The Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Daring To Be Ourselves



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'The Circus' George Bellows 1912 {{PD}}

‘The Circus’ George Bellows 1912 {{PD}}

Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 10 February 2017 4:32 PM PST at 22 Leo 28

This eclipse occurs concurrent with and involved in several configurations: a Finger of God with base of Lunar eclipse-Jupiter, apex Chiron; a Kite involving the eclipse axis and Saturn-Hygeia and Uranus; and a Fire Grand Trine of Luna-Earth, Uranus, and Saturn-Hygeia; a Finger with base of Sun and Saturn-Hygeia, apex Vesta, with this latter body only 5 minutes off exact semi-sextile to the Lunar eclipse; a loose Fixed Grand Cross with the Sun-Earth-Lunar axis squaring an opposition of Sedna and a 29 degree Black Moon Lilith —and unrelated to the eclipse, a Finger with base of Sedna-Chiron, apex Jupiter, and a loose Cardinal Grand Cross with Vesta, Uranus, Pluto, and Zeus-Jupiter.

But if we keep a reasonable orb of roughly 3 degrees + or –, we don’t have any aspects to the eclipse that aren’t wrapped up in a config, though it’s arguable that Venus and Mars, roughly 5 degrees apart in Aries, both form sesquiquadrates to the eclipse outside of any configuration—they’re the exception. These contacts suggest issues may masquerade as male-female, animus-anima, or complementary opposites in conflict, or requiring adjustment—when the real issues lie in the energy patterns of the configurations—the Mars-Venus energy may just represent the delivery system, a clash between disparate elements that demands adjustment.


Eclipse inclusion in multiple patterns implies a highly dynamic set of circumstances that may appear to be independent of one another, but that are almost certainly linked through the Lunar energy (the exceptions being the Finger apex Jupiter and the Cardinal Grand Cross)—and that Lunar link grounds these dynamics in time—that is, it allows the eclipse itself to represent a locus where all these energies converge. Will each individual experience all the dynamic energy patterns of the eclipse? No, but each will experience some of them, largely depending on how (and how intensely) the eclipse fits in to the personal natal chart picture.

The event occurs in Leo, suggesting our attention is on ourselves, our role, our effectiveness, how well we ‘shine’, on issues of generosity and purpose, on identity and focus, and on the concept of ‘heart’ defined as the enthusiasm and commitment with which we meet a subject, and we add to this matters represented by the natal House in which the eclipse occurs. We definitely get feedback in these areas, but it will spread out in many different situations or life areas, so that events may appear distinctly unrelated. This is part of why the eclipse energy will be so confusing: the mix of internal and external information coming at us will be both interdependent (the many contacts) and carry a scent of revelation (Sedna, Uranus), Self-discovery (Leo), and crisis (Black Moon Lilith at 29 degrees, Saturn-Hygeia, Chiron), so that we may easily be distracted by any number of issues, our attention drawn in any number of directions.

Let’s start with the Finger of God with base of Lunar eclipse-Jupiter, apex Chiron; this implies that feelings about, or intuitions centered on, the actual material situation as it applies to ‘the facts’, education, anything ‘foreign’, anything at a distance, or to our social position or the general milieu that surrounds us, creates hurt or demands utilization of our most unique skills. We can answer the intuitive knowing, the emotional reaction, and the social ‘stress’ with either a hurt reaction or one that mobilizes our talents—our choice.

Carl Spitzweg c1885 {{PD}}

Carl Spitzweg c1885 {{PD}}

Next we have the Kite involving the eclipse axis and Saturn-Hygeia and Uranus. We may see sudden events or revelations concerning or affecting the ‘health’ of real-world matters or material situations, possibly through rules or restrictions imposed by ‘the group’—or, we see sudden, easy suppression of the health (or what was an otherwise healthy situation), with the result showing at the Lunar eclipse, and revealing something important about identity or purpose (Sun in opposition). This could suggest sudden shifts in what’s considered ‘healthy’, the normalizing of the abnormal, the pressures of revolution on tradition, the past, and current authorities, the prospect of revolution, and all of it under inspection for whether these are healthy options, in the largest sense, or not. This can be a messy scenario that either makes the eclipse event have emotional impact, or creates the emotional impact from which the eclipse events arise.

