Your Week 7-13 April 2017 Taking Measure



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‘The Lacemaker’ Joost van Geel c1650 {{PD}}

Here we are, poised at the threshold of Mercury’s turnaround, and that almost guarantees an exaggerated tension. The worst thing is that we are likely to mistake the source of our upset; the natural tendency is to look around, to try to find the source of the irritation, pinning it on something in our lives we feel isn’t going right. In this instance, though, the source is in the very air itself–or, to be more accurate, it’s amplified through material mechanisms, through the senses and the very environment itself (Merc in Taurus), so that we feel it (and maybe literally feel it, suffering from food or environment related sensitivities, in the process), maybe we’re even encased in it, so that looking outside for a logical source of tension doesn’t help, and may actually mislead us into thinking if we just handle the job or conflict or relationship or situation correctly, we can banish the upset. We can’t–and that should be a freeing thought, to know that the tension is not personal, is not aimed at you or coming from something in your life you could modify to banish it, that it just is.

On the 7th matters of role, identity, and life direction are vetted through the ambitions and goals as they stand now. A few things we need to know: our ambitions are exaggerated at this time, so that we either aim too high in the moment or see ourselves as vastly inadequate to what we want–and neither is useful, as they send our energies into less- or un-productive directions; we are (probably unconsciously) taking a stance that is contradictory to the prevailing social one, similar to that of an adolescent to authority figures, and we’re perhaps convincing ourselves that this shows our ability to think independently–but anything we adopt in reaction to the social order runs the risk of destroying our ability to respond creatively, as we’ll think we’re being unique when we’re being anything but; and, we aren’t nearly as reliable, consistent, or grounded in real-world mechanics as we believe we are. What’s going on now skews our Self-image so that it may be difficult to act in a way where we can reliably anticipate the outcome. Be willing to adjust your responses as you go along, to cooperate with the group and not hold back on what you can offer–and don’t argue with the facts, even as you must be open to applying faith in going after your goals.

Today’s word image is the number 47. Watch for it, note when it appears, use it as a marker of synchronicities and an indicator of going in the ‘right’ direction.

The 8th sees us find some difficult obstacles littering the path, and some hard truths revealed in relationships or finances. The immediate impulse is to change what we see, but we are prone to be too extreme in our editing. We refuse to succumb to illusion–but that also cuts us off from imaginative thinking. Face the unpleasant in relationships or finances squarely, and let instincts speak; it’s your best chance of wresting real-world effectiveness into a modest yet manageable form, and so creating solid choices on which to base the near-future.

Today’s word image is a mouse in the corner munching a crumbly. Have you been too modest in some area, settling for crumbs? Claim a larger stake–you are worthy of it.

On the 9th we see Mercury retrograde, at 4 Taurus 50, so that we see the period start out making us re-think our material options and choices, asking ourselves, ‘What do I think of what I have?’ but rather quickly devolving into ‘What do I do about it?’ as Merc moves back into Aries. The first aspect Merc makes in backward motion is a semi-sextile to Pallas, hinting that we are concerned, more than anything else, with what’s wise, with figuring that out, during this retro period, which lasts until 3 May.

Today’s word image is a skunk sitting in half a coconut. I know! Weird! Are there two things in your world that just don’t go together? Does one of them stink, and does that one seem to be using the other one for cover? Is someone ‘serving up’ (perhaps in some exotic form) something that appears to be black and white, but which may actually be a stinker? Inspect this fragrant duo, particularly for the way they may be presented together, but don’t actually mesh at all.

For the 10th we see action meet the authority to act, supported by a revelation or two revealed with the Merc retrograde, probably an idea resurrected or that suddenly again seems viable (we may have Saturn’s recent direction change to thank for that). We are competent and ready–so are there any issues? Yes–there’s a need to keep our eyes open for what may have been hidden from us, denied, or ignored–that’s really the only thing that may trip us up at this time.

Alfred de Bréanski c1900 ((PD))

Today’s word image is a rolling river, where big rocks below the surface create tiny, crashing falls. What along the way seems to be flowing smoothly, but instead provides small obstacles, little falls that disorient or slow? Does this suggest the need to step out of the river, for a time, or does it imply we’re not seeing/ anticipating small obstacles, which allows them to have an outsized impact?

On the 11th we need to brace for the unusual, the freak, the surprising, the shocking, the revelatory, the higher understanding, delivered by something that conflicts with our highest standards or that interferes with our priorities. We may feel temporarily disempowered–but that’s the key, we’re only off-balance temporarily.

‘Blomstereng nordpå’ Harald Sohlberg {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a field of daisies. I don’t know about you, but I think it might be soothing to just sit there for awhile.

The 12th offers a sudden or surprising opportunity to make a dream, ideal, or creative venture a reality. Well that’s spectacularly, extraordinarily nice.

Your word image today is your dream–literal or figurative–and what it says about you, right now.

For the 13th we may feel hidden currents, a kind of energy rip-tide undermining our sense of personal authority, personal power, or effectiveness of reach–and yet our standards and priorities are intact, and can be acted upon. Values guide our choices, and our moves, and as long as they do, all is well, if we can avoid being drawn into the darkness by matters we’d rather ignore–to ignore them right now is actually the thing to do. Be prepared to learn new and possibly unusual things about yourself, or about how others see you, and perhaps to revise the identity because of them.

Photo by Petr Kratochvil, released into the public domain. Thanks, Petr!

Today’s word image is a present not yet delivered to the recipient. Is there something of value, something that conveys love and caring, that you have possession of that needs to be given to another? Too often we wait for ‘the right time’ to say something meaningful–when that time is really now.

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Your Week 31 March-6 April 2017 Divided Loyalties



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No. 61 (Rust and Blue), 1953 Mark Rothko Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the 31st, it becomes a contest between our ambitions and goals and our need for power and exercise of the Will via the assistance, approval, and acceptance of others. We’ll try to find a balance that allows the most Self-expression and assertion while still keeping rewarding situations and relationships intact, and which side prevails (exerts more influence) depends on which you value more, cooperation or getting your way. The biggest issue may be, with Merc entering Taurus, that thoughts become overly cautious, plodding, or too materially-oriented, and this may especially frustrate those heavy in Air, or those Water types who find themselves awash in emotion, and stuck there.

Today’s word image is this: the concept, word, or essence of ‘indivisible’. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Is there something in your life, with which you are involved, that you cherish (or disdain), where there’s no daylight between you and that thing or person–and how do you feel about that inseparability? Do others sometimes confuse your essence with this other? Do you feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, or held back by this association? Or does this union somehow elevate you?

