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Now, let’s talk a little first about what I have to sort through to put ‘What You’re Asking’ together. I’m not talking about searches using keywords that don’t make an explanatory concept; that’s understandable, and an efficient way to look for connections. No, I’m talking about queries that show unclear thinking, and perhaps an imperfect understanding of what’s being sought. In fact, these show such a lack of clarity (for instance, “Cancer in Leo”–huh?) that I have to skip considering them altogether. I guess what I’m saying is that if one doesn’t have a clear idea of what is being asked for, then one has little hope of finding anything that makes sense–and if one is trying to learn about astrology, nothing beats establishing a firm foundation (such as the difference between planets and signs, what planets rule what signs, what an aspect is) before chasing concepts that are in essence nonsense. Of course, it’s no matter to me if these searches continue–just thought I’d offer a word to the wise. As well, searches such as “When will the Moon be in the 7th House” leave me mystified–do they mean their natal 7th, in which case they should be looking for the dates when the Moon will be in that sign, or is there a misconception that the 7th House in place at that spot in the current moment means something to the individual? Again, a thought that your best results come from knowing precisely what you’re asking for in the first place.

Now, on to what we’re here for! There were lots of queries related to the meaning of particular Moon positions and certain subjects; here are the best of these:

What does the Moon in the 1st say about the mother?

Excellent question, as the symbol for the mother falling in the House of Self as we present to the world naturally suggests she may have a big influence on our personality, and our way of conducting ourselves, especially upon first encountering someone or something, in life. What we tend to see, in the most general terms, is a confusion of mother’s issues with our own; with some maturity, we may begin to ask ourselves, does Mom feel that, or is that what I feel? Emotional closeness to the mother is definitely present; it can be debilitating or even destructive if we are unaware of the influence she has exerted, or if we are enmeshed and are being used, one way or another, to provide emotional sustenance to Mom. We can get a lot of information from the sign this falls in, and as well, we can see how Mom views the 1st House Moon offspring by inspecting that sign in her chart. A 1st House Moon in Pisces, with Pisces on Mom’s 7th, might hint that there is a lack of appropriate emotional boundaries, and that the mother feels it’s quite natural (even a right) to fuse her own emotional state with the child’s. In another instance, a Taurus Moon in the 1st, with Taurus on Mom’s 3rd, could say that the emotional sharing the mother engages in with the child is a form of communication, likely imparting values and material standards (Venus rulership, Taurus). With a 1st House placement I have often seen the child feel they must provide emotional security or ‘happiness’ to the mother, sometimes at cost to their own well-being, though with this manifestation there is no suggestion that the mother asks for this, unless sign and House relationships say otherwise–it is offered by the child, who sees it as appropriate. Aspects will also have some say; for instance, a 1st House Moon in Capricorn square Saturn in the 4th says quite clearly that Dad probably plays a big part in Mom’s emotional life, and also in that of the child, perhaps to the point of being overwhelming, with the square suggesting that the influence might have been repressive in some way for mother and offspring, with the potential to put up barriers between mother and child, for the comfort of the father. In any case, 1st House Moon is sensitive, and often begins life with the emotions showing ‘on the sleeve’; and it usually takes some time for differentiation of the emotional state from the mother’s influence to occur.

Are health professions connected to Moon in the 6th House?

Usually I refuse to draw such simplistic assessments as equating any single placement with a particular talent or professional area, but 6th House placements in relation to the health professions are the exception that proves the rule. Consistently I’ve noted 6th House placements tieing the individual to the helping professions in some form; with the Moon, obvious manifestations are nursing, caregiving, dietician, therapist, social worker, and less obvious (and, as with everything, relying on other supportive indicators) such as psychic, manufacturer or preparer of dairy products or dairy farmer, addiction counselor, child advocate (such as those who represent children in the courts), or stylist (the quick changes of the Moon suggesting an ability, when in the 6th, to read and respond to everyday trends).

With other energies in the 6th, we can also look for the ways these connect to health and helping professions, and consistently we will find some kind of link. Uranus, for example, might suggest one who helps/ guides with the intellect, aids by or using technological or social innovation, or who works with the healing or function of the nervous system and brain; the Sun might be a heart specialist, symbolic or otherwise. So, yes, I do see a connection between Moon in the 6th and health, healing, and helping professions, but the forms this can take are numberless, and the essence of the helping individual, a caring attitude, can literally fit any profession existing.

 And, with the 6th House still in mind, we see another query: What indicates ability to heal others after a near death experience?

This, of course, would be a very specifically individual signature, largely shown by particular natal placements triggered by Solar Arc or tertiary progression, or possibly secondary progression–and again, there’s no special placement that shows this potential, but I have described the ability to heal in the chart of one who could (Ellen Yoakum) and in one who portrayed this in the movies (Ellen Burstyn), both of whom have 6th House Moon https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/natal-moon-in-the-6th-house/

One thing I would say about healing ability and a near death experience: a near death experience does not change who we are, it changes how we see things, our viewpoint, our perspective–so potentials were there all along, or not at all, one is not suddenly endowed with special abilities or powers because of an event. There is also the danger in just that, in seeing an ability, any ability, as special–not only is this inaccurate, it promotes a doctrine of ‘betterness’ and a mentality of separation, neither of which is present in a true healer.

I had a number of searches that centered on music, such as What indicates musical talent in astrology?

With any talent or ability, we must understand that expression of potentials occurs because of an auspicious confluence of interest, opportunity, ability, persistence, all of which may or may not converge with a ‘right place, right time’ that allows one to concentrate on and develop the talent even further. So, talents are often best delineated from their life expression back to the chart, as many potentials that exist in the chart may never see the light of day. That said, traditionally Neptune is associated with music, so we would perhaps start our search, in a very general way, there. We might also look to Neptune in contact with Saturn (giving form, and perhaps showing performance or recording), Venus (beauty), and Mercury (writing), a connection to the Sun (suggesting Neptune as part of the Soul plan), and connections to the 7th House might be appropriate, for featuring the audience and connecting the Neptune to a public or open forum/ expression. And of course, there are all the other sensibilities that might come into play, such as Pluto with ‘Death Metal’ and Chiron with the torch song genre.

And someone searched simply Opera Voices + astrology, and for this we would likely look for big, dramatic expression, and a classic connection to Taurus (voice) would be in order. See a consummate professional’s chart and assessment here https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/she-finds-her-voice/

Have a wonderful and safe New Year celebration–see you next year!