offer down-to-earth as well as cosmic advice.”

Completely Booked. I can manage Horary (Question) Charts–please see below. Thank You for making me so busy!

All reports are personally written by me–no outsourcing or computer generated material is used–and all reports are delivered by email

Sorry, I do not Skype, make MP3s, or do phone consults

No Retainer Spots Currently Available

HORARY (Question) Charts $35 or buy a ‘block’ to use whenever you want, $165 for 5  These are to answer yes or no questions, or ‘should I choose between’ questions, or ‘where is it’ questions; the block is great for job seekers going through interviews, or for those dealing with important life points that may turn on a series of choices. I’ll help you formulate the question so it gets to the heart of what you want to know. Horaries do not include further questions beyond the initial question (though we glean everything reasonably reliable from the chart, and on occasion I will offer a second question for the same or similar issue at no charge), and do not include a look at the natal chart (unless I believe that’s needed for a complete answer).


No Report Orders currently being accepted.

Reports are largely non-interactive, with exchanges specifically limited to the material within the report itself, and any horaries or further questions, if included in the package.

Single-subject consults, depending on subject/ depth $75-$185 These consults will address only one issue with limited parameters to be established before we begin. One horary directly related to the topic we’ve explored is included after the initial reading is received. Please be aware, this type of consult has a specific scope; also limited are inspection of the past and/ or forecasting, unless the actual goal is to take a look at one or the other. This option is perfect for those looking for a quick and complete assessment of the issue or subject.

Month-by-Month Personal Forecasts, using transits–Mars + outer planets–Solar Arcs–all planets, points & asteroids (Sedna, Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, Zeus) I typically use, also some Secondary Progressions, as they contact your natal chart, with all material presented in narrative form and using some Astro-language (you can specify more or fewer references to astrological events, tailoring it to your understanding of the subject). Report typically averages 3/4-2 single-spaced pages for each month. Questions about the material are not included (unless it involves clarification), but I encourage you to outline your areas of interest and concern so that I can most effectively target the forecast. One Full Year $360, or get 6 Months for $190

NEW! Month-by-Month Personal Forecast Mini Version! Uses all the same elements as the longer version, above, just condensed to its most direct and usable form. Includes a paragraph or two describing the tone of the month specifically for you, Keywords/ Phrases, Key Aspects Perfecting with their meanings for you (in relation to the natal chart), Days to Watch, Highlighted Life Areas, and the Calendar, which describes effects specific to you of the New and Full Moons/ eclipses, retrogrades and directions. One Year $200, or get 6 Months for only $105

Relationship Comparison, using the contacts between two charts (synastry) to determine potentials for the relationship. Presented in a combination of narrative and discussion of specific cross-chart contacts that explain major relationship points of compatibility or conflict as I see them–includes assessment of possible relationship longevity/ future potentials. I encourage you to describe the relationship history and the current state so that I can address things as specifically as possible; though this package does not include extended questions specific to the individual charts or Horary (Question) charts, it’s likely any questions you have will be answered in the narrative. Please obtain permission from the other party for use of their chart. $150

Abbreviated and condensed version of the above; all the same factors are considered, it’s just that the potentials are boiled down to a direct, succinct report on the viability of the relationship. All narrative, with no astro outlined. $50

Option that includes extended Questions (5) about the relationship or the individuals in general concerning attitudes toward relationships, using methods to answer (natal placements, transits, Solar Arcs, Horary) chosen by me  With the Full Comparison $250 total, with the abbreviated and condensed version $150 total

Personalized ‘Born Today’ Reading This provides a personalized glimpse ahead for you based on your Solar Return picture, written just for you. Runs approximately 2-4 pages, single spaced, and focuses on trends, helpful approaches to potential challenges, and specifics that apply to moving you toward fulfilling your goals during the coming year. Makes a great gift! $55

If interested, please fill out the form below with what you’re interested in, and I’ll get back to you. Don’t worry, filling out this form is not a commitment on either side, just a chance to find out if we can and should work together.

Consultations do not include instruction/ detailed explanation of how I’ve derived my reading–a consult is not a class–however, at my discretion, I do provide astrological info when I feel it will help in your understanding of the issues.


Payment should not be made until an agreement is in place–once that’s hammered out, payment is due immediately via PayPal, unless other arrangements are made with me. When I accept an order from you, I give you a time frame within which to expect the work–if you don’t pay for the ordered service within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation that we can work together, then the order is canceled. This is the only way I can use my time effectively and keep wait times for clients to a minimum.



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My latest! Discover how what’s truly important to you shapes everything you are and do–We Are All Vessels: VESTA IN THE NATAL CHART




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  1. Constance S. said:

    I enjoyed your article in Dell about the importance of Earth. Good to remember. Thank you Constance

    Thank you.

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  2. Perfect!

    Thank you, Joan!


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