On the 1st the social order requires we adjust our need for personal authority so that there’s no conflict with what society demands from us–and that’s not something most of us will do willingly. Two things to navigate by: the past offers some subtly brilliant means and methods of dealing with the requests and requirements of others–use them–and listening to your inner voice of what’s wise and what’s practical will bring rewards and positives in excess of what we imagine, or even think possible.

Today’s word image is a pair of squabbling black birds. I can’t seem to get this picture out of my head. It suggests to me two alike entities in conflict, not recognizing their own likeness–and so not seeing the list of mutual interests they share, or the ways working together would benefit them–and so leads me to today’s Venus retro conjunction with Pallas, and in particular to Earth’s placement in Libra (not to mention Zeus and Jupiter together in Libra, emphasizing how ambitions get a boost, too), and all of it suggesting we find both wisdom and material benefits by calling up Venusian appreciation and cooperation.

On the 2nd we must accept changes to or the evolution of the power structure, to include the ways this impacts our own reach, territory, and prerogatives. Stick with your values and yet roll with the punches, looking for the ways these can be turned to your advantage. This calls for, as a previous President used to say, “strategery”, but with Venus entering Pisces at this point, we’ll know the worth of our dreams, delusions, relationships, and spiritual goals, so we can accurately assess shifts to life direction.

Sergey Vinogradov ‘Igraet’, 1914 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a piano. What’s your ‘musical instrument’, reading ‘musical’ to mean Self-expression?

For the 3rd it’s all about communication, specifically about resolving issues, persistent memories, or thought patterns from the past, in order to build a way forward. Once again, power is the centerpiece of what we ponder, consider, talk about, or argue over; just be aware that today each thought, communication, and exchange represents a step into the future.

Today’s word image is a frog on a lily pad. That image presents an entity in its ‘right environment’. Are you in your ‘right environment’?

The 4th entangles us in matters that test the true extent of our empowerment, the validity (for us) of our stated goals and ambitions, and denies us reward from expected or socially-sanctioned circles, only to offer it if we can follow our instincts in a healthy way. Action requires adjustment–nothing short of that will do.

Today’s word image is a silk rosette. That’s something that’s purely, indisputably decorative, with no useful function. How do you feel about things that are meant only to convey beauty? Your attitude toward the strictly decorative can reveal hiccups and blockages in your ability to receive pleasure, to enjoy the senses and Nature, and can interfere with the accuracy of perceptions by imposing judgments on others (for instance, judging negatively those who take time to adorn themselves, if you’re a get-up-and-go kind of person).


Two major astro ‘events’ fall on the 5th: Saturn stations retrograde late in the 27th degree of Sagittarius, and Mars perfects a neat trine to Pluto, both of which are direct. Here’s an edited something I wrote some time ago about what to expect from a Saturn shift in direction: “There are typically two kinds of response to a Saturn retrograde: one may feature the famous change to what we thought was solid and sure, basically a replacement of what was sure with what’s uncertain, or we may be freed-up from restrictions or containment–it can be a time of realizing that our reality is not bound in quite the way we thought it was. So, we can see either of these basic approaches (or both, as some people experience one internally, one externally). Will those ambitions and desires you’ve been working to solidify happen, or dissolve once and for all into dust? Will externals deny us, will support be withdrawn, will the rules suddenly become meaningless, will roadblocks fall, leaving the way open? Each of us must face whether we really are ready to get what we want, whether we are willing to work with or around restrictions and obstacles, and how seriously we wish to employ hard work, Self-discipline, and restraint, in order to achieve. Those matters are, really, the issues of the retrograde period.”

The first aspect Saturn makes in retro status will actually be one the Old Man receives, a square from retro Venus in Pisces, on the 8th. That suggests to me that what is removed (or conversely, what restriction is put in place) with the initial retro results (days later) in a difficult situation involving relationships, finances, and/ or matters of the Houses in the personal chart ruled by Venus. Add to this the Mars trine to Pluto, and we have a coinciding urge to act to change, transform, or destroy, probably concerning whatever it is that the retro first presented. That means, if the Saturn turnaround brought restriction, we’ll have the desire to do something to remove the obstacle, while if the Saturn retro lifted whatever had previously held us back (or manifested the results of our hard work), we’ll feel we have the power and effectiveness to move forward and implement our Will. In either case, it’s a brief period (approximately 5th-8th) when we’ll have the energy and focus to create change, overcome obstacles, or find another channel for our energies.

By User:Bye – Own work, Public Domain,

Today’s word image is a ticket from a long-ago event. Are you sentimental, keeping reminders of experiences, do you take photos, or do you rely solely on memory? If you tend to accumulate keepsakes, when you come across them, do they still have the power to evoke the event? If they don’t, it’s time to clean house.

On the 6th we may find our sense of what’s wise or practical trying to find equilibrium with what’s needed to move forward into the future. The reality is, the future happens whether we take those steps we’ve planned or not, and in every case, we really have little control over the outcome of our plans, so make sure you do what you feel is wise, because that way, you’ll know you’ve done your best.

Today’s word image is not words, but this:

By Michael Jastremski –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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New Moon in Aries 27 March 2017 Choosing the ‘I Am’



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Who needs New Moon-light, when you’ve got such splooshy stars? Edvard Munch – ‘Starry Night’ (1922–24) {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 7:57 PM PDT at 7 Aries 37 of the 27th, and makes only a few contacts: a very wide (for a New Moon) conjunction to retrograde Venus, which is in fast retreat; a wide trine to Black Moon Lilith; a square to Hygeia; and we should note, though it’s technically unrelated to the NM, that Pallas is at 29 Pisces, suggesting a state of crisis, and likely one that involves delusions, spiritual matters, or one’s place in the Collective in a ‘all the Universe vs. me’ scenario, all this mattering as it applies to what’s smart, what’s wise, what’s practical.

A New Moon in Aries asks, ‘What will you do?’ or ‘What will you be?’; that is, ‘Who are you?’, bringing up issues of role, identity, and personal initiative. In this instance, the NM may give us the feeling that if we don’t act, or choose, we may lose Love or Money. We’re given aid by the way we have access, one way or another, to matters that have been hidden, denied, or ignored by ourselves or others; suddenly having the New Moon impetus to deal with what’s been avoided or put aside may reveal resources we didn’t know we had, may shape the landscape or offer justice, especially within one-to-one relationships, and may offer choices or the opportunity to act that restores balance, perhaps unexpectedly.

But what happens when that Universe balancing chance to right a wrong or attend to the ignored is influenced by an anxious sense of inner knowing, one that feels something must be done? Our health, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, suffers, probably because our attention is on the opportunity and spurred by our own anxiety, our wish to ‘be smart’ about the whole thing. Perhaps the Sabian can add something illuminating.

