Your Weekend 19-20 November 2016



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Eugène von Guérard. 'Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand' 1877 - 1879 {{PD}}

Eugène von Guérard. ‘Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand’ 1877 – 1879 {{PD}}

The 19th, Saturday’s AstroEssence: Dreams of Love or Money can come true, but the effect will be monumental if they do: they will create massive, serious, permanent change to the reality picture, and they will in some important way spring from or re-create the past (or, possibly, something done in the past will now present the bill). We act in accord with our essence, our Soul’s intents, and that may disabuse us of some of our illusions about ourselves, even as it gives power to our choices; the distance between what’s healthy and what’s smart illustrates that discrepancy between Self-image and reality–and no matter how it feels, it’s always for the good to see things a little more clearly–and thanks to the direction of Neptune, we are likely to get that clarity, along with a dose of inspiration or creative energy freed up from its previous static position (Saturn parallel Pluto, Venus sxt Neptune and SN, Sun parallel Mars, Pallas sq Hygeia, Neptune stations direct at 9 Pisces 14)

Pharmacists's set with pill tubes in the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Lord Toran CC0

Pharmacists’s set with pill tubes in the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Lord Toran CC0

Today’s word image is a pill. Though taking a pill has an undeniable effect on our biology, we invest pills with an almost magical ability to ‘fix’ what’s wrong; we seek an easy way when we say, ‘Isn’t there a pill for that?’ and we talk about individuals having to ‘take their medicine’ when forced to accept what’s needed in some area or way. There’s no magic pill, but there is something to be gained if we’re willing to accept, take in, absorb, or allow to work some offered solution or way of being in our lives right now. Though this won’t always be the answer, it is right now–it’s a matter of timing.

If you’re born with the Sun at 27 Scorpio, please see yesterday’s forecast; for those born with the Sun at 28 Scorpio: You’re headed toward an important empowerment scenario, one that could shape your fate, but you’re not there yet; first you have to get your priorities straight, invest in relationships, and, late in the coming Solar year, right before your next birthday, deal with emotional upsets that have been roiling beneath the surface. You’ll get a lot of assistance from elements of the past: friends and lovers, creative endeavors, memories from which you learned so much. You’ll likely find that power comes from one of two sources: it’s offered by the group, or appears in surprising or unexpected forms. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

Paul Ranson. Apple Tree with Red Fruit, (c.1902) {{PD}}

Paul Ranson. Apple Tree with Red Fruit, (c.1902) {{PD}}

The 20th, Sunday’s AstroEssence: We see how healthy (or not) the power positions that surround us really are, how well others are handling their responsibilities or wielding their authority, and we adjust our own situation so that it at least feels better, more productive, so that it seems more within our purview is truly under our control. We’ll be able to ‘smell’ what’s not right in relationships or financial scenarios, and if we’ll allow it, our instincts will tell us how to manage things. The spotlight is on ambitions and desires; you’ll see quite clearly exactly what others want–just remember, others can see that with you, too (Ceres qnx Hygeia, Venus sesq Sedna, Sun nov Zeus)

'Pelicans and ducks in a mountain landscape' Adriaen Coorte 17th century {{PD}}

‘Pelican and ducks in a mountain landscape’ Adriaen Coorte 17th century {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a pelican. This bird is known for its ability to scoop fish right out of the ocean with its deep, pendulous beak. Do you think the pelican knows he’s different than most birds? Probably not. The symbol speaks of ‘being equipped to do what we need’–no more, no less–and that should reassure you, that you actually have what you need right now, it’s just up to you to use it.