The Fire Grand Trine of Luna-Earth, Uranus, and Saturn-Hygeia carries much the same message as the Kite, but offers the option of creating balance (the Trine) through action/ ‘doing’  (Fire). Considering the eclipse occurs in Leo, a Fire sign, it’s likely that taking action will be our natural response—how comfortable we are with that, though, can only be determined by how and in what House the eclipse hooks into the natal chart.

The other eclipse-involved Finger consists of a base of Sun and Saturn-Hygeia, apex Vesta, with this latter body only 5 minutes off exact semi-sextile to the Lunar eclipse; here the Finger dynamic may masquerade as either an offshoot of or a distraction from the eclipse itself. Issues of identity, purpose, and Self-expression are tested via the reality picture, forcing you to ask the question, ‘How well am I actualizing myself and my potentials?’—and the answer is found in your commitments, your highest values and your ability to live them, and in those matters and individuals to which you dedicate your life energy. Those are big subjects, writ on a big canvas, and so we may feel we are unable to answer adequately or meaningfully, at least in terms of being able to translate big causes and trends to the spiritual and concrete energy dedications of the individual life. This is one question that needs to be answered, and answered specifically at this time—don’t brush it off.

There is a Fixed Grand Cross with the Sun-Earth-Lunar axis squaring an opposition between Sedna and a 29 degree Black Moon Lilith, suggesting a crisis with matters too long ignored, denied, or unjust, prompted by our own denial of our instincts or weaknesses, and triggered by the eclipse event. This has ‘dilemma’ written all over it—and as a Fixed matter, may seem intractable. One thing to keep in mind is that, despite all the influences at work (and sometimes at cross-purposes) the essence of things is still a Full Moon, an ending that may have the nature of a wipe-out in the House where the eclipse falls—and that means that no matter what is happening, some circumstances are drawing to a close, even if in the moment they still appear viable.

Overall, what we may need to do, as the impressions and issues layer, one upon another, is focus our choices and actions through those positive expressions available to us, thereby minimizing the distractions and possible destruction inherent in concentrating our energy and attention on the negative situations and circumstances presented. We see outlets in assessing our effective actualization, in the choice to approach things from a healed rather than a hurt perspective (and so emphasize health in all our choices), and most especially in the promised potential of creating balance by taking action. It seems confidence in our ability to handle what comes along, a positive focus on what’s healthy, a willingness to deal with real-world realities and the facts, a determination to make the most of who we are as individuals, are all key to meeting and accepting these energies, using them to their utmost, rather than being overwhelmed by them.

The Finger and Cardinal Grand Cross that don’t directly figure in to the eclipse offer their own possibly distracting (or aiding) input, which we may easily mistake for eclipse energy. The Finger of Sedna-Chiron, apex Jupiter, implies the potential for taking our injured instincts public, or trying to base ‘facts’ on our own wounds (shades of ‘alternative facts!’); a better use would be application of instincts and skills (especially those honed through hurt and experience) to expansion of our knowledge and our world. The Cross consists of Vesta, Uranus, Pluto, and Zeus-Jupiter, and seems most likely to act as support for the idea of creating balance through action (Cardinal energy), particularly action that is original, fearless, based on highest values, and takes an optimistic view of our goals.

The Sabian for the Lunar eclipse is, ‘In A Circus The Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill’. This smacks of the courage (a very Leo thing!), daring, and confidence that the eclipse will call forth if we respond with our ‘best Self’. The situations presented may be dicey, uncomfortable, out of our element, or downright dangerous, but in any case will be handled best with a combination of bravery and skill.

Niko Pirosmani 'Black Bear' {{PD||

Niko Pirosmani ‘Black Bear’ {{PD||

We also look at the Sun for a Full Moon event: ‘A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws’. This is an odd position for a bear, simply because the action doesn’t serve any purpose, and in fact may make the animal more vulnerable than it would otherwise be. We may see a lot of emotional ‘paw waving’, lots of motion and drama that leads nowhere and may even distract from what we need to see. This eclipse is definitely a kind of test: of nerve, of concentration, on seriousness of purpose, and of the skills, abilities, and learning we have so far accumulated—but remember, the test isn’t coming from the outside, observed and measured by some authority; its sole purpose is so that we can see our own abilities, measure our own skills, and sharpen our own focus and clarity of intent.