Portrait of Abigael Bromfield Rogers (1753-1791), step-niece of the artist. John Singleton Copley 1783 {{PD}}

‘A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind’. Hmm. A hat is a statement, one that covers our ‘thoughts’ and signals who we are, maybe even telling others of our role, function, or status. We could dissect the heck out of this, offering all kinds of minute meanings for each element, but I think that might defeat the point: the New Moon in Aries might be much like choosing a hat. In essence, we are donning an identity with the New Moon in Aries, asserting who we are–it’s no more complicated than that.

Your Week 24-30 March 2017 Future-Oriented



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‘Surfer Girl’ by William Fulton Soare, oil on canvas, c. 1935 {{PD}}

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On the 24th our wounds, mental, psychic, emotional, spiritual, get in the way of hearing our own instincts, social feedback, ‘the facts’, as they speak; we resist input, the standards set by our own values, and the way our Self-image has been impugned by realities that have until now remained hidden, denied, or that have enraged us with their seeming inaccuracy. All this upset is most likely to come out through imbalances of power within relationships or that involve money; these trigger a sense of defensiveness or inferiority, and we’re off to the races. The antidote? Accepting that you’re not perfect–and that just because someone reflects back to you something you don’t like or that you disagree with, doesn’t mean either of you is right.

We’re in the Dark of the Moon at this point; expect more inner activity than outer–or, maybe I should say, expect inner realities to be more real than outer ones–and allow those lulls, moments of deep contemplation, and reveries to organize your thoughts and feelings for you. Sleep late or go to bed early, rest and rejuvenate–dream, ponder, or embrace silence–it’s time.

‘Still Life with Nautilus Cup’ Willem Claesz. Heda 1640 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is apple pie. Do you have a personal association with this? I do, as I don’t like apples much, and am not fond of pie; as a child this dessert always seemed like a small punishment, rather than a treat, especially because we were rarely allowed to decline (something about hurting the cook’s feelings)–so when I think of apple pie, I think of something mildly unpleasant, that I may be forced to ‘enjoy’. Obviously, few people have this particular thought around an apple pie; only you know what it means for you.

The 25th The Sun conjoins Venus while the latter appears in a retrograde state; we may get a good, clear look at lacks in the areas of Money or Love (or matters ruled by Venus in the natal chart), especially as they apply to the matters of the natal House in which the apparent meeting occurs–but we should note that at the same time, the Sun will be contra-parallel Pallas, while Venus is parallel Mercury and both are contra-parallel Juno, Venus is trine Black Moon Lilith, and Merc noviles Neptune. These contacts suggest that what we pay attention to, that is, the message we receive from all around us, may be distorted somehow, unwise or impractical to the extent that it disempowers, should we follow through on what we see or learn while in our current state of mind, and that’s key: the value of this particular set of contacts lies in the worth of what we uncover, what was previously disguised or kept hidden from ourselves; it’s what’s discovered that’s of worth, not our taking action upon it. Once we’ve processed the material, and are able to look past the impulse toward poor judgment and refuse to fix our gaze on what’s missing, we can recognize that what’s been revealed (whether we had to work for that info or realization, or it was delivered to us) is about the most useful thing we could’ve been given at this time, particularly in terms of making successful plans we can act on in future.

Today’s word image is a bluebird. Most associations, no matter from what culture they come, link a bluebird with happiness, specifically optimism about tomorrow, or an ideal situation to reach for, especially something that seems unattainable. Look for that note of optimism, that promise of something better, that harbinger right in front of you–it’s there to let you know everything will be all right.

What surprises, shocks, stirs the intellect, educates, or offers a radically forward-thinking vision today, the 26th, is future-oriented–our reaction and/ or the revelation delivered is a startling glimpse at what’s ahead for us, especially in terms of ‘reward’–but be aware that what has been shaped by our own choices and appears now is a direct result of rejecting certain elements of the past–that’s at least as important to know going forward as is what’s coming.

Today’s word image is a skull and crossbones. Poison! Pirates! What’s telling you to stay away at all costs–and you’re probably ignoring the warning?

The 27th we’re going to feel energized–it’s probably contributed to by the New Moon energy–or it may just be that we’re offered inspiration or a crack at power or making our imprint on things, and we do it. The thing is, don’t expect the reality picture to cooperate; material circumstances throw up roadblocks, or the real world simply resists our efforts–and this is due either to what we don’t (yet) know, or have ignored or denied, creating a ‘block’ of our own making, or we are potentially deceived, mislead, or so angry we can’t operate effectively. If there was ever a day to start over, to abandon dead ends and missteps, today is it, with our new start going best in the area of the New Moon.

Today’s word image is a surfer riding a wave. This figure is poised, in control of the ride, relaxed atop that powerful natural flume, using the ocean’s energy (read: the Collective) to propel her forward. What ‘wave’ is offering you a big, natural boost of energy, a means of gaining ground that you control your own relationship to and with? That’s the thing to hop on now, if only because it offers a graceful and harmonious means of propulsion, one that makes you part of and yet arbiter of a personal movement, trend, or other form of expression.

The 28th may be the day of biggest import this week, if only because instincts will be disconnected from imagination and the creative urge, and this could imply we cook up some disasters, or maybe just make some boneheaded moves, before we even realize how disoriented we are. The aspects suggest our grounds for aesthetic judgment become just a little crass, rooted in material worth, the pleasing of others, trends of the moment, or in trying to bring something new forward that is measured solely by its status as an oddity–and none of those stances are particularly productive or rewarding, because of our failure to connect with our own true tastes. What works? A type of informed spontaneity probably flows best, as our choices and actions can be truly unique and inspired when we allow them to emerge spontaneously from previously curated understanding and past intellectual exploration: the informed mind sparks the creative.

“Photo: Graeme Main/MOD” OGL

Today’s word image is a hand of cards, a Royal Flush. In many games, that’s the best hand possible. In what way in your life were you dealt a Royal Flush, and how have you used it?

On the 29th we’re set to make things happen; we’re feeling ready and able, but flaws in our Being or our perceptions can get in the way. It’s one of those times when our effectiveness is a direct reflection of our health: are we doing it spurred by pure and positive Soul energies, or is some wound, especially one rooted in our own disapproval of ourselves, the driving force? Intention is the wellspring from which all comes; today we’re required to operate without ulterior or polluted motives, in order to succeed.

Today’s word image is a fisherman who spends all day at the pier but goes home without any fish. What are we ‘fishing for’ that’s just not gonna happen? Time to acknowledge that, and move on.