For those born with the Sun at 29 Scorpio: Big change is on the horizon for you, and it won’t be easy–I’ll bet you already know what it is, or at least have an inkling–and at the same time you’ll be faced with expansion, into the Arts, by gaining or losing a partner or mate, or through cooperation with others, that widens your world and gives you a crack at new forms of expression. The past offers inspiration, or possibly confuses you, making you either a victim, or the recipient of some real opportunities, your choice. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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18 November 2016 Illusion Attachment



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I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because it is dead. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance.”
Beryl Markham, West with the Night

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - 'The Departure of the Boatman' c1870 {{PD}}

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – ‘The Departure of the Boatman’ c1870 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Somehow today we’re still unsure about the past (maybe continuing to idealize it or accepting a fantasy as a previous reality), but we’re also in conflict with what we see coming for tomorrow. We may even be insisting that our past vision is accurate, and it’s likely this that’s framing what’s coming in such unattractive terms. Perhaps the idea of ‘leave-taking’ or letting go should be applied, which directs us toward the present position of Pluto-Charon in your chart to offer clues, via contacts, and House transited, for where the letting go needs to occur (for those not familiar, Charon is the boatman who ferries Souls to the Afterlife, and to my mind may represent that part of Pluto that destroys because it’s time to let go, there’s no more ‘life’ to it, anymore).

Today, thoughts don’t know where to go, with illusions attached to both past and future–so that leaves now. Focus attention on what’s healthy and productive, in all senses–then it only becomes a question of where on the ‘healthy’ scale that group activity, radical approach, original effort, or unique mindset falls. Special note: it would be an illusion to think you were somehow more ‘spiritual’ in the past than you are now–remember, it’s all spiritual (Uranus qnx Hygeia, Mercury sq the Nodal axis and Neptune, which is conjoined the SN)

"Monumento al Voyeur", de Enrique Saavedra Chicheri Photo by amaianos from Galicia  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

“Monumento al Voyeur”, de Enrique Saavedra Chicheri Photo by amaianos from Galicia Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is someone looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Something intended to literally make us ‘far-sighted’ is being improperly utilized, rendering us unable to see any distance at all. Applying our own emotional and intellectual filters to the facts of any situation has the same effect: making us ‘short-sighted’. Consider that everything you need to guide you and frame your forward-looking vision is available, but won’t be usable until you look at it without personal filters, through a realistic and right-intentioned (that is, non-biased) lens.

For those born with the Sun at 26 Scorpio: You’re moving toward emotional solidarity with yourself–that’s an admirable goal, and one that will make you a more secure and loving human being–but right now it may be what you’re not dealing with that’s holding you back. Though it may seem contrary to you, digging into topics ignored, denied, or that enrage will clear the air and allow you to attain a healthy mental and emotional balance upon which to build an even ‘better You’–and that’s a really desirable thing to do, as it makes attaining your goals much easier and brings forward more cooperation and less conflict. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 27 Scorpio: You’ll enjoy outstanding emotional clarity this year, through to your next birthday–so what will you do with it? My suggestion: learn whatever you need to in order to prepare yourself to take on status as an empowered individual, maybe even as an authority, in the field where you’d like to achieve–it’s the right time, whether it looks like it or not. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

17 November 2016 Clouded



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'Clouds over the sea' 1889 Ivan Aivazovsky {{PD}}

‘Clouds over the sea’ 1889 Ivan Aivazovsky {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: What is it about the past that we just don’t see clearly? Or is it that we’re prone to idealize memories, applying a current wishful thinking to what was, in a form of nostalgia that wants to turn ‘now’ into ‘then’–but an inaccurate ‘then’, at that! Dreams formed long ago can come to fruition right now–the question is, do we want them to? We act and are inspired along lines that are in our own best interests, and yet, if we harbor any resentments or distorted ideas of power or authorities, we are likely to perceive even what’s good for us as tainted. In order to make the most of this, we’ll need to distrust our judgments of those we see as having power over us, and trust our instincts, rather than our thoughts (Neptune conj SN, Uranus sxt and Venus semi-sq Pallas, Mars parallel Hygeia, Merc sesq Ceres, Sun opp Sedna)

