Just a Little AstroEssence 8 November 2017 Focus On: Venus Opposed Pallas



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Here’s an obvious statement: being conscious helps us spot danger. Arthur Wardle – ‘A Fairy Tale’ date unknown {{PD}}

Venus opposes Pallas, and this is the aspect that will make a statement in each of our lives today. Every fiber of us that resonates to fulfilling wants and appetites, to the beauty of connection and relationships, to gain and having and giving, will push us in a direction that’s in some way fundamentally unwise or impractical. Think of this as the Universe giving us awareness of our own boundaries; the lack of wisdom or the impractical nature of our wants is reflected back to us or made obvious, and that’s probably something we should be grateful for, as otherwise today it would be too easy to blow past our own restraints, propelled by stress and a need to release pressure. It also means go for what you desire, but have the Self-discipline to pull back when others, surroundings, or circumstances (all playing the part of ‘the Universe’) indicate what a bad idea it is–then just go on to the next thing.

Today’s word image is: you dream of a friend who learns of a terminal illness but this knowledge allows her to break free from restraints and do what she wants. Clearly, it’s a call to liberation, a suggestion that one doesn’t need to wait for a threat to mortality before opening up and following one’s dreams. The only question is, then, does this apply to you, or to someone you know?

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Just a Little AstroEssence 7 November 2017 Opposites Attract



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Frederick Childe Hassam 1910 {{PD}}

The radical, erratic, and unreliable among us find themselves helplessly attracted to those who are steadfast in their dedication, their priorities, and who give off a certain saintly aura due to the purity of their commitments–and of course, the opposite will hold, that those dedicated to a cause will want to be with someone who just can’t commit. There are also those who are taking the academic approach, and they will be drawn to those who are passionate beyond all reason, as the passionate will be attracted to those who take a cool, theoretical approach–and those who want to be in the avant garde may find themselves pulled toward what they care about most, rather than their usual preference for what is fashionable. In all these matters of attraction, we find that the benefits come in looking deeply into something, and from accepting that what seems light has a darkness, and what seems dark can hold the key to the light–it’s all in how thoroughly we accept reality, as it stands, rather than as we think it should be. One warning: beware of twisted and so unhealthy thinking or reasoning; to accept it, it may be required that we adjust our values, morals, and ethics–and that’s a sure sign it’s really no good.

Today’s word image is two fish swimming in opposite directions. That’s Pisces, of course! In what way are you contradicting yourself, putting effort in two opposing directions and so effectively thwarting any real progress or resolution (or perhaps just obscuring the issue)? If something doesn’t spring immediately to mind, check matters of the natal House that holds Pisces or features it on the cusp, and/ or any bodies or points ruled by Neptune, or the matters of the House where Neptune is currently transiting. And if need be, stop swimming for a second, if only to get your bearings.

Just a Little AstroEssence 5-6 November 2017 Mind Expansion



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‘Hallucinations’ By Odilon Redon CC0

The 5th we may experience a series of reveals, things suspected or glimpsed, confirmed, things feared or hoped for suddenly there before us, with big ‘C’ Change, especially in perceptions, inevitable. Shifts in perception almost certainly bring a questioning of our values or commitments, but it’s healthy to willingly refresh the viewpoint–anything else risks a loss of originality in expression, or of value related to output or relationships, so that we fall behind socially as well as in our own evolution and growth if we try to freeze things in place.

The most important energies all revolve around Pluto. We see Mercury parallel the Underworld god upon entering Sagittarius, and we see Pluto himself, on his slow grind around the zodiac, conjoin asteroid Hygeia. What we think changes by expanding; our world and its possibilities get much bigger, or show more potentials, than we anticipated possible. Repeat the mantra, ‘Change is good’, even if on the surface it’s disconcerting or frightening–on the 6th we get a solid preview of what’s coming, so any mystery or sense that things are out of control doesn’t last long. The Gemini Moon quincunxes Pluto-Hygeia morning of the 6th Pacific time, offering a peek at the kinds of feelings these changes might stir.