For the 30th all astro-eyes are likely on the perfection once again of the Jupiter-Pluto square. This has been a shake-down of massive proportion, simply by the way facts, beliefs, rage, revenge, the social order, and change all conflict to create an unusually tenacious instability. It’s a clash that demands unlearning; it also requires we expand our ideas of power, destruction, and regeneration, breaking them, sometimes forcefully, from the old mold and asking us to accept new definitions and new forms–and this, naturally, changes our idea of ‘the facts’ and what we know. This square marks another point in an evolution of knowledge. Accept the ‘new order’, because until you do, you won’t have any idea who to believe, and with whom to partner.

That previously mentioned disconnection from our own imaginative abilities (on the 28th) spills over into today, but now we’re offered a way to access the creative spark, peripheral as the method is: let it flow through the instinctual nature. Children, those who are ill or distracted, those with lots of Pisces, dreamers, drunks, and the feral all experience a thinner barrier between conscious reality and the impulsiveness and sensitivity of the unseen; listen to them, emulate them, and/ or study them, for hints as to how that access works.

Today’s word image is a flag. What kind of flag springs to mind? Consider that a tiny Rorschach test that speaks of your view or orientation, right now.

Your Week 17-23 March 2017 Going Natural



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‘Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City’ Photo by Carol M. Highsmith, who donated her life’s work of more than 100,000 gorgeous images to the US Library of Congress for royalty-free use. Thank you, Carol!

On the 17th the reality picture pushes us to act, but there’s something we need to know: what we’re referencing as a smart choice was indeed smart, in the past; now it’s disempowering. We can’t use our minds to try to sort this out–that means it falls to the intuition, the emotions, and/ or the feedback from others to guide us today.

Photo By Sicilian – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Today’s word image is a bowl of figs. Those are symbols of Juno; look at your empowerment situation, options for conveying your Will, your personal province: are you expressing your power in the way you choose, or have you fit your power into the situation–and if the latter, how can and should this arrangement change?

The 18th we have two things that need doing: acting to improve our health, and thinking about/ communicating within our relationships (or, for some, substitute for the latter ‘thinking about expenditures, earning, and debt’). Keep the focus on your own options, choices, and preferences, rather than getting distracted by externals, including the demands of others on our time and attention.

Today’s word image is a song. Take the title to heart.

By the 19th we may be feeling like we’ve run out of options; the facts are causing conflict with our priorities and values, what we’re hearing seems to be denying us our rights, and our own negative take on things is discouraging, to say the least. The answer? Go at power, exercising your Will, and seeing to your ‘territory’ obliquely; it’s only by sneaking up on something that we can make an impact without having to contend with resistance, subterfuge, or a ‘disappearing act’.

By H. Ambrose Kiehl – H. Ambrose Kiehl Photograph Collection, Laura and Miriam Kiehl, Seattle, 1899 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a woman chopping wood. What is the zen phrase? ‘Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water’. What change did you expect that never materialized? And have you undervalued what has occurred out of disappointment? Consider that evolution brings its own benefits, and we may need to set aside expectations in order to appreciate them.

The 20th may find us visiting (or even wallowing in) the past, with our focus being all that we should have done differently. Look–we’ve already inspected what was, already been propelled along the time stream–so why not shift our thoughts in the direction of what we’ve attended to in the past that made us a success? Here’s where we access that useful kernel of truth that can help us in the present.

Bronze-age dolphin fresco at Knossos. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a dolphin. If these highly intelligent mammals had legs and thumbs, they’d surely be in charge. What’s the equivalent in your world? What threats or promises does this thing or Being offer, and how do you feel about it?

On the 21st inspiration empowers, spiritual alignment lends authority to the exercise of prerogatives, and the creative finds expression–but somehow we aren’t considering the facts, and this exerts a cost on our health. That’s a vague formula, I know–but its most likely manifestation is in a kind of optimism that prompts a euphoric disregard for indulgences or excesses that take a toll on our well-being. We know we shouldn’t, but things are going so well . . . we are tempted to, anyway. With the Sun in Aries we are likely hyper-aware that we are Self-determining; listen to instincts, as they speak without the distraction of either hope or cost.

Today’s word image is a suitcase packed well ahead of the trip. What are you preparing for, that it’s not time for yet? Could the reserved resources be better used elsewhere, at this point? Are you projecting part of your energy into the future, making it unavailable in the present? Living with one foot in a reality that hasn’t arrived may feel like being prepared to some, but in reality it can’t help but distract from where we are now.

On the 22nd we look to make the future pay off–and in focusing on what we can gain, we may kill inspiration, imagination, and genuine goals and ambitions, substituting a ‘sure thing’ (though a less desirable thing to us) in Love or Money, instead. Access your instincts (again!)–it’s the only way to balance consideration of the future with your dreams.

By Eva Rahman Nishi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Today’s word image is a topiary. This is a natural thing shaped unnaturally. What is being distorted in the name of beauty or to make it ‘presentable’, that you may want to let ‘go natural’, now?

The 23rd things suddenly get complicated, dynamic, and we may be faced with unavoidable realities that force decisions; we may feel that the smart way (that is, the way we would’ve gone) is blocked, and the mind resists change and those things it would rather pretend don’t exist. What assists us? A willingness to adjust our course, valuing our own strength, prerogatives, and those roles where we hold authority, and an openness to the spontaneous, the sudden, and the original–these factors can turn what seems like a frustrating dead end into a clever, unique, and exciting plan for the future.

Today’s word image is a little Emily Dickinson:

Much madness is divinest sense/To a discerning eye;/Much sense the starkest madness./’T is the majority/In this, as all, prevails,/Assent, and you are sane;/Demur,–you’re straightaway dangerous,/And handled with a chain

The March 2017 Full Moon in Virgo: Trusting the Self



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Annie Louisa Swynnerton (née Robinson) – ‘The Sense of Sight’ 1894 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Virgo falls on the 12th at 22 Virgo 13 at 7:54 AM PDT; it fills in a loose Earth Grand Trine with Sedna and Pluto, opposes Pallas and Chiron, quincunxes Uranus, and sextiles Vesta. The Grand Trine promises that whatever is fulfilled, concludes, ends, or reaches its apex with this Full Moon will bring a state of stability (meaning remain as it is, or as it coalesces at this point) through (get ready for the paradox!) acceptance of change and instinctive responses to it. I know! Seems contradictory to say that circumstances of transition and embrace of instincts (including instinctive understanding and knowledge) can bring about a sense of security, ease with circumstances, and a stable picture of and relationship to the environment/ material situation, but it does–and this endows us with a sense of surety, of ‘knowing’ deep within, that allows us to handle challenges related to practicality, what we would typically think of as wise or smart options, and allow us to navigate potential hurt. We may be faced with wounding circumstances or those who oppose us out of a sheer sense of superiority, who try to control us through our wounds, and we may be told we aren’t wise enough to make our own choices–and this would be oh-so-wrong. Being willing to follow our own lead is important; so is holding fast to what we honor and find sacred. We must make our choices, original or rebellious as they may be, in alignment with our values, with what we care about–and then we go forward from there.