'Young Peasant (Melon-eater)' Sándor Bihari {{PD}}

‘Young Peasant (Melon-eater)’ Sándor Bihari {{PD}}

Today’s word image is hunger. We all have it, and as humans we tend to supplant our genuine hunger with lots of other, more easily accessible small ones, in an attempt to satiate the gnawing urge–but only addressing the true want ever helps. Our hunger is part of our purpose, in fact it’s meant to drive us toward fulfilling the Soul’s intent; in that way, we are given an unerring guide to our life’s direction–it’s in the translation that we so often fall down. As today’s symbol, hunger suggests we practice being mindful of our motivations, of what we feel compelled toward, and of what we take in. The more clarity we have on our hunger, the more effective and satisfying our actions and choices.

For those born with the Sun at 25 Scorpio: You may find this year, through to your next birthday, you are repeatedly confronted with the task of discerning your instincts from those things that cloud the perceptual abilities: feelings, thoughts, knowledge. This testing and refining is in service to changes you will be making to the personality and the way you meet the world; by this Solar year’s end, you’ll be wanting to present yourself as a whole new person, and careful application of your attention to recognizing and honing the instincts will give the ‘New You’ a very successful launch. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

16 November 2016 Try As You Might



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Ricard Canals - 'In the Bar' c1910 {{PD}}

Ricard Canals – ‘In the Bar’ c1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: If all the bodies perfecting aspects today were gathered in a bar (you know, if they were people), there would be friction, and maybe a fist fight, in no time. The biggest problem is that, in all the umbrage-taking and nit-picky thinking, we’ve forgotten what really matters, what are our highest values, and what we’re actually planning to dedicate our energies to–instead it all gets siphoned off by concentrating on how we’ve been wronged, what the other guy did that justifies our rage, and in our contempt for others’ unbridled wants. Am I saying we don’t have legitimate concerns and gripes? Not at all, we absolutely do. It’s the fact that that’s where our attention is staying that’s causing problems. And in our fictional, planetary bar scene, we’ve got plenty of hair-trigger, offense-taking, unhealthy attitudes to go around; try as we might, we’re probably going to have issues today, due largely to our own volatile attitudes. Hints toward handling it all: don’t walk around thinking others owe you recognition and admission of their darkness, and don’t put too much stock in what flies out of anyone’s mouth, including your own (Juno semi-sq Zeus, Mars semi-sq Chiron, Venus semi-sq Black Moon Lilith and Hygeia, Merc sesq Uranus, Sun contra-parallel Vesta)

Today’s word image is a dropped coin, which rolls right off the curb and into the sewer drain. In the current climate, we’ve all lost something; accept it, and then vow to get a better grasp on, and control over, what matters to you (allow this symbol as well to bring an examination of exactly how and where your assets are currently being deployed).

For those born with the Sun at 24 Scorpio: It seems to you as if others are truly suffering from what they aren’t aware of or don’t know, but the blind spot is actually within your own perceptions; your conviction that it’s somebody else’s flaw is what’s keeping you from seeing what’s not working, and how to move forward. Get a really good mirror, human or otherwise, and believe what they reflect back to you about who you are–then dig deep to fix it. Humility will make all the difference, and will in actuality be the foundation for your next major, and destined to be impressive, achievement. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

Today’s Mood

'Nighthawks' Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

‘Nighthawks’ Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

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15 November 2016 Transformation



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Károly Patkó 'Well Sweep' 1928 {{PD}}