‘Bad Girls’ By Felipe Gabaldón 2009 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

The word image for these two days is a person who exhibits no obvious identification with either sex. Gender fluidity is all the rage these days, and it’s about time–why should anyone have to confine themselves to a single label, or to label themselves at all? This image suggests we should let our attitudes gain more movement and less constriction, allowing us to remove a label we’ve always chafed at wearing.

Just a Little AstroEssence 4 November 2017 The Lens of Self



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Part of the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, no. 094, part 3: Autumn By Hiroshige {{PD}}

We’re back living in our own heads again, this time focused on ambitions, identity and personal power/ effectiveness, as well as relationships and the unspoken assumptions and illusions that permeate them. That seems like a lot of material, until we realize that it’s actually laser-focused through the lens of Self. In particular, we are consumed with what we may know but not consciously acknowledge about those closest to us; we need to be aware that our take on the situation will be refracted through our own ambitions and desires, and so be inextricably linked with conditions we want fulfilled specifically because we are so plagued by the needs such fulfillment is meant to serve. That means that we shouldn’t draw any grand conclusions about our relationships or about others today–aim instead for illumination of Self, and to understand what our ambitions and wants actually say about us.

Today’s word image is a photo album, almost completely filled. It’s the season for closing out certain activities, relationships, pastimes, practices, and this is so whether we are actively moving toward these endings or not. Mourn or break it off and be free, but in either case, remind yourself that this is part of a larger pattern, a ‘putting to bed’ of the past, and that it’s making room for the New.

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Full Moon in Taurus 3 November 2017 What We Need



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‘Music Making Couple’ Willem Cornelisz Duyster Early 17th century {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 10:22 PM Pacific time of the 3rd at 11 Taurus 58, and makes only a few contacts within our required close-aspect framework for drawing a Full Moon picture. The most interesting thing to me is that some of the contacts offer the potential for individuals to experience configurations, should they have a natal body or point in the ’empty’ space. For instance, The FM sextiles Neptune, suggesting that if one has a natal placement at 10-14 Libra, then the sextile creates a base for a Finger of God, with the apex the natal body. On its own, the Full Moon-Neptune sextile says inspiration, imagination, ideals, and illusions may, with a little effort or input, reach fruition or conclusion with the FM event; add a personal apex point, and you have a recipe that says, ‘A Neptunian thing that’s brought to conclusion or ‘ripens’ with the event will trigger a tricky or uncomfortable situation that is resolved by adjusting the expression of that natal apex energy.” (Please note: Mars, at 7 Libra 51, is just too far outside an acceptable orb–1.5-2 degrees max–for quincunxes at this point.)

We see a similar situation with the Full Moon’s trine to Juno. Here the aspect suggests that the FM event shows us a likely avenue of, or actually delivers, material empowerment and a sense of authority or effective role in real-world matters (Earth signs). If an individual has a natal placement at roughly 11-15 Virgo, that fills in an Earth Grand Trine, bringing a chance for empowerment via expression of the natal energy, a kind of ‘Grand Result’ brought forward by accomplishment, timing, and a willingness to act within one’s empowered role.

The full moon photographed from the Apollo 11 spacecraft NASA {{PD}}

Lastly, the Full Moon makes a fist on its own: a Fist of God is formed by the Full Moon-Earth square Ceres with apex the midpoint of Saturn-Black Moon Lilith (the latter being at 29 degrees, and so under stress, anyway). I know it’s not exactly kosher to consider a midpoint as a configuration apex, but here we actually need to; otherwise we have a Full Moon that in an energy sense may ‘short-circuit’ in a sextile, trine, and square that offer disjointed and seemingly unconnected outlets for Lunar expression. With the Fist we see impact of one sort or another that forces or necessitates conflict or confrontation within a power situation or dynamic (Ceres), the only hope for resolution of which is found in real-world (Saturn) acknowledgement of transgressions, matters ignored or denied, or in allowing entities already under stress full and uncensored personal expression (BML).