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Very clear explanations of the eclipse phenomenon

Your Week 3-9 February 2017 Pointing the Way



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James Tissot - 'Young Lady in a Boat' 1869 {{PD}}

James Tissot – ‘Young Lady in a Boat’ 1869 {{PD}}

Configuration of the Week is a Finger of God apex Jupiter with base of Sedna-Chiron. This may promote a tendency to combine hurt and blind spot material, and then display it publicly (or worse, to think our wounds and unknowns add up to ‘facts’)–Ouch! It’s a matter of maintaining vigilance, of not allowing ourselves to slip into an unconscious state where our own internal justifications prop up an inclination toward exhibitionism or Self-aggrandizement–and yet, if we can willingly access what lingers near the surface of consciousness, and apply our most unique skills and talents to dealing with it, we just may create opportunities for ourselves. There’s always a way to use even the most negative-seeming contacts in a positive way–and this is one of those times.

Friday February 3rd we know what we want, but the very fact that we do prevents our effective empowerment; we get in our own way, but why? Our thoughts are grounded and our instincts are good–but our attention is on all the wrong things. We’re preoccupied with our desires, our appetites, and with personal relationships, and it’s this very single-minded pursuit of our wants that trips us up in the first place. For once, knowing where we want to go doesn’t help us get there. If we can focus on other than our goals, things that benefit others but align with our aims (a cause important to us, someone else’s objectives, or something aimed at the greater good, perhaps), we have a much better chance of seeing our wants fulfilled as part of a larger picture, a Collective good, or a mass shift–and this is so even if our ambitions are highly personal or specific only to us.

Today’s word image is a white bed sheet, drying on a line outdoors on a sunny day. Every time I think no one does this anymore, I see laundry on the line. I prefer drying things this way–they smell so nice!–but in rainy Seattle it’s not really an option. So, what past method of achieving an end is perfectly serviceable, and though you now have an effective, more ‘modern’ way to get there, you might want to consider reviving the old practice, when the ‘weather’s just right’?

Saturday the 4th dawns with our inner and outer attention firmly on the physical world, especially those parts of the world that engage our senses. We are busy reading what’s beneath the tangible and material, and measuring almost instinctively how this can support or serve ambition fulfillment. You may get the feeling those around you are being oddly sneaky–but that’s how focus on our inner state and reactions reads when we’re trying to correlate what we’re perceiving sotto voce with what we’re trying to make happen. Use the imagination and creative skills actively–otherwise they can draw misunderstanding or deception from others–and notice that a factual approach to health matters is illuminating, as well as providing more options than you might have anticipated.

By Pierre5018 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

By Pierre5018 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Today’s word image is a pair of used tickets to a long-ago event. Sometimes we hold on to ephemera because it actually evokes a positive memory, and sometimes we hold on to bits and pieces out of habit, neglect, or a sentimentality that replaces true feeling. You know what to do: keep what brings you truly pleasant associations, discard all the rest.

Sunday the 5th Jupiter turns around (for some it will be the 6th already), stationing retrograde early in the 23rd degree of Libra. The first contact Jupiter will make with retro status will be a square received from Vesta in Cancer, as the asteroid retros back to perfect the aspect. This little picture suggests the Jupiter turnaround may prompt the urge to do something drastic about the home, mate, a cause to which we’re committed, or a cooperative venture, in response to what will be perceived as pressure from ‘the facts’ or the social sphere. This will be an artificial crisis, allowed to flourish in the atmosphere of doubt that comes from some pull back, withdrawal, or end to expansion. Optimism wanes, and we think we must jump into action–no, we don’t.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1894 {{PD}}

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1894 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a single glove. Unless you’re missing a hand or exceptionally desperate, this can safely be classified as a useless item. What remnant, leftover, or useless accessory lingers, either from your inattention to the details or your failure to just throw it out?

Monday the 6th dark thoughts menace–all those matters we’d rather ignore, deny, or that enrage us keep popping into consciousness–and as we’re dealing with our interior dialogue it seems the social order, or any offered opportunities, grate on our highest values or disrespect what we honor most. Perceptions are likely distorted as what we know that sits just below the surface of awareness stands on our last nerve and sends us looking for problems. Realize the way out is found by acknowledging what we’d normally rather turn away from, and in genuine holistic thinking.

Today’s word image is a match box with a blue devil on the cover. The Devil may be a symbol of our lesser nature, or instance where we ‘fell from the light’–and maybe we’re sad (blue) about that transgression. Fully admitting it happened, then forgiving ourselves, is the only way to let go for good.