Károly Patkó ‘Well Sweep’ 1928 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Like it or not, we are transformed: by our own or others’ thoughts or words, by contrasts between relationships and values, by unexpected opportunities that are far beyond what we’d have envisioned for ourselves, by secrets or hidden or ignored matters finally seen, by an inflow of assets or money that by its very existence alters our priorities, by actions taken in defiance of what we treasure, by seeing an opening and courageously taking it. Look for one or more of these effects/ events; some of us will see it in externals that come at us, some will experience it internally, in a re-weighing of the impulses between the mind and heart. Look to matters of the House where Mars now transits (Aquarius) for the reasoning or arguments behind your own or others’ actions (and supported secondarily by the transiting Moon, in Gemini, with ’emotional thinking’), and look to the way the ego, identity, and values intersect (Vesta in Leo) for clues as to why things will change and take the form they do. We’ll all reach the end of the day changed; to make the most of it, be as conscious of your own concepts of yourself, and your projections, as possible (Hygeia conj Black Moon Lilith, Mars opp and Venus qnx Vesta, Mercury nov Pluto, sxt Mars, and trine Vesta, Sun nov Jupiter)

John Everett Millais - 'Ducklings' 1889 {{PD}}

John Everett Millais – ‘Ducklings’ 1889 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a duckling that falls behind mama duck and the other ducklings. If you observe ducks you’ll see this often: one that seems either unable or unwilling to keep up. We all feel at times as if it’s a struggle to keep up, to stay safe by remaining close to the group, but we may want to consider the advantages to going our own way, if only for a time: what we lack in mama’s (authority’s) attention and protection, we make up for in not having to compete for the same assets with our peers, we may pioneer entirely new territory, and we may remove a target from our backs, as it’s easier for a predator to track a group than it is to find a single, small duck among the reeds. So, don’t lament if you are sometimes estranged from the group, or falling behind–there are ways to make it work for you that you’ll never get a crack at staying with the flock.

For those born with the Sun at 23 Scorpio: It’s all about who holds power, who’s in authority, who controls what territory, and who is in charge of whom. This is the topic through the year, up to your next birthday, and is likely exhausting, as continual adjustment will be required. Take heart, though, as what you gain by tackling this now is a strong, clear identity and a direction connection to instincts, which will guide you handily in future. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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Full Moon in Taurus 14 November 2016



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Sophie Gengembre Anderson - 'Scheherazade' c1885 {{PD}}

Sophie Gengembre Anderson – ‘Scheherazade’ c1885 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Taurus perfects at 5:52 AM Pacific time at 22 Taurus 37, loosely conjoined Sedna and loosely opposed Black Moon Lilith and Hygeia, loading the event axis and drawing all these energies into the T-square created by Pallas, the sextile to Chiron, and the semi-sextiles to Uranus and Ceres–and with these latter, I include them because the Sun is so prominent in this equation that, as supplier of the light, it’s almost stolen the show from the Moon. This isn’t too surprising, as conjoined Sedna, the Full Moon itself may fall in a kind of Collective ‘blind spot’, so that en masse we find ourselves unable to see just exactly what has come to an end, and possibly not see what this is telling us, at all.

In the midst of writing this I took a break to meditate a little on it, and I come back to the keyboard convinced that it’s actually the Sun and its contacts that will supply the overt energy here. It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves, what we’re willing to face, see, and deal with, what we explain away or use to explain our own inaction. With the Sun so psychically prominent, what concludes, draws to a close, ends, completes, or is denied or removed will occur in such a way that, even if we are conscious of it, it won’t be the focus of our conscious attention. Instead our gaze, literal or figurative, may fall on those darker matters, long denied or ignored, or that enrage, and the need to ‘clean them up’, to create a more healthy environment in one form or another. This suggests we have a prime chance to heal or remedy something, and we do this in part by adjusting our own attitudes of rebellion, erratic response, and irrationality, and our relationship to power, both our own and the authority others hold. It’s the smart thing to do, but not easy, and we may hear alarm bells that tell us a compromise isn’t wise–but that would be the ego by way of the intellect, wanting to keep things theoretical, rather than wading in to really make a difference and clean up the mess.

We may lose something that comforted us, but that in reality kept us from dealing with what is. The situation, circumstances, or attitudes we must deal with to ‘clean this up’ are, no doubt, at least somewhat toxic–but that’s the point, we’ve avoided them because they pollute us or drag us down or confuse us–and now it must come to an end, for our own and the larger good.