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon (remember, we read the next degree up for any minutes above the 00 mark; in this instance we read 12, listed at the referenced site as 11-12 Taurus) is, ‘A Young Couple Window Shopping’. This is an image of bonded individuals with time on their hands, dreaming, forward-looking. That may seem to negate the idea behind the Fist, until you consider how much a young couple may ignore or deny as in the early stages making the relationship work may seem so vital. Rose-colored vision (Neptune sextile) and a sense of empowerment drawn from a grown-up role (Juno) may incline the individuals/ parties to hide or disregard disparities, disrespect, or power imbalances (square to Ceres) that surface as each entity gets to know the other. Prejudices, assumptions made, and the belief in inequality of the sexes may poison interactions and be muffled, leading to subdued rage and the need to relate to an illusion (Neptune) rather than a three-dimensional individual, Being, or entity (BML). This Full Moon, then, offers a chance to resolve some of the issues that arise naturally in wanting to put our own ‘best foot forward’, and in wanting to see our ideals in the Other. It does it by bringing about a Taurean emotional conclusion or revelation that shows us that we are both personally empowered to handle things, and that we must deal with some real-world disparity or offense, before we can move on.

We also look at the Sun in a Full Moon event: ‘An Official Embassy Ball’. This suggests some en masse social event or shared experience may act as trigger to the conflict and resolution of the Full Moon. The official nature of the symbol implies a wider societal event may mirror our own personal one, and that all may involve a kind of diplomatic outreach, a formalized celebration of roles and relationships, and actions and choices meant to ‘smooth’ interactions.

‘Moonlight’ Ilya Repin 1895 {{PD}}

A culmination of Lunar energy implies an emotional resolution or ending; happening in Taurus, it likely involves comfort, stability, assets, security, or attempts to create these circumstances that reach an apex or conclusion at this time. In this case, the Full Moon may bring easy manifestation of delusions or ideals (Neptune), and effortless autonomy or empowerment (Juno), accompanied by a tough power situation or a denial of or by authority (Ceres). This suggests a mixed bag that brings about something that answers wants but also requires Self-responsibility–and that may be hampered by higher authorities or by others who block or negate our expression, with all of it keyed to resolving the material, physical, or real-world situation surrounding our relationships and/ or our roles–it’s an effort to right imbalances and sweep conditions too long ignored away for good–and it works, if we can acknowledge our true feelings and needs, willingly embrace Self-responsibility, and recognize the reality of our interactions and our situation.

Just a Little AstroEssence 2 November 2017 Inspired



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月岡芳年 TukiokaYositosi(1839-1892) – The ukiyoe “鹿児島暴徒出陣図” {{PD}}

Real-world difficulties, blockages, or barriers lead to inspired solutions, approaches, and attitudes, and original or fortuitous ideas. That suggests we shouldn’t be too discouraged by what doesn’t work out, and should instead cast it as the thing that can bring out our most creative and profitable thoughts. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Winslow Homer – ‘After the Hurricane, Bahamas’ 1898 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is castaways on a desert island, struggling to survive, are hit by a hurricane. Sometimes the sh*t storms just keep coming; know that you will get through it. Things go best with an optimistic attitude and a commitment to do all you can to affect circumstances positively, because that will pay off.

Just a Little Halloween Essence 31 October-1 November 2017 Think Like a Healer



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Artist Unknown c1910 {{PD}}

Today, the 31st, and tomorrow, the 1st of November, we hit a point in the yearly cycle when the Veil Between Worlds is thinnest. You can feel it, can’t you? (I note here that this applies to the Northern Hemisphere–I’d love to hear from those in the Southern who can tell me if that thinning Veil follows autumn, or is hooked to this point in the year, despite it being spring there). It’s a spooky time; the past is more alive than the present, and we see it reflected in the aspects for these two days, notably in the Sun’s parallel to the South Node point, then semi-square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Chiron. This involves a turning away from reality, and a difficult relationship to our own wounds or even to those we’re causing in others; the tendency may be to justify ourselves and our injuries with contorted logic. This sets us up to lash out and believe (at least temporarily) in ways that are contrary to what we know to be wise, empowering, or practical (Jup opp Pallas, Nep qnx Ceres, Mars sesq SN). Part of the pressure is unavoidable, as we build toward a Full Moon, but the rest of it can be managed, if we’re willing to take a step back.

