I went an entire week without asking you a single question, but I’ll mend my ways today, with a brand new poll. My experience over the weekend brought the transiting Nodes to my attention in a big way, and I want to hear about what may have happened in your life when the transiting Nodes touched important planets and points in your natal chart. For me this weekend, the Nodes brought forward intense memories, and I really didn’t anticipate this; but once I looked at the aspects, I realized how big their effect can be.

My husband and I drove down to Eugene, Oregon to check on our house, which is for sale (great timing, no?) As we came to the edge of town I felt a heaviness settle on me; it was almost palpable, and repeatedly through the weekend tears welled up as I recalled one sadness or another that had happened during our eight and a half years there. This was a huge surprise to me, as I’d really loved our time in Eugene; but as an astrologer, I had to wonder what this sudden effect might correlate to. I hadn’t really been paying attention to transit activity to my own chart, but as I pondered I realized that the transiting Nodal axis is square my natal axis. On returning to Seattle and my computer, I gave it all a closer look.

On pulling into town on Saturday the transiting Ascendant was square my natal Moon, and the current Pisces Moon was Void at 29 degrees; with these measurements, an emotional wallop was not a surprise, even though, in the moment, it certainly wasn’t what I expected (a Void Moon can be defined as just that, bringing unexpected progress and results–I’m assuming this was the trigger for the flood of memory). At the same time, the transiting South Node was four minutes from exact to my natal 6th House Uranus, ruler of my Ascendant, and was trine my natal Saturn. This put the North Node one degree twenty-five minutes from conjunction to my Chiron in the 12th, and the transiting axis was 15 minutes from exactly square to my natal Nodal axis. Also of note at less than one degree from perfection were transiting Saturn opposed natal Moon, and transiting Earth conjunct/Sun opposed natal Juno.

My mind was preoccupied the entire weekend with the negatives and heartbreaks of our time there, and in looking now I suppose this was shown by the activity to my Moon (as well, Solar Arc Pluto is quincunx my Moon, only adding to a long-term purging and transforming effect), though I think the real marker was the Nodal contact. In looking back at other contacts of transiting Nodes to the natal Nodal axis I haven’t found anything like this, though I have noticed a pattern of tension and life shake-ups coinciding with hard contact, usually tensions that kept me preoccupied with life in the moment, and allowing a minimum of time for examination and reflection. So, I want to ask all of you:



And try this if you are a fan of modern ‘drip’ Art, if you like to take the Rohrschach test, or if you’ve always secretly enjoyed a spill of ink on crisp clean paper http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ (please copy and paste). I got a real sense of freedom in moving the cursor around the screen; the stark, high contrast of black spotches on a white field reminded me a bit of fingerpainting as a child, the same oops and fascination with watching how my movements made the paint take on shape.

Have a great Monday!