Anonymous (Korea) 'Rabbits and Moon' 19th century {{PD}}

Anonymous (Korea)
‘Rabbits and Moon’ 19th century {{PD}}

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems’–but let’s look at the Sun symbol as a second part, though more closely aligned than we would normally see it: ‘A Rabbit Metamorphoses Into A Nature Spirit’. In the first symbol, the one for the Moon, we see a place filled with valuable items–but we don’t know if those are obtainable, if we have any access to them, or anything to exchange for them, possibly mirroring the benefits we could enjoy if we would deal with things. Right now, though, they belong to someone else (the shop). In the second we see a rabbit, which very strongly vibes to Taurean values of comfort, abundance, fecundity, and the sense of being ‘earthed’, and this materially-oriented viewpoint transforms into a spiritual one, suggesting that once we deal with the heretofore ignored toxic matters, we unlock not just abundance (the gems), we move beyond the material in terms of benefits (the rabbit as spirit).

As an aside, Mercury also conjoins Juno today and semi-squares Zeus, adding notes of empowerment and ambition–so it likely seems we are just pursuing our own effectiveness and trying to reach goals, when in reality we are at work unlocking and transforming earthly assets and rewards into spiritual ones.

For those born with the Sun at 22 Scorpio: In recently trying to heal or ‘fix’ things, you may have discovered a great deal about yourself, especially about what you are or are not willing to do–and this coming year, through to your next birthday, you’ll be challenged to decide just how much you’re willing to cooperate with or knuckle under to those in authority. It may not be pretty, but should make very clear what power you really do hold, and so solidify your reach and bring to an end some matters that simply drained you, while offering opportunities for you to do more, and do more better, than ever before. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!



Your Weekend 12-13 November 2016



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Have a little snack before the weekend gets going--you'll need it. By Pieter de Ring c1635 - {{PD}}

Have a little snack before the weekend gets going–you’ll need it. By Pieter de Ring c1635 – {{PD}}

The AstroEssence for 12 November: A Pugnacious Convergence

With the unusual event of Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all parallel one another (at the same declination–distance–from the ecliptic–the plane of the apparent path of the Sun at which all the planets orbit), we see these energies rolled into a solid-wall, pugnacious, bomb-like combination. Parallels produce the effect of bodies conjoined, even though those bodies are in various signs; here’s what we’ve got today: Mars in Aquarius=action to promote idealism, choices spurred by the intellect (so not necessarily correlating with the ‘real world’), forward thinking, or radically inclined; Saturn in Sagittarius=trying to cement facts or knowledge into place, suppressing or manifesting opportunity or expansion, walling off horizons; Pluto in Capricorn=again, an emphasis on what’s established, on limits, and on tearing them down, change to the status quo or ‘the rules’; Mercury enters Sagittarius, suggesting that communications shape not just what’s known, but what’s believed. This portends change, conflict, resurrection, or action taken and choices made based on what we know, what we believe, what we see around us, and how we want that to change. We may struggle because of our perception of the walls and rules that constrict us. For the US, that suggests those protests won’t be dissolving anytime soon, and may come to an assertive, even violent, point Saturday.

The 12th also sees the Sun square Pallas and trine Chiron. The Sun always implies where the spotlight will be, what will draw out attention; in this case, that says we may be too busy looking at how we’re wounded, and how we can wound–it also urges a certain impractical approach to things. Do your best to stay grounded, and like a good physician, no matter what you do, first do no harm.

By Andreas Trepte - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

By Andreas Trepte – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Today’s word image is a puffin. Along with corgis, I think of these animals as made of ‘spare parts’–all the bits of other animals left over after the assembly of what we’ll call more graceful creatures. I know it’s not like there is a finite box of animal parts, but when I look at those two, that’s how it seems. What in your world appears to have been assembled randomly? How different does it seem to you if you think of it as a conscious creation? You have to see its deliberateness, before you can truly appreciate it in form or function.