There are ways to alleviate what surely will be distressing if it goes unchecked. Look to the future and what you want to see there, and refuse to be intimidated by past hurts (Venus sxt NN, Sun sesq Chiron); if you do, by the 1st, you’ll be thinking like a healer, embracing your beliefs and firmly rejecting acting from wounds, all of which have the benefit of aiding goals and ambitions and helping us sort out and eliminate unconscious influences (Merc trine Chiron, Mars contra-parallel Chiron, Venus conj Vesta and parallel Zeus, Vesta contra-parallel Sedna).

Today and tomorrow’s word image is an old, destructive habit that threatens to rear its ugly head and send things, especially relationships, seriously off track. You know what I’m talking about, and you know what to do.

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Just a Little AstroEssence 26-30 October 2017 Viewpoint



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H. A. Brendekilde – De første Anemoner (1889) {{PD}}

The next five days are all of a piece; it seems better to show the flow of energy from one to the next than to chunk them up separately, and possibly miss their interconnectedness. We’ll start with the 26th and the Sun conjoined Jupiter. People become rapturous about this once-per-year event, but that’s a mistaken attitude, in my view, one that springs from the idea that more is better. Our attention is drawn to whatever the Sun highlights; the sign gives the tone, contacts describe directions that seem active, that call to us, that take up our time and energy. In this case we have a Sun in Scorpio, calling us to dig deep, to look for the Truth, to clean out, purge, discover, re-make, and resurrect–and then that focused Sun meets the planet of largesse, expansion, knowledge, hubris, farsightedness, opportunity, what’s foreign to us, and philosophy. This combination can reveal secrets, force us to face facts we may have been deliberately or unconsciously overlooking, can introduce knowledge that changes everything or destroys current potentials, can bring forward a ‘White Knight’ or ‘Daddy’ who we may see as representing potential rescue, and can make us look to the horizon for something new, better, for something that makes our world or our fortunes bigger, greater, more than–but there is something shadowy beneath the surface, and we might have to reach into a dark space to retrieve what we feel has been promised.

Whatever we’re focusing our attention on, whatever Scorpionic parts of our world have us in thrall, these will be the places that jump into stark relief, and that offer one kind or another of ‘more’. Jupiter receives the spotlight of the Sun and we have the chance to expand our world–but do we want to? It comes in the form of offers, opportunities, and knowledge or ‘foreign’ (unusual) connections acquired, and those possibilities may or may not be a good direction for us to go. They could act as a shiny distraction from our goals–or could bring an optimism that is beyond anything we would otherwise feel, and so urge us to do the unwise, in part because this will feel ‘once in a lifetime’—though it’s likely not.

The natal House where the Sun and Jupiter are currently transiting could present opportunity, or could be the arena in which we regard potentials with too much optimism, which again would cause us to venture where in more level-headed times we might hesitate. What this combo stirs can threaten stability and smart use of energy, but it could also give us the push we need to overcome fears–and that’s positive. We also might see activity in a combination of the matters of the two Houses in the natal chart these bodies rule.

Keywords for Sun-Jupiter: Soul expansion, Opportunity to Live Your Purpose, Living Your Beliefs, Believing in Your Purpose, Getting Your Essence Out Into the World, Fearless Expression   Beware of: Exaggerating the importance of your role, Becoming your own god, Overdoing in the name of Progress

The word image for the 26th is a class reunion. This is an image of people who once spent most every day together, learning, brought together again and much different after their time in the world. Do you see this situation as fun, a chance to re-live old friendships and renew ties, or do you see it as negative, a forced return to a life long past and not missed? Your reaction to this image mirrors your relationship to the past–and if this is an image of dread for you, it may be time to make peace with what was–whatever pains you is gone, it can’t hurt you now. And if you see it as fun, you might want to ask yourself how far you’ve really come–you might be surprised by what you realize.

So, we enter the period a little punch-drunk from the heady opportunities we’ve glimpsed with Sun-Jupiter. By the 27th we may be thinking of making sweeping changes, especially in relationships or finances. Are we still on a high from the optimistic Sun-Jupiter? It’s something to ask ourselves.

Today’s word image is an Artist, who shows her work for the first time. No matter how old we get, there are still new things to discover about ourselves, new talents and abilities that show our artistry. Be brave enough to show some of that ability to others, if not today, then maybe this week, month, or year.