For Tuesday the 7th let’s concentrate on Mercury, which enters Aquarius, parallels Pluto, noviles Neptune, and squares Ceres; this suggests a focus on functions of the higher intellect, on understanding what unfolds before us, on the future, on modern or ‘new’ methods, on the academic (as opposed to the real-world/ material), the unique, on the innovative, inventive, and original, and on the individual position (especially as it applies to cooperation and leadership) within the group. Thoughts bring change, almost without our realizing it, and we are highly creative; the only problems come from authorities, who seem to block us or point out problems with our plans, and from Mother Nature Herself, when ‘natural’ functions or roles interfere with progress. This is a period when form follows thought; make the most of it.

Today’s word image is a plumbing leak. The image is one of containment failure, specifically of emotion (water)–and this is a desired containment, one that allows us to function well and have particular needs met. What’s not being ‘held in’? What feeling, better contained, is escaping into the world? And what other emotion may be pushing (via ‘water pressure’) this better-held-in feeling out?

Wednesday the 8th the scenario is definitely our choice: do we allow wounding to shape values and/ or skill usage, or do we heal by actually embracing our highest principles (including being responsible for our own progress)? You know the better answer.

Today’s word image is a dog barking frantically at a stranger, but as the person approaches and then passes the animal, the dog becomes calm. Is there someone in your life who’s making a lot of (possibly aggressive) noise that is perhaps making you avoid something, or hesitate to go forward? Don’t be afraid–they’re ‘all bark, no bite’.

Thursday the 9th even though we are doing the smart thing, the original, innovative, or inventive thing, we find values undermining health, or health undermining values, which has the further impact of altering the life course. What to do? Find the point where values and health intersect, and put your energy and attention there–that gives you a great starting point.

Today’s word image is a peace sign. Use personal associations, or look for this as a time or place synchronicity marker.

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Great suggestions for planning the year ahead from Astrologer Kelly Surtees–

This Week 28 January to 2 February 2017 The Better Approach



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Vincent van Gogh - (1889) {{PD}}

Vincent van Gogh – ‘Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background’ (1889) {{PD}}

Saturday January 28th sees the New Moon of the preceding day usher in growing understanding, and this results in us really noticing both the value of our instincts and those instances where authorities show a distinct lack of wisdom. It’s a great day to ground ourselves in and reinforce our own standards and priorities, and as well to take an accurate measure of the reality picture.

Word image for the 28th is an olive branch with olives on it. This made me think of the phrase, ‘the fruits of peace’. What are those? Whatever results from our acceptance of what is, since that acceptance itself brings about a state of peace, at least internally. What have you accepted, ‘made peace’ with, that you are now seeing the benefits of?

Sunday the 29th we focus on the Mercury conjunction to Pluto and the sesquiquadrate both form to the North Node. The North Node is a point that, at least theoretically, points in the direction of current affairs; it tells us where we will end up, should we continue in the way we are reasoning, behaving, choosing now. This aspect set suggests an evolution of or transformation of thought/ thinking that then requires some (probably difficult) adjustments to our life direction. This shift in thinking can be destructive or can bring mental re-birth, with a consequent alteration to where, if we continue with the reformed approach, we will end up–and both the potential changes in thought and the potential changes in destination are obvious today, if we will only look.

Word image for the 29th is a man who comes to you and says, ‘I can give you something so that you won’t remember what’s coming, once it’s over.’ Do you take it or not? The essence of this question may be, In your future do you anticipate so much pain that after the fact you want to pretend it never happened, or do you want to be aware of what you and others did so that nothing escapes your judgment? Think of it as drinking from the river Lethe, which allowed one to reincarnate by wiping away all memory–or would you rather drink from Lethe’s companion river, Mnemosyne, where one remembers everything in complete detail, including tremendous pain, which is not allowed to fade? This may be a choice between peace and the ability to meet things anew, to refuse to carry burdens of anger or guilt, or to remember all, which equips one to choose and interact in an absolutely just way, but also requires we carry every pain ever experienced–and this pain can’t help but distort our approach to others and to life.

On Monday the 30th to act or choose is to wound ourselves or others, chiefly by the way to be wise we must violate our values, or conversely, to support our values, we must do something unwise or impractical. How do we know which is the better option? By taking our ambitions and desires out of the reasoning equation. Making the choice an impersonal one removes the potential for wounding and allows a fair standard of both values and wisdom to be upheld.