Original caption: 1897-Lady lion tamer caged with lion. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Lion Tamer Displays His Skill And Character’. I associate this symbol strongly with the FM’s quincunx to Uranus in Aries; that is the closest major aspect the Full Moon makes. We as individuals are the Lion Tamer in our own lives; we control the whip (our Will) and chair (how we ‘furnish’ our lives), taking the lead (Aries), acting (Aries) in ways that spring from and also reveal our skills and character (Uranus). Awareness that we are the source of our own situation is vital; Self-responsibility and the roles we have taken on, willingly or not, must be (and likely will be) magnified within our own perceptions at this time, so that we can truly and completely understand and accept our part in our own creation–that is, our formulation of ourselves, and our world.

We may be overloaded on Pisces energy right now, looking for the concrete, the actionable, the thing we can hold in our hand; this Moon in Virgo delivers it to us, and your first hint that you’re dealing with the current Lunar energy may come through a criticism, a demand for accountability, a health or dietary matter, or enmeshment in the details of some issue. That’s your clue that, going forward, it’s all about You.

Your Week 10-16 March 2017 Grasping the Ephemeral



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There’s a certain amount of automatic mystery to a visitor who won’t remove their hat and veil. ‘A Friendly Call’ William Merritt Chase 1894 {{PD}}

The 10th we see a pile-up in Pisces that both sets the tone and defines the issues: Chiron, Mercury, and Pallas all meet in the 24th degree, with Pallas and Chiron joined by the Sun on the 14th, after Merc has moved on. This may play out as the offering of wisdom, the potential for healing, and illumination of the spirit-situation behind the material world, received through dreams, connection to the Collective (such as when we meditate), or in the discovery of illusions or pursuit of making Art. Merc moves on, and we see this Piscean cluster shift from thinking, mulling, reasoning, considering to, when the Sun arrives, the kind of illumination of What Is that occurs in a flash. Consciously use this influence to makes things right, heal what’s injured, and absorb wisdom–at this time, it’s in the water, so to speak. This lasts through the week.

Today’s word image is the idea of ‘small talk’. Though this can make surface encounters smoother and more pleasant than they otherwise might be, most of us aren’t too good at the kind of small talk that people cultivate in entertainment, politics, and other stressful arenas where contact is part of the job. In fact, most of us turn our noses up at light conversation, mistaking it as an indicator of shallowness when in reality it’s a skill, and a useful one in the way it allows us to interact and even open up in the briefest of encounters. It’s time to re-consider something you’ve previously judged to be frivolous or indicative of a sub-standard intellect–there’s more to it, and it’s more useful, than you previously believed.

On the 11th we can visualize precisely what we want, and our thoughts run in the direction of our best interests, and so qualify as unreservedly wise–and we see, too, that actions have direct value and, because of a need to connect with ‘the facts’, to adjust our position vis a vis the social order, and/ or because we must realign our expansion attempts, our attention goes to what it is we can do ourselves. An internal harmony is possible that allows us to proceed without social approval, and/ or allows us to adjust our own position so that social pressures or censures are lessened. The only down side to today is that, feeling as competent as we do, we may fail to heed our internal warning system, or our instincts, and so damage our cause.

Luminous yellow penguins, Prague 2010, Photo By Karelj – Own work, Public Domain,

Today’s word image is a penguin. I recently saw a cartoon where, in a vast sea of penguins, one goes up to another and, holding his flipper in midair, says, ‘I’m looking for my wife–have you seen her? About yeay high, black and white?’ What’s unique and special to us may be indistinguishable to others; keep that in mind today–it will help you avoid making assumptions in interaction.

The 12th we may receive some hard, hurtful reality checks–what we thought may not conform to What Is at all–but the good news is we see the problems with our reasoning, and we also see the best way to remedy things. The Full Moon in Virgo will follow in another post.

Today’s word image is a shopkeeper who resists selling his goods (we’re not talking about someone providing personal services, but an actual purveyor of physical items). I’ve seen this many times: someone who creates a place to sell things but doesn’t really want to let anything go–it’s more about creating a domain or kingdom and showing off what they possess. Awareness of what someone (including ourselves) wants to get out of a venture can be vital to dealing with others and circumstances successfully. This same scenario can apply to the way some people interact. What’s advertised ‘for sale’, in a sense, isn’t always what’s available–it’s the unacknowledged and unrecognized motives behind our choices that are actually on offer, every time.

For the 13th our motto, no matter who we are, might be ‘Lady Power!’ There’s strength in the feminine, in ‘being’ energies, in  the receptive. Also, Merc moves into Aries, bringing assertiveness in communications that can become aggression before we know it.

By User:LeonardoWeiss - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

By User:LeonardoWeiss – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Today’s word image is a muddy rainbow. If your ideals, your dreams, your inspirations have become muddled with shadows, doubts, and negative influences, you need to set them aside and formulate new ones. Don’t feel badly about starting from scratch–damage to our vision is meant to prompt reevaluation–the image of the muddy rainbow suggests we’ve put off that assessment for too long.

The 14th we battle our own inner resistance to being held fully responsible for our choices and our lives. Anything that’s not flowing smoothly today signals matters ignored or denied, and a fear that if we accept our own power, we’ll then have to ‘walk our talk’. Wisdom and healing can be ours; the price is full acceptance of ourselves as the origin of our life picture.

Today’s word image is a book shelf where books are arranged by color, not by subject or alphabetically. The argument for arranging things this way is that the area where the shelf stands is changed in character by the arrangement of books; that the gradation of color across the spectrum integrates the books themselves more fully into their surroundings, and perhaps creates a more psychically calming atmosphere. What shift that appears irrelevant or even illogical, if implemented, would create greater harmony in your world?

On the 15th the challenge may be to respond at an instinctual level while not succumbing to negative patterns or old hurts. It may be a matter of animal impulses vs. those things that feel out of our control (and have the nature of an insult or even assault, to us) and so are prone to prompt our least effective responses. Stay calm, and be flexible about the Path you’re on–inflexibility about perceived life direction is the very thing that may spark the unthinking animal answer to external inputs.