The 28th we shift gears, focusing on re-vamping thought processes to include all those matters we are prone to ignore. A realistic viewpoint is typically an asset, but in this case, we may become too pessimistic, go too far–and that would be, if not unwise, then certainly impractical. Sometimes a little positivity makes the world a lot easier to take.

Today’s word image is two birds, squabbling over a full bird feeder. There’s plenty for everyone; check yourself, and relax–enjoy what you already have.

On the 29th thoughts and ideas compel some ‘difficult’ actions and choices–difficult in that they may be clumsy, premature, or lacking in solid conception and follow-through. Though this urge to action may cause discord or discomfort in the moment, if it’s propelled by ambitions or desires, it may end up paying off–so if you can stand the temporary upset or embarrassment, making that impulsive move could be worthwhile.

By the 30th a kind of wonderful assimilation of energies has taken place. Making ‘mistakes’ in the previous few days has led to the ability to face what we have been avoiding, to challenge things and people that make us angry, and has given us a fresh idea of our own empowerment. This is a point when we may consider whether we are happy with our current life trajectory–you’re in a good place now to examine potential paths.

Do you notice the thread through these days? We’ll be living in our heads, processing everything actively through our point-of-view (rather than unconsciously), and each day will highlight not just our thinking, but the thinking, messages, and communications from others. We get to the end of the period considerably enlightened in important ways–and ready to act on what we know.

Thank you, and have a great one! I’m likely to reappear with one or more daily images, as they occur to me.

Just a Little AstroEssence 25 October 2017 X-Ray



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By Gabriel von Max c1900 {{PD}}

Vesta conjoins Zeus today, and when we view this in light of other contacts being made (including Chiron sesquiquadrate Ceres, Venus square and Mercury sextile Hygeia, and Mercury novile Saturn) we might find wants shaping priorities, goals, and values, making standards far more flexible than they should be; we also see how relationships or financial circumstances affect health negatively. It may be a day when we’re hit with a few surprise revelations about our true priorities and potentials, and we’ll see where we do (and don’t) want to invest. The good thing is that we’ll have what amounts to x-ray vision of the real world picture; reality will ‘speak’, and what’s right for us will be clear–then it’s just up to us to keep values intact, and make the ‘healthy’ choice.

By Władysław Podkowiński 1891 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the passage of time. It’s been on everyone’s mind lately, in one form or another. Pretend that no time has passed since you were first conscious; now consider how much or how little your essence has changed since that point. Two things: you can go back to the ‘Refresh’ point at any time (these are the timeless qualities of the Self/ Soul that can get lost in the everyday), and reflect on what views and values of yours life may have altered in the living. The goal is to remind ourselves that we’re really timeless Beings, and that the changes we can feel so acutely rarely affect who we truly are, even as we learn, mature, and grow spiritually.

Just a Little AstroEssence 24 October 2017 Magical Thinking



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‘Reverie’ by Oreste Pizio 1900 {{PD}}

Usually I use the phrase ‘magical thinking’ with the implication that we’re fooling ourselves, imagining we can see meanings and apply a set of rules that are unrealistic or fantasy-driven, but today I mean it in its most pure, even literal, sense: when deployed ideals, and creative and imaginative energies, empower us; we think and process in creatively effective ways, seeing what can be–and we have the confidence and adaptability to make it happen. The future is a living, breathing entity at this point, one that responds to our actions and choices–so make them best choices, that reflect your best Self.

Today’s word image is anxiety, specifically that generated in you over the possible choices or suffering of those you love. This is pain that springs from worry about potentials. This anxiety came out-of-the-blue, based not in what is but in extrapolating from past potentials or conditions–and that’s our clue (at least one of them) that this angst isn’t originating with us. We’re acting as receivers at this time, and what we’re picking up is someone else’s negative energy aimed at us, which is churning up useless worry as our minds search for the source of our anxiety. Realize that 1) this agitation is not linked to anything currently extant, and 2) you should let this be your warning that you’ve gone too much into receptive mode–get your energies up and out, to ward off the psychic incursion of others.

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Excerpt of a single panel from a multi-paneled Mopsy comic published in TV Teens, Vol. 2, No. 7
By Gladys Parker {{PD}}