For those born with the Sun at 20 Scorpio: Communications and thoughts are on the brink–of what? Knowing, forming beliefs, getting the message through–you’re about ready to see the facts form a coherent picture that helps you spring into action. Two bits: healing really is an option, in spite of how it looks right now, and sooner or later this year, you will need to deal with what you’ve been ignoring or denying–so there’s no escaping that, again, in spite of how it looks at present. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

cheret_jules_-_madame_sans-gene_in_le_radical_by_edmond_lepelletierThe AstroEssence for 13 November: The Radical Impulse

We have the courage to try something new–or is that an impulse to rebel against an already known quantity? Maybe it’s more like we’re surprised–but in any case, we see fortuitous, and potentially love-filled or profitable circumstances emerge, as long as we can adjust to the radical urge, to our own jumpy spontaneity, and/ or to the group’s demand on our participation or identity (Sun qnx Uranus and nov Venus)

Today’s word image is snoring! If you’re awake and someone else is doing it, there’s almost nothing more irritating. Is something in your world bothering you at a nerve-itching level? Perhaps you need to ask: Is this being unconsciously created? Does it signal a deeper issue or need? And are you being too sensitive, or is this an indication you need to put more distance between you?

For those born with the Sun at 21 Scorpio: The smart thing or practical move won’t be able to compete with your sense of hurt unless you let it; that is, take a genuine stance of healing in order to allow wisdom to come through and influence your choices and actions. Sounds simple, may prompt an internal wrestling match that leaves you (perpetually) exhausted. Confusion can be avoided if you 1) commit, and 2) embrace the positive, cooperation, and love offered, which you may of late have been turning down, maybe without knowing it. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

Next up, the Full Moon! Have a wonderful, happy, and safe weekend, everyone!



11 November 2016 The Future Is Coming



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The AstroEssence: The Moon’s left idealizing, drifting, confusing Pisces, and moves through clear, first-person point-of-view Aries–and now our feelings, and our thrust toward the future, condense and take shape. We know just what kind of future we want to create, and we have a precise idea of how to empower ourselves, and of where real-world power (that is, the power that lies externally, and that can affect more than just ourselves) lies. Action, we realize, is itself power, as is choice, no matter how seemingly minor, and this fuels pursuit of ambitions even as it draws our attention to those matters that should no longer be ignored or denied, or toward those subjects that enrage us–all are in prime space not just to pull our notice, but to enable our efforts to bring equity and balance. It may seem like we’re just putting out the worst fires at this point, but in reality we are creating the future–and careful adherence to ‘the rules’, physics, the dictates of authority (even as we work to change them), and to what’s established or solidly reliable, all facilitate gain, with positive potential for diplomatic solutions, sudden insights, the creation of new and lasting relationships, and profit of all kinds. If we’re awake, this period shows us where we actually want to go–and illuminates the way–the rest is up to us (Uranus parallel NN, Mars sxt Juno and parallel Pluto, Venus enters Capricorn and nov Black Moon Lilith, Mercury semi-sq Juno and nov Zeus, Sun conj BML)

Today’s word image is this: a false wall in an old house is removed; beneath this, on the original wall, is a mural, a master artist’s piece. Renovation and re-styling, when done carefully, is a good thing, but did you long ago cover up something, walk away from something, repudiate or ignore something, that is actually one of your most important qualities, possessions, skills, talents, traits, or attitudes? Whatever it is, it’s been covered with something ordinary, in the name of ‘updating’–tear down the false barrier, and see what you’ve got.