Today’s word image is numbers. Pay attention to the numbers you are surrounded by today–if you’re an accountant, this may be an impossible task, but for everyone else, note prominent numbers, especially if they spark another association or response. Remember, numbers represent things, and so can be symbols eliciting all kinds of associations, just like anything else.

For the 16th, if we’re willing to utilize our most unique skills, those things we are gifted at (no matter how modest the function) then we can do some truly brilliant things. Today, the mind isn’t reliable–it may be irritated by its own methods, which feel too wordy or over-thought–so that we must rely on instinct, internal wisdom, what’s practical, and what’s healthy, in judging what to do.

From a 13th century Bestiary {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a crane holding a stone. This is a common symbol in heraldry, and suggests ‘Vigilance’, since the story goes that one crane stands watch over the flock at night, holding a stone, which it will drop, waking itself, should it fall asleep. What do you need to be vigilant about? And what already has in place an ‘early warning system’ that should let you relax?

Have a wonderful week!


Your Week 3-9 March 2017 Enjoy the Moonlight



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'Moonlit Landscape' Archip Kuindshi 19th c. {{PD}}

‘Moonlit Landscape’ Archip Kuindshi 19th c. {{PD}}

3 March just enjoy the growing moonlight.

Today’s word image is actress Tilda Swinton. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea for the very reasons we should all embrace: not feeling the need to conform to others’ expectations, responding from genuine feeling and concern for others/ the planet, allowing the creative essence within to drive the existence, not fearing one’s own uniqueness (and this latter is particularly tough, since we are instinctively ‘programmed’ to feel that conformity is safety). Today, have yourself a Tilda moment: be, or do, whatever you are moved to.

4 March Venus retrogrades! Here’s something on dating during a retro, and then there’s this: “Any Venus area where we have met a dead end while she’s direct is an area prime for rejuvenation during retrograde. This means that the changed tastes and willingness to try the new and unusual in Venusian pursuits that typically surfaces during this time can be a means to re-generate a part of life that we have worn into a rut with too narrow a viewpoint, taste palette, or definition of what’s ‘right’ or appropriate for us. ‘New’ can definitely be the keyword that frees up an area and an approach leading to new relationships, experiences, and an enhanced aesthetic sense that lasts and benefits us long past Venus’ direction. The retro period can serve to modify our Venusian standards and perceptions so that they are wider and at the same time more refined once the planet appears to move forward again.” This rejuvenation is related to the House subjects where the retro occurs, which are likely very close to where Venus reversed direction 8 years ago, with the retro energy now re-visiting these topics in new form (or, sometimes, picking up precisely where they left off). And there’s also this on the current cycle.

It’s an odd mix today, as actions shape the future even as thoughts and reasoning are obscured, inspired, deluded, or steeped in deception. Opportunities and ‘luck’ come from tackling hidden, ignored, denied, or enraging matters head-on and doing one’s best–everything else simply turns in upon itself.

Too literal? By misocrazy from New York, NY - Cropped from Kipper, CC BY 2.0,

Too literal? By misocrazy from New York, NY – Cropped from Kipper, CC BY 2.0,

Today’s word image is a shack with a sign that reads ‘Red Herring’. What established thing in your life (possibly something that has a sense of ‘shelter’ about it) is actually a ramshackle distraction or misdirection–a red herring?

The 5th is a day when our physical actions and choices are highly effective in real-world terms–in shaping our surroundings, in producing material results, in stopping or containing the impact we have–and this is doubly so if our acts have spiritual or creative inspiration behind them. Just be aware: thoughts are thoroughly divorced from instinct, and in order to make things work, we must be our most reliable, by-the-book selves.

Today’s word image is a cement retaining wall with this spray-painted on it: ‘Please let me get what I want this time.’ A retaining wall holds back something, typically earth, preventing it inundating another area or collapsing beneath a structure. So, perhaps we can see this plea as requiring our own restraint or holding back in order to get what we want. Maybe we need to ‘firm up’ the foundation of something important to us. Or we can see the spray-painted sentence as the internal mantra of so many people, those who are always focused on the next thing, always believing their wishes aren’t heard or fulfilled; inevitably these people fail to see and appreciate what they have, since a good part of their Self-image is wrapped up in seeing themselves as denied. Take a good look around, beyond gratitude, and consider that singing a song that’s always got a sense of deprivation at its center simply attracts that very quality.

For the 6th, which just so happens to feature the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (their meeting when Merc is in direct motion), also shows a kind of serendipitous array of contacts that promise both a strong awareness of opportunity, the social order and its requirements, the facts, and/ or the need for more, and a clear sense of ambitions and goals. Simultaneous to that, though, is a sense that we are not empowered, and that the opportunities spread before us are, one way or another, unwise in what they offer or require us to do. Concentrate today on what’s presented whole, done, or completed, in such a way that we can contemplate a new approach or venture without actually having to take too many steps right away.

No creator info provided {{PD}}

No creator info provided {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a paper doll. Remember those? We practiced our cutting skills on these cheap, easy-to-carry-along and fun-to-change-the-look-of representations. Though wonderfully entertaining, they weren’t durable, and they had their limits as they were difficult to make stand and required some patience when dealing with clothes and accessories. What in your life brings joy but is ephemeral, and may need extra care in order to preserve?

The 7th it’s all about health, mental, emotional, and the healthiness (or lack of it) related to our choices and actions. Changes and choices made today build the future, but we are in danger of making at least some of those out of fear or a compromised sense of our own wants, abilities, and power. Kinetic energy in all its forms contains a certain genius at this time–get moving and get inspired. If you can trace ‘it’ back to a fear, don’t go forward, but if you can be confident in your integrity and aims, then absolutely move ahead.

Ilja Repin 'Apples and Leaves' 1878 {{PD}}

Ilja Repin ‘Apples and Leaves’ 1878 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an apple. What does that bring to mind? The Adam and Eve story? One a day keeps the doctor away? The story of William Tell–and are you the archer or the potential victim, with the apple on your head? Do you think of your favorite apple thing–cider, pie–or do you think of the orchards, with their delicate blossoms and their twisted trunks? In order to create the same kind of apple again and again, we resort to grafting–apples in nature are distinctly different from every tree, with no two alike. Think of the role some humble component plays in your life, and discern whether it’s a freakish natural gift, or whether it’s taken a lot of intervention and engineering just to be what it is.

For the 8th action and choice bring us power and automatically help us stake out our territory, and thoughts and reasoning are easily aligned with the highest values and priorities. The down side? We can only seem to see what’s not working with our ambitions and goals, and may spend too much energy on trying to adjust and correct, rather than pursue.