Word image for the 30th is a memento or keepsake from the past that features the color blue. It could be a photo with a background of blue sky, a blue patterned scarf, a Tiffany jewel box, a passport from certain countries–anything that wouldn’t be quite the same if it weren’t blue. This could serve one of two purposes: to bring you abruptly into the present moment when you see it, or to take you back to that moment, and what it taught you.

Tuesday the 31st may find us struggling to avoid it but inevitably hurt, in the end. Though we may be convinced that balance will prevent injury, it does not–so does anything keep us from being wounded? No, but then again, to be wounded is to receive events, revelations, information, or consequences in a way that insists one is vulnerable and unable to avoid being affected. There are three things we can do to minimize negatives: 1) don’t insist on independence or originality in thinking at this time, 2) don’t insist all material matters must go according to your standards (and don’t try to suppress what you don’t agree with), and 3) choose to focus on what doesn’t hurt–there, isn’t that better?

Frederick Carl Frieseke - 'Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers' 1914 {{PD}}

Frederick Carl Frieseke – ‘Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers’ 1914 {{PD}}

Word image for the 31st is a house with no mirrors. Symbolically speaking, we’re talking about a ‘resident’ who achieves no ‘Self-reflection’ (or a vampire, your choice). Sometimes an unwillingness to examine one’s own ways, beliefs, or methods is framed as modesty, or as being aggressively engaged with the world, so that the Self is disregarded in the quest to focus on others, and other things–and of course the opposite, a house filled with mirrors, suggests vanity and Self-absorption–but could also be seen as a willingness to face things as they are, a desire to see the Self appropriately placed within the surroundings, and as a vote for clarity and realism in perception. In which house would you be more comfortable, and where, in actuality, do you live?

Wednesday the 1st promises us something magical, or maybe simply inspirational, through pursuit of the practical or what’s smart. It’s almost presented as the reward for doing the most effective, modest, and intelligent thing, and we should be prepared for the potentials: it can heal our minds or a distorted way of thinking, it can show us how we benefit by no longer ignoring or denying something, and it prompts us to modify our actions, possibly only a little, but enough to change our destiny.

Word image for the 1st is a confession, that in other times you would have dreaded, that instead brings you closer. What would a younger you have absolutely believed would’ve been a terrible thing, that now, with acquired wisdom, you see is actually good? It’s a bit of a stumper, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

Thursday the 2nd we may find ourselves mentally abandoning opportunities or our own standards in an attempt to retreat to the past. We think we’re being practical, but we’re actually being unhealthy, believing that locking out the present is a safe option. How to avoid the general miasma that surrounds this kind of thinking? Embrace the practical or wise, no matter how dull, and then look at it in a totally new way.

'L'Absinthe', by Edgar Degas1875 {{PD}}

‘L’Absinthe’, by Edgar Degas1875 {{PD}}

Word image for the 2nd is a bottle filled with something you cannot drink. It doesn’t matter why you can’t drink it (whether it’s alcohol and you’re an alcoholic, it’s radiator fluid and you’re not a car, and so on)–what does matter is your reaction: do you let what’s forbidden you dominate your thoughts and attention, or do you move on, not noticing the bottle again?

I’m Brand New!


My rejuvenation went swimmingly--just kidding! Photo by John D.

My rejuvenation went swimmingly–just kidding! Photo by John D.

Well not exactly brand new, and I have a long recovery ahead of me, but I thought I’d let everyone know things went well and I’m home. Though I returned home on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to (and still can’t) sit long at the computer. The funny thing was that in the hospital they had overflow surgical patients and I ended up, not on the frenetic surgery recovery wing, but in the tranquil confines of the maternity ward, where the above picture hung at the end of my bed and nary a sound was heard. I’ll be posting for the period through the 2nd of February later today, and will not be resuming the Daily anytime in the near future. Many thanks to all who sent me good thoughts, prayers, and loving kindness–it’s all very much appreciated, and certainly helped sustain me through an especially difficult night on the 23rd. xo jd

Your Week 22-27 January 2017 Getting It



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Hermann Fenner-Behmer {{PD}}

Hermann Fenner-Behmer {{PD}}

I’ve needed to prepare for surgery that I’m having on Monday (don’t worry, it’s not a life threatening issue), and so missed this weekend’s forecast, but do have a little something that covers the week ahead. I anticipate an extended recovery period, during which I don’t know how much I’ll be doing for the blog, and can’t promise when, and in what capacity, I’ll return. To those lovely Souls who set up a recurring donation: You may want to cancel, as you won’t be getting what you have been, but I do hope you’ll continue to visit here and find something of value in what I offer. I thank you so much for what you’ve done–your support has meant the world to me. And to all my readers, thank you! I hope you, too, will drop by from time to time. I know I will continue to write, I’m just not sure right now what form that will take.