Just such a scenario as that for our word image happened 15 years ago, in a renovation in Tribeca, NYC-the artist was Keith Haring. Photo shows his work in public space in Barcelona. Pic By Alberto-g-rovi - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Just such a scenario as that for our word image happened 15 years ago, in a renovation in Tribeca, NYC-the artist was Keith Haring. Photo shows his work in public space in Barcelona. Pic By Alberto-g-rovi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

For those born with the Sun at 19 Scorpio: Your deepest, darkest secrets, those things you’ve pushed down or denied, need to come to light this coming year, through to your next birthday–if they don’t you run the risk of having unconscious forces take over, and that allows them to orchestrate circumstances you just can’t ignore. Never fear, though: you have the perfect mindset to handle these matters, and, though there will be a few surprises (and those aren’t necessarily bad), you may get assistance from established relationships or resources, and from forward thinking groups or your own original ideas–and these can lead to much bigger rewards in the future. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

10 November 2016 Blank Slate



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An Autumn photograph of Speckled Wood in Ore, near Hastings in East Sussex. Author: Dean Thorpe Aspexphotography  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

An Autumn photograph of Speckled Wood in Ore, near Hastings in East Sussex. Author: Dean Thorpe Aspexphotography Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The AstroEssence: Birth time  No new aspects perfect today–it’s a blank slate, though we do note the Moon moves through late Pisces and trines Mercury, guaranteeing the fog doesn’t lift just yet–so I’d like to address a topic I’ve recently been asked about: What does it mean astrologically speaking when someone doesn’t have a birth time?

First we need to know what birth time describes in the natal chart: it’s used to locate the positions of all planets in the Houses–that is, it defines the exact point on the horizon (the rising degree, as well as sign, with each sign occupying a space of 2 hours on the horizon every day) at birth according to the latitude (how far north or south of the equator the birth place is), and so determines House position for each body, as they are located longitudinally around the chart–and this is true no matter what House system is used.

The natal chart, then, is a map of the sky as seen looking south (if you’re born north of the equator) or looking north (if you’re born south of the equator) from the exact spot on Earth where you’re born, with the bodies located below the Ascendant-Descendant axis (Houses 1-6) not visible from the birth location, while those in Houses 7-12 are potentially visible, if you have the means to spot them. No matter what the House system used, the Ascendant and Midheaven (and their corresponding opposite points) will always be the same for the individual–but in order to know them, we must know the birth time.

What is missing from understanding the individual if you don’t know the time of birth? When the Ascendant is unknown, we can’t be sure how the individual meets the world: how they present themselves, and what others see on first interacting. It’s the Soul’s ‘point of entry’ in terms of time and space, and it is shaped by very early experiences concerning body concepts, concepts surrounding the ‘I Am’, and survival. Typically, the Ascendant describes, among other things, both the personality and the kinds of coping behaviors the individual learned in the early environment; with the latter, these are behaviors that the individual interpreted as guaranteeing survival. We may observe this when someone feels threatened–often they will retreat to some version of and to behaviors rooted in the energy of the Ascendant sign–and we can observe it as the ‘first line’ approach when someone reaches out to others, as the Ascendant energies are seen by the individual as what others value them for, hence the association with helping one survive.

A couple of examples: my Ascendant is Aquarius, and I tackle everything with the mind first, attempting to understand, especially before I move forward–and in early life intellectual acuity seemed to me to be what allowed for success–but the mind is also the place I retreat to: the intellect becomes my weapon, my ambassador, my defense, and understanding is always the goal, and the only thing that makes me feel safe. My husband’s Ascendant is Sagittarius. He tries to meet the world by knowing ‘the facts’, or by engaging immediately and heading for the horizon to have a Sagittarian adventure; when he defends, it’s also with whatever knowledge he can muster, and when he retreats, it’s to wander, physically or mentally, toward that same horizon! So, when the birth time is missing, we’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle, specific to the individual processing and response to her or his part in the world.

The Midheaven is also unknowable without a birth time, though since it inherently carries a sense of removal (the career is a relatively impersonal thing, as is business, and we have no control over the reputation or the way others know us ‘at a distance’, in an entirely impersonal manner) it is most important in terms of timing, with transits to it–so we lose an indicator for worldly opportunity and involvement, as well as the chance to know the ‘flavor’ of our public persona, which can help tell us what others expect us to be, or be good at.

