Just a reminder that, in these tough times when so many of us are looking for effective guidance, we must remember that most basic of admonitions: seek advice from those who really know. Sometimes we lose the logical connection during a Mercury retrograde; we forget that the proof is in the ‘life pudding,’ so to speak. Does it make sense to ask for relationship advice from someone who can’t sustain one? or to ask financial advice from someone who can’t make a living? how about health advice from someone who is not able to resolve their own health issues in a timely way? No, it doesn’t make sense at all; but we can easily forget this in the midst of Mercury retrograde, when we feel a lot of pressure to decide, get things done/ going, to make up our minds; this might be an especially pressing issue for those experiencing a hard transit from Mars right now. If we use our intuition in seeking advice, we’ll do well–as long as it’s truly our intuition speaking, and not our agitated and frustrated mental faculties as they struggle against the retrograde tide.

Are we requiring perfection of those who offer guidance, formally or informally? Not at all; nor should we–learning comes through experience. But to seek, say, financial advice from those struggling to make ends meet makes no sense–if one can’t do ‘it,’ whatever it is, for themselves, then how can they advise others? It’s the same in any area–would you call an electrician to handle a plumbing problem? You see my point. (This also implies that the individual has some asset they could and probably should exploit, that’s being ignored in favor of something else, likely something that is feeding the ego, and little else).

What about those who offer advice but are not truly up to the task? I have a theory about what people choose to do in life: they either choose to do something they’re really good at, or they choose to do the very thing they actually need done for them. I realized this when I met a nurse who desperately desired nurture from the Universe; and she wasn’t a very good nurse!

This doesn’t mean that we avoid learning new functions, or that we only undertake what we are already competent with; it does mean that we don’t ‘practice’ on others until we are very clear about ourselves.