One can’t help but be curious about how the wealthy of the world handle the kind of financial meltdown that’s happening right now. I previously mentioned missing billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett once before here on the blog https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/?s=steve+fossett and now an array of identification and some torn clothing have been found by a hiker near Mammoth Lakes, California http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26976119/?GT1=43001 I should add that I was living nearby the spot from which he took off the day of his disappearance (from Barron Hilton’s ranch in Yerington, Nevada) and I lived previously in Mammoth Mountain, where the items were found, and the distance is considerable; when we factor in how quickly contact was lost with Fossett, and where his last known position was, the finding of these items, in this spot in the mountains, only adds to my incredulity. And let me just say, I’ve from the get-go found this case to be fishy fishy fishy; so I finally took a look at Mr. Fossett’s natal chart (22 April 1944, 1:58 AM CWT, Jackson TN USA) and transits on the day of disappearance (3 September 2007). First a little background on Mr. Fossett, and then I’ll share with you some of the more interesting transits and progressions active on the day he vanished.

Fossett made his billions (yes, with a ‘b’!) in options and futures trading; in other words, he did very well at a confidence game involving persuading others to pay for abstracts, some of which have not even happened/ been produced yet! Now that takes nerve. Married risk-avoider and homebody Peggy Viehland in 1968. Became a compulsive achiever in individual, high-level sporting accomplishments; holds many records, including being the first to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon (which took 13 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes, for the curious!) Is also an accomplished mountain climber, summiting on 6 of 7 continents, has completed the Iditarod (an extremely rough long-distance dog-sled race in Alaska), the Boston Marathon, multiple ‘Iron Man’ triathlons, and swam the English Channel (I wonder how the French feel about that name?) So, this is someone who has a remarkable amount of stamina, persistence, is in consistently great shape, and has a knack for planning and preparing.

Now some of the more interesting transits of the day; see if they spell anything out for you. T Juno at the Moon/ Sun midpoint; chart ruler Saturn sextile by Solar Arc from the 7th natal Vesta in the 5th (risks and gambles); SA Juno sextile N Venus; SA Pluto opposed N Juno (do you see it yet?) T Ceres conjunct Pallas in the 4th; T South Node just past conjunction to N Chiron in the 7th; T Saturn at 00 Virgo (under stress in a new sign, one that encourages detail work, records to be examined, that demands concrete results); T Venus exactly conjunct N Jupiter (uniting the rulers of the 4th, 9th, and 11th). T Moon was in Gemini, at some point that day passing over natal Uranus in the 4th, which rules intercepted 1st and 1st House Neptune. And it’s important to note that in November of 2007, just over two months after Fossett’s disappearance, his wife Peggy petitioned the court to declare him dead, and this was fulfilled on 15 February this year; I cannot, even for the sake of financial expediency, which this woman almost certainly was not in need of, imagine going to court so quickly to declare my partner in life definitively gone.

Does this suggest anything to you, gentle reader? I don’t mean in any way to disrespect the pain any of those involved may have suffered; and the truth is, I have no idea what may have happened here. But the transits bring a couple of cheeky (and possibly offensive) alternatives to mind. Do you note the same theme of female power here that I do? The most prominent possibility that occurs to me is that Fossett faked his death with the full knowledge of his wife; if I were to judge by the transits alone, I would say she masterminded it, even insisted on it! Why he might have found this necessary is, I think, contained in Saturn as both chart ruler and at its transiting place of 00 Virgo, but the why is impossible to judge without a much broader knowledge of Fossett’s personal and financial situation–and somehow I think all the bases there are thoroughly covered, in the sense that outsiders get nary a peek. What Would Steve Fossett Do? about the ongoing financial crisis–I guess we’ll never know.

UPDATE: Will I have to eat my words concerning the fate of Steve Fossett? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26976119/?GT1=43001 Not yet, at least; no body was found in the crash. It’s still too tidy for me: high impact crash in the remote Sierra, carefully strewn identification and cash, and a single piece of torn clothing–it’s more like bad set decoration than evidence. If and when Fossett is found, I will apologize for my hubris, and then I’ll pose that other question: with all the energy of female strength and control active in Fossett’s chart the day of his disappearance, must we then consider foul play? Time will tell.

FIVE MINUTES LATER: Now where did this magically come from? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26566178/ It says in essence that Fossett’s plane was seen heading east (toward the ranch, and away from the direction of Mammoth) shortly before he was expected back, and that it was flying under one hundred feet, which implies imminent landing. All I can do at this point is comment concerning the whole matter; I’d like to paraphrase the immortal Judge Judy in making my case: If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably a lie. The question now seems to be, what is a lie (or a mistake, or misinformation), and what reflects reality?

I’ll keep watching this story–check back for updates.