What am I looking at, this coming week? A Water Grand Trine of Mars, Vesta, and Black Moon Lilith gets my attention. This suggests a highly expressive emotional experience that drives action; it’s almost a purging of those things that infuriate, humiliate, or that have been too long ignored (and it’s already in place this weekend, reflecting the Women’s Marches occurring all across the US). Black Moon Lilith can drive righteousness and a call for justice, and we need to be careful, in this Watery context, that we don’t confuse the two; a personal sense that we’re right doesn’t mean we are, or that what we want is necessarily just–but, and it’s a big one! Vesta’s involvement implies we will act only on those feelings that support our highest values and the commitments that embody them. It’s a recipe for the best kind of constructive high-mindedness, one that above all does no harm.

Sunday the 22nd: It’s all about the harsh realities surrounding Power–and perhaps the difficult realization that once one has it, it’s damn unlikely to be willingly shared or given up.

Monday the 23rd: Harsh feedback, from both the social sphere and personal contacts, may be prominent–but, those messages will be distorted in some way, and knowing that should tell us one important thing: Believe Actions, Rather Than Words.

Tuesday the 24th: Act According to What You Find Sacred. Act to make things right, and to pursue ambitions–both are healthy things to do.

Wednesday the 25th: Acting Empowered Brings Power. Well that’s simple. Sort of.

Thursday the 26th: Be Flexible–That’s How You Gain.

Friday the 27th: Confusion of values with hurt, and a hard-edged view of the reality picture, may prevail. The New Moon at 8 Aquarius 15 doesn’t make any close contacts, which suggests our new starts may first occur in the intellectual realm, as ideas, precepts, or a sudden understanding that can drive or inform later efforts. The result, then, is that in some important way, We Get It.

Word Image for the Week: A woman and a child who don’t know each other are out in public dressed exactly alike.

It's time to write some Herstory, ladies. Nikolaos Gyzis 1891 {{PD}}

It’s time to write some Herstory, ladies. Nikolaos Gyzis 1891 {{PD}}

20 January 2017 Reverence



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Marianne Stokes - 'The Queen and the Page' 1895 {{PD}}

Marianne Stokes – ‘The Queen and the Page’ 1895 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Whether we are aware of it or not, we may revere those in power, those who have or even exert authority, and we may value any power expression we can muster, too. From those too invested in seeing themselves as harmless, as victims, or as manifesting only positivity in the world, we may see passive-aggression, the undermining of others, or righteous attack, all delivered without any idea of the irony caused by the disparity between their Self-image and their actions; with those inclined to Self-assertion anyway, going overboard may happen without much thought, making for a harsher impact than intended. For everyone else, standing middle-of-the-road aggression-wise, we may see equal possibilities for getting caught up in the hoopla, or for simple retreat, when what’re known colloquially as Anglo-Saxon terms (or punches!) start to fly. Reverence for our highest values, rather than for the power to implement them, is vital, and putting relationships and financial well-being (though both are under pressure) above the need to make a statement will go a long way toward thwarting unconscious expressions and avoiding the influence to thinking of repressed or denied issues (Vesta trine Black Moon Lilith, Venus sxt Pluto and contra-parallel Ceres, Mercury sxt Pallas and nov Black Moon Lilith)

'Strawberry' Photo by Theo Crazzolara CC BY 4.0 2016

‘Strawberry’ Photo by Theo Crazzolara CC BY 4.0 2016

Today’s word image is strawberries. I leave this image for completely personal interpretation. For me, strawberries are an allergen, something that makes me prickle and itch, and thoroughly miserable–which makes me think there’s something front-and-center in my life that is causing the same irritation, and I’ve not yet made the connection.

