All About Juno

The Queen of Olympus reflected in real-life roles


His Juno on Her Ascendant

On Juno/ Venus synastry (and a lot more!)

Chiron/ Juno, and a little bit o’Aries

Juno in the charts of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

An Open Letter on Juno and Marriage

Juno in Relationship, an overview with an example


At last! A book on this major asteroid that covers natal meaning for both women and men, and synastry in relationships–contents include:

What Does Juno Want? / The Nature of Natal Juno: Empowerment from Within / The Formation of Juno Energies: the Female Point of View /   The Birth of a Co-operative Arrangement: Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus /  What Juno Means to a Woman, and the 300 Year Honeymoon /  Juno House Associations, and the Empowerment Role Within Partnership /  Juno as a Social Archetype /  Juno’s Symbols /  Juno’s Historic Meanings /   Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Woman’s Chart /   Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Man’s Chart /  Juno Interaction with Other Energies /  Juno in Aspect, Within a Woman’s Natal Chart and Within a Man’s Natal Chart /   Some examples: Juno in Action /   Juno in Relationship / Synastry: Juno in Cross-Chart Aspect /  Juno and Transits /  Juno in Role Definition /  Juno and Anger, Rage, and Vengeance /  Attitudes Toward Power: Key Concepts PLUS  an Internet Reprint:  ’Juno: of Dandies and Dictators’

102 pages, PDF, emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase, $13.95 USD
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2 thoughts on “All About Juno”

  1. hi Julie,

    How wow …loving this Juno energy !!

    I very new to the asteroids and in particular Juno…she fascinates me and I really am now even more curious as I just looked at my own chart and realise that I have Juno conjunct my MC ! (5 deg Taurus MC, Juno 4 deg Taurus)

    With my very limited knowledge would i be right in saying that this may mean a union in the public eye ? My partner has his Mars on his MC (Virgo) and trines my Juno…trying to understand what it means…

    Hi Jas,
    Nothing in the chart is expressed in a vacuum, which means I really can’t give this placement a meaning without the context of the whole chart; it’s one of the most important things about astrology, not to take one or two things and treat them as if they’re the only thing you’re dealing with. The placement does suggest a partner may be very visible–perhaps even that the partner is why you have or are known for something–but it can also mean you become known for the status or position you hold, or for wanting empowerment (remember, Juno was pretty unsatisfied with what she ended up with!) But really, I can’t even make a good guess without the whole picture, and I don’t read charts for the comments anymore. I encourage you to look at the very least to the whole Juno picture: sign, placement, aspects, and try to work up a picture of your own Juno situation from there, before looking cross-chart, since it really is about empowerment, and only sometimes about the mate.
    Good luck!


  2. Would you share your sence on his Juno conjunct my north node 1st house trine my sun Mercury venus and saturn. My Juno in his 1 house ?

    Hi Sharon, Sorry, I no longer answer comments based on cherry-picked data, and I don’t draw charts for comments. This kind of thing is addressed in my book or through consultation. What I can guess is that it probably feels to you like he’s part of your future–but only the whole charts of both parties could really tell us whether that’s true. Good luck!