Today’s word image is a white rabbit with red eyes. When you think of a rabbit, do you think of a pet, a casserole, the Chinese zodiac symbol, Alice in Wonderland, cosmetics testing, the old-fashioned pregnancy test, the way they multiply like wildfire, how some so casually carry the rabbit’s foot for luck right up until they realize how grisly that is? Personal associations are important with this, and at least part of the meaning may lie in how often and varied have been the cultural associations projected upon the rabbit, all of which spring from how we decide to relate to this rather unresponsive and unconcerned animal.

On the 9th Mars enters Taurus, and so the Will, ego, and actions become more material and sense-related in expression. At the same time, thinking resists the facts–it may seem like too much to adjust our prejudices to reality–but at the same time we may demand sweeping change. Try to get the entirety of the psyche on the same page.

Thomas Gainsborough - 'Mary and Margaret Gainsborough, the artist's daughters' c1758 {{PD}}

Thomas Gainsborough – ‘Mary and Margaret Gainsborough, the artist’s daughters’ c1758 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is two sisters who seem to be polar opposites but are actually very much the same. Where in your life are there two elements that you’re assessing as very unalike that are in reality two peas in a pod?

Enjoy your week!

The Solar Eclipse of February 2017 Renaissance



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'The Icebergs' Frederic Edwin Church 1861 {{PD}}

‘The Icebergs’ Frederic Edwin Church 1861 {{PD}}

Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) 26 February 2017 6:58 AM PST at 8 Pisces 12

Compared to the Lunar eclipse of two weeks previous, this event is tidy, with the eclipse itself nestled by several conjoined bodies/ points: Neptune, Mercury (widely), and the South Node. This creates an atmosphere of simultaneity, where we are likely to perceive it all of a piece—and so attribute many things to the eclipse that are attributable less to the event and more to its fellow travelers. Does it matter, you may wonder? Yes and no—our experience is what’s important, but at the same time, if we want to deal effectively with what we undergo, we’d be smart to know whether something originates from the eclipse (and so reverberates through the coming six months) or from its companions, who flavor the event itself but then move on.

With a Solar eclipse in Pisces, especially one that includes sign ruler Neptune, we should expect a Renaissance. What was dreamed, or what was sought by the spirit, finally begins, and this will likely be something we are more than a little conscious of (presence of Mercury). Though liminal (that is, ‘at the threshold’, and so both known to us and influencing us without our realizing, a kind of psychic iceberg), the energy is by both nature and placement ephemeral, difficult to grasp, dream-like, and creatured with every kind of imagined thing—and yet, I used the word “Renaissance”, which describes, literally, a re-birth. Because of the involvement of both the creative spark and the mind, and the association with the past (an eclipse near the South Node point) we are likely to see a surge in what we’ve already planned, contemplated, considered, or tried previously to create—and yet it will be a new thing, taking a new form, or freshly re-imagined, sharing the aura or spirit of the past and carrying the essence of ourselves, shaped for the present.

Though Pisces is the sign of the Collective, I see this as a highly individual eclipse experience, one seated in our mentality (Mercury) and the way spirit manifests through this (Neptune); the event, though, is potentially a doorway moment for the individual to access the unseen quality of the Universe that binds us all together, and that allows the sharing of experience and sensation without physical contact. The mind will naturally put limits on this access, in an attempt to organize the creative and imaginative energies—it has its own stake in keeping us sane—as it would be unwise to seek connection with the entire Collective consciousness at once–we’re not designed for that—but we are designed to access and communicate with that consciousness carefully, even selectively, and now is our chance.

The eclipse is also semi-square Mars-Uranus, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, and falls at the rough midpoint of Juno and Ceres, forming a sextile to each. These contacts speak of the potential for personal empowerment, awareness of our own effectiveness and responsibility, and the gain of a sense of Oneness with, a balance with, and dominion over, Nature Herself; they also suggest that discomfort will likely spark spontaneity and drive action, and that we shouldn’t expect opportunities to go easily, for facts to be found or fall into place, or for the social sphere to be especially receptive to our experience or discoveries—the social will be a somewhat distant animal at this point, one we really won’t identify with, though we may feel some out-of-proportion pressure to partner with it.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1898 {{PD}}

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1898 {{PD}}

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is, ‘A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Outdistancing His Rivals’.  Though life is not, in any real sense, a race, we may with our personal processing of this eclipse feel like that lone jockey: competitive, needing to ‘win’ or prove our point, pushed by our animal nature (the horse) to race toward a goal, probably not of our own choosing. This symbol may warn us against translating what we receive from the Collective and from our creative urge directly into some worldly form or aim; it may serve to dissuade us from turning our inspiration into a commodity, or our spiritual experience into a competition, if we are listening. Don’t allow yourself to in some form ‘join the race’, at least not right away—wait for the figurative dust to settle, and the Piscean inspiration to take appropriate form, before dealing in real-world terms.

The one consistent effect I anticipate for everyone, no matter what House in the personal natal chart the eclipse occupies, is a kind of mirror effect; what is inside us will be outside, presented visually and/ or through the senses. We would be wise to not just note this, but to realize that what surrounds us at the eclipse point is what we are, as a Soul, immersed in, enfolded by, and generating ourselves. This eclipse offers us the chance to see ourselves inside out; don’t dismiss some elements as ‘wrong’ in what they show you—it’s all you.

As to the other influences for the day: Mars-Uranus is novile Neptune, ruler of it all, emphasizing the abrupt effect the eclipse may have on our actions and choices (and this is so despite the Sun being contra-parallel Mars–that only says how much we may be unaware of the depth of the eclipse’s influence); Mars-Uranus perfects, making a small Molotov cocktail related to our Will and our relationship to the group; and Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith, lending a frightening, forbidden, or angry tinge to our thoughts. We may want to ‘root out’ what’s been troubling us–don’t worry, the eclipse events will do it for us.

Please scroll down for the Weekly forecast, which includes brief summaries of what to expect each day, plus the Daily Image. Thank you–may your eclipse be magical!


