In the dream I am riding a motorcycle, very very fast, racing with another rider who is on my left, but he is unable to catch me. The road is little more than a blacktop path; there are trees on either side, small pines and brush, and it’s as if I can hear people talking, like I’m wearing a headset or bluetooth. I’m flying along and realize there is a river that crosses my path. It runs through the bottom of a very deep canyon, and I know that I have to try and jump, even though as I approach I can see that there is literally no way to land on the other side; the ground is much higher there, with a sheer rock face. I know I must jump, not because I can’t stop (though that would be hard), but because I realize that I want very much to know what will happen. I drive at full speed toward the gorge, and the voices are telling me that there is a way to land successfully; there is a rock extension that juts into the gorge and is invisible until you are practically on it. They say that it’s known as ‘The Hand of God’ and they show me (as only dream voices can!) that it looks like a giant hand, palm up. I think that I will make the leap of faith, just like Indiana Jones when he steps over the abyss and finds a rock bridge. I soar into the air and am able to hang there, searching for the hand, but can’t find it. I somehow seem able to land, though, just short of the other side, without falling into the water, but I’m aware that I don’t really know what happened. The man I’m racing doesn’t fly very far before he tumbles into the river.

I woke up thinking of Neptune, and a quick inspection shows it currently at the midpoint of Chiron and the North Node. It could certainly represent my dream ‘flight,’ perhaps as the inspiration to attempt something that calls for both unique skills (Chiron) and that is part of the destiny, literally the river of life. When I check my own chart for current transits, I find indications that this is about bringing something forward within myself, with Chiron, Neptune, the North Node, the Moon, Uranus, Vesta, and Venus all within my 1st House at present. I also noted, all within one degree orb, Vesta exactly conjunct my natal Moon (the sacred and the emotions/ intuition, perhaps applying to the work, as the Moon rules my 6th); transiting Earth conjunct my Sun (a reverse of my natal axis, offering a Soul and Material Purpose assessment as to how well each is serving the other); Saturn conjunct Pluto (and this is echoed by the transiting trine–best encapsulated by the phrase ‘inevitable change,’ and brings together my 12th and my 9th, the broadcasting of the unconscious, bringing that material out where I can deal with it); Mars square Jupiter (action urge and ego needs conflicting with the requirements of the social arena–this combo also marries my 2nd, 10th, and 11th, bringing together Self-image, income, career, and what I offer the world, with the square suggesting these are at odds); and Ceres opposed the Midheaven, perhaps pitting the internal authority against the public Self.

What does this spell for me? It suggests a rough road in terms of reconciling particular needs, wants, and functions, but I’m thinking the dream is pointing the way out, through the inspired use of skills that move me forward (Neptune, Chiron, NN). Finding new expression that is both personally satisfying and furthers my work or career seems to be the paramount challenge, with some reconciling of the Ceres authority with the public persona–balancing the internal nature goddess with role I play here, on the internet. But what might this dream mean for everyone else? My sense is that taking the inspired course is what a lot of us need right now, trusting that both guidance and the loving hand of God will be there to catch us. It’s not so much that we need to take a leap of faith, as it is that we need a leap of faith centered in our own ability to rise to and meet the challenges presented, that will bring a new level of fulfillment to one personally and publicly. Has anyone else taken a ‘leap’ lately? What special skill did you call forward in taking the ‘leap’? What inspired you? And how did you reconcile the requirements for private, ego, and personal needs with what your public role or career demands of you?