. . . or am I? Adventurer Steve Fossett’s remains have been positively identified, according to published reports http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27523123/?gt1=43001 (See my previous speculation about the missing maverick as to why I might now have to reverse myself). But, stubborn as I am, something in me just doesn’t accept this at face value. With the announcement of positive id today from bones found in the recently located wreckage, we see Mercury, purveryor of all communications and information, at the midpoint of Juno/ Ceres= powerful women (again!) calling the shots, perhaps between them controlling the information flow; Mercury sextile Pluto= the announcement meant to destroy gossip and speculation (which is certainly where my own theories lie!); and Mercury opposed Vesta= we’d better take that announcement as sacred, and back off!

The Grand Square currently active (Uranus, Venus, Pallas, and Saturn) suggests nothing to me so much as a closed circuit of wealth contained, and containing, group think, repressing, insisting on ‘guiding,’ springing definitive knowledge of ‘the bones’ on us, to put the story, and Mr. Fossett’s memory, to rest–and yet, only those within that closed circuit, that Grand Square, know what’s what in this case. Pay no attention to that astrologer behind the curtain–she’s just implying, implying, she’s got nothin’!

Okay, powerhouse ladies Ceres and Juno, you win, for now; no more speculation, no more theories of a death faked, a life escaped. But I’ll keep my eye on things, just the same!