Your Week 24 February-2 March 2017 The Maelstrom



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NGC 5194 Over 60,000 light-years across, M51's spiral arms and dust lanes clearly sweep in front of its companion galaxy (top), NGC 5195. Image data from the Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys has been reprocessed to produce this alternative portrait of the well-known interacting galaxy pair. They about 31 million light-years distant. Not far from the handle of the Big Dipper, they officially lie within the boundaries of the constellation Canes Venatici NASA {{PD}}

NGC 5194 Over 60,000 light-years across, ’94’s spiral arms and dust lanes clearly sweep in front of its companion galaxy (top), NGC 5195. Image data from the Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys has been reprocessed to produce this alternative portrait of the well-known interacting galaxy pair. They are about 31 million light-years distant. Found not far from the handle of the Big Dipper, they officially lie within the boundaries of the constellation Canes Venatici NASA {{PD}}

Let’s talk about this Cardinal Grand Square that’s been around for a bit, but seems to be firming up now: Pluto, Mars-Uranus, Vesta, Zeus-Jupiter. At first it seemed to me to suggest a kind of stand-off, energetically speaking, with power firmly entrenched (Capricorn), the individual Will lighting up the group cause (Aries, with both Mars and Uranus), those things we honor as things we need to protect and nurture (Vesta in Cancer), and opportunity and desire looking for a partner (Jupiter and Zeus, respectively, in Libra)–and initially it seemed these forces balanced one another with a resulting static condition–nothing moves, but everything’s charged up. But it being formed for a few days created a curious effect: it seemed no longer static, but moving, as if it flowed in a circular fashion. Change, leads to action, leads to assessing values, leads to spotting opportunity and fosters ambitions, which leads to change, ad infinitum. We can step into and out of this swirl wherever it contacts our chart, and through the mechanism of the energy (body or point) that makes contact. That contacting Cardinal energy spurs the natal one–and in no time we’re in the maelstrom. Slowing it down requires grounding ourselves through the actions associated with each step; pursuing them consciously and deliberately keeps one from being swept up in the current and overwhelmed.

On the 24th we may not be able to help ourselves; our ambitions and desires are overblown, we’re prone to Self-indulgence and speaking thoughtlessly, and all of it happens as we simply look for a way to feel empowered. We suffer from both a too-narrow Self-focus and a sense that to uphold standards is to kiss opportunity good-bye–not so. The best approach is one that shows restraint, that respects the rules and structures currently in place, and that puts hard work ahead of short cuts. It’s not glamorous, but what results if we hold back is something truly worth having, that has the bonus of not leaving carnage in our wake.

Today’s word image is someone carrying a bowling ball, who is unable to put it down. What’s your bowling ball? That is, what’s your freakishly heavy burden, voluntarily picked up but from which you now can’t find a way to part? Freedom from the burden only comes with your own effective release, achieved by letting go of the idea that you must first perform expiation.

For the 25th change and how smart it is (or isn’t) is front and center. Like yesterday, we’re separated in some important way from our own creativity, the kind of adaptability that would normally spring from our imagination and allow us to adapt to circumstances in unique and productive ways; we are instead stuck thinking about how we can wrestle desire, fanciful or unrealistic ideas, and inevitable evolution into some shape we can handle, and with luck, benefit from. Thinking about what to do is healthy–it may be the only way we’ll get any purchase on events–but we may be too shy of the past to see the benefits of lessons learned and relationships left behind, and we may be too dependent on opportunities conforming to us to realize the only real opportunities we’ll get are those that will demand we conform to them.

Today’s word image is thirst. Though it may seem like an appetite, it’s actually a genuine need. What are you mistaking as greedy that’s really about survival?

The 26th will be covered in the Solar eclipse post to follow.

Thinking is a bit destructive on the 27th, in spite of the way, if we focus on the possible profits in every situation, we’ll see how the past has taught us to get the most from the present. Focus, in fact, aligns with the creative essence and makes a fount for those who home in. Just like yesterday, be ready to accommodate opportunity and ambition fulfillment with what they call for, rather than with how you want them to be.

'Hirsche im Winterwald' (Deer in a Winter Forest), A. Thiele 1874 {{PD}}

‘Hirsche im Winterwald’ (Deer in a Winter Forest), A. Thiele 1874 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a deer in the forest, pausing to listen. We should, too, as something may be sneaking up on us–and if we’re still, we’ll hear the rustle and snap as it makes its way toward us.

For the 28th we may question or even reject our own highest values in direct proportion to how empowered we feel; the more empowered, the more likely we are to think our own standards can be safely bent or broken. Not so. Note, too, that instincts aren’t trustworthy at this time; the ‘blind spot’ almost guarantees a screw up, so go instead with the tangible and the measurable, but everything else set aside for later.

Today’s word image is a folding knife with a beautiful antler handle. Do you believe that utilitarian things should be beautiful? If so, do you follow this precept in what you buy, invest in, create, and surround yourself with? If not, is it because you consign different things to different categories, perhaps believing that the useful must be modest or plain, without using resources unnecessarily in creating them? Do you object to the use of animal products in making the knife, and if so, is this posturing or do you follow through in all areas of your own ‘consumption life’? Do you think beauty (and so Art) is frivolous? And if you do, how much of a dissonance does this create in you when you see and respond to a work of Art?

On the 1st of March Creativity Reigns–but will that be a creative urge that translates into manifestations of ideas and inspirations, or into spinning deceit, illusion, or the entanglement of confusion in your approach and responses? There’s a genuine possibility that we won’t be able to tell the difference–so do your best to find a concrete outlet for the creative spark–that way you can easily see the result.

Strength and power are vital and easily accessed, especially via the anima and its related energies: receptivity, being as a state of action, nurture, acceptance. Independent thinking aligned with one’s highest values brings opportunity and a chance for ambition realization–so make the most of this.

Vincent van Gogh - 'The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Winter' 1883 {{PD}}

Vincent van Gogh – ‘The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Winter’ 1883 {{PD}}

Word image for the 1st is an old tree, uprooted by a gentle wind. That’s not possible, is it? It is if the tree’s roots died months ago from drought. What matter that feels established and permanent, venerable and sturdy, is already for all real purposes dead?

The 2nd we focus on perfection of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. This creates a kind of solid fulcrum, hard as bone, off which other energies will swing, bounce, hinge, or hang. It’s a dynamic Cardinal connection that bisects the flat chart and connects for the individual both the Houses across which it stretches (Aries and Libra) and the Houses these two planets rule (those holding Sagittarius and Aquarius). In the most general terms, it’s likely to create unexpected opportunity or a chance event that stirs concepts surrounding the individual’s position within ‘the group’, as well as the relationship to ‘the facts’ and including a ‘reliability factor’ (or unreliability factor, as the case may be)–and spreads out from there via the other aspects in play and the way this opposition connects with the nativity of each person.

The atmosphere surrounding the Cardinal opposition is one of sudden events triggered, fortuitous or calamitous, and promises thinking too focused on power acquisition or on getting others to do as we say, which ends up sabotaging our own actions and wants, and drawing on factors from the past, most of which need to stay there. It just doesn’t pay to take matters into our own hands. Allow serendipity to do the heavy lifting. Though actions seems called for, the key may be to allow the facts and opportunities to surface and be made evident on their own.

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