The other big issue is that we are unable to associate planets and signs with their ‘correct’ Houses for the individual. The best we can do is choose a noon chart, smack in the middle of the day for the place of birth, which offers a kind of mid-picture, and gives us our best guess as to a valid Moon–or we can use a sunrise chart for that day, placing the Sun on the Ascendant, which allows the Solar energy to illuminate potentials for the individual in meeting the world. And of course, not having a birth time puts the descriptive burden on the relationships among the various chart bodies–but there is much to be learned there, so we’re never without recourse for at least some knowledge of the individual, when missing a correct time.

Not all altars are quite so obvious. Vicente Poveda y Juan 'Taufe in Assisi' 1899 {{PD}}

Not all altars are quite so obvious. Vicente Poveda y Juan ‘Taufe in Assisi’ 1899 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a doe struck and killed by a mini-van, lying in the middle of a busy highway. Unfortunately, this happens when humans and Nature intersect, and in the woodsy area where I live, it’s not unusual. What was unusual about this scene was the stillness of it, a strangely primitive tableaux, the highway emptied of all activity around the deer, the humans gathered and motionless at a slight distance. It struck me almost as a ritual of mourning, a moment taken to grieve what was destroyed, to respect what once lived. If you need to, take a moment to grieve what you’ve lost recently–sometimes in our modern world we forget how important and powerful saying goodbye, or giving thanks for what was, can be.

For those born with the Sun at 18 Scorpio: This coming year, through to your next birthday, you may find yourself with two goals: healing a rift, and pursuing an important goal. Where you find yourself actually, though, may be between the figurative rock and hard place of health concerns and matters ignored or denied; these require attention before you can successfully mend what’s broken, and fulfill that ambition–but once you do attend to these, follow ideals and dreams for the most effective approach to aim attainment. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!


9 November 2016 No Answers In the Past



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'Woman in a Red Bodice and Her Child' - Mary Cassatt c1900 {{PD}}

‘Woman in a Red Bodice and Her Child’ – Mary Cassatt c1900 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We may have difficulty dealing with the reality picture or the demands of the material world or authorities, and this would be rooted in a too-strong conviction that the past offers us the answers to the present. It does not; what does tell us how to handle things are relationships, values, and/ or our financial state. All offer informational or fact-based standards by which to navigate–and that’s a really good thing, because our instincts are definitely on the blink (Mars nov SN and Semi-sq Saturn, Venus nov Hygeia, Mercury opp Sedna)

Not the actual lemon, but amazingly similar. By Fir0002/Flagstaffotos Attribution NonCommercial Unported 3.0

Not the actual lemon, but amazingly similar. By Fir0002/Flagstaffotos Attribution NonCommercial Unported 3.0

Today’s word image is the first lemon off my greenhouse lemon tree, ready for election night cocktails. Aside from any jokes (yes, we’ll all need alcohol to get through this!) its readiness said to me that it’s time to look at those smaller things we are providing to ourselves and note, however insignificant it seems, the added degree of Self-reliance, as well as gratitude for what could easily be overlooked or dismissed. Focus on small things not only leads to greater appreciation of what we have, it leads us toward awareness of what we can do, and so toward building much larger and more effective accomplishments.


Update! The actual lemon–and not one but two!

For those born with the Sun at 17 Scorpio: You’ve made some big changes of late, and now, brace yourself, because you’re going to experience the repercussions of going after your ambitions and desires, specifically through having to face all those things you may have ignored, denied, or avoided by going after your dreams. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s really about removing those issues that may stand in your way of achieving–and dealing with them offers a kind of healing, one that opens the way to your ultimate success. Bonus: some of what you experience emotionally may belong not to you but to the Collective, so sort feelings before reacting to them. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!