On Eclipses

By Antoine Caron 1571 {{PD}}

If either eclipse makes close, hard contact to a natal planet or point, take extra care in meditating on what this might bring for you–we don’t want to miss the energy wave we can ride in our destined direction, or the chance to bring development of the natal energy to a new level, even as we must proceed with caution in terms of what changes we may institute. Because of the way eclipses disrupt energy, sending it in a direction often radically different from its previous flow, with this lasting all the way through to the next eclipse set, any changes we make may be not just long lasting, but irrevocable, so choices should be examined to the point of tedium before we commit.

An eclipse to a natal body doesn’t seem to energize/ set into motion the natal planet and its aspects in their natal manifestations, as we might normally expect. Instead it seems to bring to life Archetypal and/ or Mythological energies of the body in question; it’s like the legends and stories for which the entity is known or named come to life in some form. This seems to be true for all the planets and for the commonly watched asteroids (Chiron, Pallas, Vesta, Juno), but I think the jury’s still out on points in the chart (the Nodes, the Midheaven, the Ascendant, the Part of Fortune, and so on), as they don’t routinely seem to be responsive to the ‘lighting up’ to which the planets and asteroids are sensitive–but there are always exceptions, usually when other bodies in the chart are affected as well.

Keep a very tight orb when looking for eclipse effects; I use an unvarying 1 degree maximum either side of the eclipse degree and minute in determining aspects to natal placements, with these important exceptions: contact to the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or chart ruler, to which I allow a 2 degree orb. A few observed effects from previous eclipses: with the natal Moon an eclipse ushers in a period of extreme sensitivity, and sometimes confusion and mystery–it seems as if ‘the details’ are just unobtainable, or that they are as changeable as the Moon itself; to the natal Sun, look for major change in how others perceive you, and/ or in how you perceive yourself–there might also be a surge in personal confidence, a kind of ‘Apollo Effect,’ and a possible protective effect in situations where you might otherwise expect physical injury or in changes to the body or life situation that normally would strike at the Self-concept.

When an eclipse hits Mercury the Trickster may rear its head in all manner of chaos or disguises–brace for disruption and, with openness to input, illumination; Venus conveys an aura of protection, a certain grace to move through difficulties–watch closely how the values and what you ‘love’ changes between the hit by the eclipse and the next eclipse set, 6 months later–and a hit to Venus sometimes conveys a ‘Midas Touch’. Mars seems to trigger situations that, while not exactly negative, require the mustering of the Self-defense mechanisms and the pushing forward of the Will, generally for positive results. Jupiter seems to bring opportunity, though this can have positive or negative consequences, depending on the personal capacity for Self-discipline and the ability to discern true possibilities from hype; the sudden ‘opening up’ of one’s world or opportunities can be enlivening or threatening, and can send the life careening off its previous course.

With Saturn one may face the usual unexplained restriction to efforts, and the slowing down of that which seemed to be proceeding well, even a sudden graying of the hair, a clear manifestation of Saturn as time’s representative! I’m waiting to hear of a more uplifting result from Saturn contact, perhaps in the form of manifestation of a long-held and worked for goal. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all seem to bring varying degrees of upset, uncertainty, and upheaval (not necessarily negative) to associated circumstances, particularly to the house where the natal planet is posited, or to affairs of the House it rules. I can only guess that this is generally disruptive simply because so few of us have a solid, conscious handle on the majority of these heavier energies, though Neptune can usher in, until the next eclipse set, a period of extraordinary creativity for those so inclined, Uranus can bring enhanced capacities to the functioning of the Higher Mind, and Pluto can signal a re-birth, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

With Chiron, a period of personal crisis centered on the wound, or on manifesting the gift is promised–a life changing choice may be presented between contact and the next eclipse set. With Vesta, crisis in sexuality or in commitment of some kind (such as to the family, within a sexual relationship, or to a particular domestic role), also usually forcing a choice, while with Pallas the effects I’ve seen have been relatively mild and similar to the calling forth of strength that we observe with Mars activation. Ceres often requires a ‘letting go,’ and possibly an appropriate period of mourning after, while Juno may bring crisis in marriage or with the mate, centered on fidelity and/ or the sharing of power within the relationship, or Juno configured with an eclipse can bring tremendous Self-empowerment. To the Ascendant or Midheaven: unavoidable change change change!

6 thoughts on “On Eclipses”

  1. Thank you for this explanation Julie, particularly on the asterpids. I have Juno exactly conjunct my descendant at 24 Capricorn. The upcoming lunar eclipse should be interesting!

    You’re welcome, Lisa! How others do or don’t empower you, and your feelings about them, may come to a head at the Lunar event–good luck!


  2. myownshero said:

    This is awesome – thank you for sharing this. You gave me a different perspective and that’s a good thing – in my book! You are appreciated Julie! ❤

    Thank you, myownshero! Appreciation right back to you!


  3. Thanks Julie,

    Very grateful for the insight – didn’t absorb it first time around, only now when a personal point looms.
    You are pretty bloody amazing.

    Why, thank you, Jennifer–glad it helped.


  4. Thank you Julie my Juno is 8.46 Sagittarius. I almost feel ready for this eclipse. Louise

    Change always comes at just the right time–whether we feel ready or not! Best to you, Louise!


  5. Thank you for your insight. My natal sun is 21Sag07, and Chiron is 24Sag03 both in the 10th house. My sun may have missed eclipse 23Sag08 by a minute, but i intend to do some wound healing meditation on my Chiron placement. And look for my gift! 🙂

    You’re welcome, Joan. That sounds like an excellent plan. I would suggest that the eclipse very likely will reveal a vital component of your coming year, likely some way in which the emotional may affect you at a Soul level, since it occurs so soon after your Solar Return (and really, still close enough in orb to count, considering that’s your natal Sun). Wishing you a Happy Birthday, and a wonderful year ahead!


  6. Michelle said:

    Hi Julie,
    Do you have any extra rule of thumbs given the difference between lunar and solar eclipses?

    Hi Michelle,
    I might add that we should remember that eclipses are just New (Solar) and Full (Lunar) Moons–it’s only our vantage point here on Earth that makes us see them as eclipses in the first place, which suggests that meaning is very much about personal viewpoint–and that means that they will carry all the connotations typically held by a regular Lunar event. For instance, a Lunar eclipse will have the character of a Full Moon, bringing things to conclusion or showing us an end point or point of greatest development of the related matters, while a Solar eclipse brings a new beginning or sees something vital come to life. The fact that they’re eclipses, though, means that rather than the regular segue of a Lunar event, they are often perceived as wiping out what came before in a broader context, rearranging the landscape far beyond a typical New or Full Moon. It’s the effect of the ‘light’ (our own perceptions and senses) being ‘interrupted’ that can make an eclipse feel so dramatic or unusual, with a Solar one seeing the Moon come between Sun and Earth, symbolically making emotions, fears, and sensitivities stronger than the conscious mind and ‘light of day’ matters, and the Lunar one seeing the Earth come between Sun and Moon, suggesting material matters temporarily overwhelm both consciousness and emotion.

    Other than those couple of general points, nothing else comes to mind right now, but if you have more specific questions about eclipses I’ll do my best to answer them.

    Thank you!


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