For those born with the Sun at 0 Aquarius: Emotional conflicts, dilemmas, and upsets may get the lion’s share of your attention this year, Aquarius; it may be a continual state of feeling crisis, despite you more than likely feeling you are the only unemotional, rationally reasoning Being in your world! That means you may be prone to project your emotional reactions onto others, attributing upsets to them rather than to your need to deal with what you feel. Do your best to understand and accept your own feelings, as they may cause difficulties in relationships or financial situations from which you can’t recover. On the up side, this Solar year brings you surprising opportunities, and you’ll be able to make effective critical assessment of your activities and so know whether they’re actually taking you in the direction you want to go. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 1 Aquarius: This Solar year, through to your next birthday, you may spend a lot of time clearing out what no longer serves your aims; even when you think you’re doing something else, you will be vetting the landscape for what must go, change, or transform into a thing more useful to you. It’s all good to be so focused on what needs to change, but you’ll need to be careful not to forget relationships or your own financial needs along the way; the zealous way you pursue reform this year may hamper, rather than enhance, reaching goals, unless you keep the need for both Love and assets in mind. Good luck, Aquarius, and Happy Birthday!

19 January 2017 Disruptors



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Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach  before 1913 {{PD}}

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach before 1913 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Disruptions are subtle, and disruptors appear to carry the sanction of the social sphere or seem to have ‘the facts’ behind them–but on all sides, what we’re really seeing is a creative interpretation of the reality picture, one that encourages a sense of righteousness and so seems to convey the right to push back against what we don’t like. We’d be a lot better served by vetting the group stance against the facts in evidence (and possibly in keeping what we find to ourselves), by incorporating ‘what is’ into the dream (and so accepting and working with the reality picture), by avoiding indulgence that can deteriorate health, while showing a hearty respect for information and for those willing to take action–and if we don’t agree, we need to get up, get out, and do the same (Jupiter contra-parallel Uranus, Mars sq Saturn and Mercury parallel Saturn, Venus sq Hygeia, Sun enters Aquarius and nov Neptune)

Luigi Bazzani {{PD}}

Luigi Bazzani {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a family of ancient Rome, gathered in the peristylium (inner open courtyard) of their domus, as they prepare to leave for good. This image has some particular implications beyond the situation of a family leaving their home. As Roman culture began to lose cohesiveness (and the empire its grip on lands near and far) there came a point when the old style of house was abandoned altogether; the style, when revived later, became the template for the religious cloister. The word image doesn’t delve into why the family is leaving, and that suggests that our focus should be on the scene itself. We may be called upon to abandon something familiar, something with ‘ancient’ roots, that seemed safe, that we thought of as ‘home’, and that this leave taking is part of our spiritual evolution (as symbolized by the use of this style going from personal abode to cloister)–and this idea of evolution is valid no matter what the surface reason for moving on.

For those born with the Sun at 29 Capricorn: There’s something coming this Solar year, through to your next birthday, that will shape how you present yourself, as well as how you think of yourself, in the future. Whether this is a single event or a pressure or circumstance of longer duration, it will require you to modify the current personality, Self-image, way of meeting the world, and in doing so will alter the life course. Could I be any more vague? No–and the only further hint to what’s coming lies in something (or many things) that reflect an Aquarian nature (individuals, groups, modern methods, higher reasoning and the intellect, a capacity for understanding, high tech, philosophy, the radical or revolutionary, accidents and the unexpected or surprising). Just remember, it’s not what happens that’s important, it’s how you choose to respond–that keeps most of the control in your hands. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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18 January 2017 A Beautiful Genius



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'The Elements' JEH Macdonald {{PD}}

‘The Elements’ JEH Macdonald {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: When I talk about a beautiful genius, I don’t mean an individual or even an individual choice or thought, I mean an attitude, a viewpoint, a lens through which we observe most sharply the way beauty, love, talent, or assets sustains our rightful place, and vice versa, how our position and power may nurture the beauty all around us, especially that found in relationships. It’s the meshing of power, place, and beauty that focuses intentions and actions and takes them to a higher, inspired level. To fit this lens to our personal perspective, we’ll have to make adjustments to how we’re thinking and seeing, particularly to subtle but influential programming we have mistaken for instinct (Juno qnx Sedna, Venus nov Ceres)

Here's a fellow. {{PD}}

Here’s a fellow. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: men in kilts! How could I have gone most of my life with only a handful of these sightings, then in the space of a single day, seen three, each in a completely different place (so it wasn’t some kind of clan gathering or club of guys who like skirts!) Certainly being pant-less has been practiced in many forms for millennia, but I think right now, kilts are a thing. Look around you for something rare that you’re suddenly seeing a lot, and consider what it says about undercurrents (or under-things!) and trends in your world.

For those born with the Sun at 28 Capricorn: This year you’re faced with a difficult task: to define once and for all what your highest values really encompass, and what holding those values might require you to do. It’s imperative that you are honest with yourself; it’s also imperative that once you have nailed down your value-concepts, you take steps to make them a centerpiece in your life. Will this cause much disruption? It depends on what your values truly turn our to be. Be fearless, in assessing what matters, and in then changing your life to express this. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

17 January 2017 Foreshadowing the Future



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Joseph DeCamp  'The Blue Cup' 1908 {{PD}}

Joseph DeCamp ‘The Blue Cup’ 1908 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We undermine our own choices and actions because of our awareness of the judgment the social order may pass on us; both eyes on the target, rather than one on our goal, one on social feedback, is definitely in order. To do this we’ll need to embrace (or alternately, completely get rid of) our real-world values expressions and commitments–it’s a point when we see where our energy is really going–and by eliminating that which doesn’t reflect our highest standards, we protect and support what really matters, simply by making our energy more available to it. Loving relationships can show us what’s smart; so can money matters, oddly enough. And perhaps most important, we need to know that everything communicated at this point foreshadows our future; believe the messages both in and behind words, thoughts, and other energy exchanges, as they tell us what others (and we ourselves) will be doing, responding to, and thinking in the days and months to come (Mars qnx Jupiter, Venus parallel Pallas, Mercury trine NN, Sun opp Vesta)

Eggs of the British warblers. {{PD}}

Eggs of the British warblers. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a round of robins; on a winter morning they hop across the grass. This symbol may be noteworthy for a couple of reasons: robins are notorious for their singularity; they don’t really flock, so when there are many in one place, it’s considered unusual. They are also known for ‘listening’ for their food, rather than looking for it; they hear worms churning below ground but close to the surface when weather has been wet but the sun has returned. This image suggests 1) we may find ourselves resistant to getting together with others–but it turns out we all have a common aim, and 2) we’re going to have to listen, in all its forms, if we want a good result from our seeking–seeing and even intuiting isn’t going to be enough.

For those born with the Sun at 27 Capricorn: You’ve worked hard to right wrongs, attend to what’s been ignored, and to clean out the closets in general–so what, now? Your previous efforts have shown you that the most important thing you can do to stay on track with goals and to improve life is to find out and commit to clearly those things, people, causes that reflect your highest and most heartfelt values–so that’s what you must do this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. You’re ready, and most important of all, taking action at this time, and making choices, brings all kinds of healing, and so peace–and that’s good to hear, isn’t it? Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!



16 January 2017 Fighting Nature



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'Miranda -- The Tempest' 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

‘Miranda — The Tempest’ 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Today we find ourselves fighting Nature (or the nature of the thing with which we’re dealing), and we have to ask, Why? For some it will be the need to support the illusion of originality or independence (if these people would only remember to ask themselves, is there anything ever that’s truly new, or truly without ties? No–and that means they needn’t be so hard on themselves), for others a fear of committing resources (fear of not having ‘enough’), and for still others it’s an unthinking expression of the wound (‘I act out and lash out, because I don’t want to recognize my hurt’). Being as conscious as possible of our own and others ‘blind spots’, especially those areas we want to ignore, deny exist, or that enrage us, trusting ourselves to be strong enough to respond adequately to anything, and vowing to resist our own inclination to push back with authorities, will go a long way toward smoothing out ups and downs, and will help take us forward, rather than sideways or back (Uranus semi-sq Pallas, Mars conj Chiron and contra-parallel Ceres, Venus sesq Vesta, Sun sxt Black Moon Lilith)

This is called 'The Love Letter', but could apply to today's word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller - 'Der Liebesbrief' 1848 {{PD}}

This is called ‘The Love Letter’, but could apply to today’s word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller – ‘Der Liebesbrief’ 1848 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is hate mail. Whether it comes in a pretty perfumed envelope in snail mail or through email, Twitter, over a loudspeaker, or wrapped nicely in a passive-aggressive remark, it’s all the same: an advertisement for the nastiness that lives inside the speaker. Remember to whom that ick belongs, next time someone tries to gift you with it.

For those born with the Sun at 26 Capricorn: You’re beyond the reach of authorities this Solar year in some very important way; the only thing that can trip you up is your own propensity to ignore, deny, or become righteous over what you’d rather not see. What offers you this Super Power? A firm grounding in what’s important in your life, and a sureness about what you want to dedicate your energy to and for. Bonus hint: your mate needs to be your best friend–don’t put them, consciously or not, into the enemy camp. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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