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Hello from sunny (but cold!) Seattle, with another installment of ‘What You’re Asking,’ the astrology ‘q and a’ gleaned from some of the many search terms that lead seekers to this site. Let’s get started!

What do I do with a 12th House stellium?

I feel your pain, I really do–the 12th is hard enough to understand without having a gaggle of energies hiding out there from birth. The approach to the 12th, whether one has something posited within or not, is found in the sign on the cusp; the methods used are keyed to the 12th and can be active or passive, but must in any case marry a 12th House form with some facet or attitude of the cusp sign. For instance, Capricorn on the 12th, with Jupiter in Capricorn within, might offer us a way in to the subconscious and to our connection to the divine/ the Collective through disciplined (Cap) practice of meditation (12th)–then we access Jupiter via the matters of the House it rules, in this case likely the 11th, which might bring in goals, friends, group membership, dreams and wishes (of the life or material kind). By practicing the spiritual (12th) discipline (Cap) of meditation (12th) we will help to funnel those trapped Jupiter energies that need to expand, learn, teach, and venture out by attempting those things in 11th House forms, so perhaps teaching a class on meditation and reaching out, in accessing dreams and wishes through the subconscious, or perhaps through the dream life (another 12th House area). There are many many ways potential combinations can play out, so it takes some study and maybe trial-and-error, to find what works best for you.

When there is a stellium here, the logistics may seem insurmountable. Since the point of the 12th is to give us a window both into our own subconscious, and to link us to the Collective in a way that holds no boundaries, we can best hope to reach a stellium by concentrating on an active manifestation of the 12th. This would involve something that is quite conscious, not the passive system of meditation or dream journals, synchronicities or symbolisms, if applicable coupled with attention to the planet ruled by the posited body, that will serve when one has only one or no planets posited there; instead we would observe our involvement with large institutions, perhaps even seeking out a role within them (hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, large conglomerates, international organizations) or in the volunteerism that puts a Collective good before individual interests. We try these things in the tone or style of the cusp sign; so, for example, Virgo here might call us to do some kind of detail work, inventory or accounting (and Pisces on the 6th suggests we might fit nicely into the everyday world of one of those 12th House institutions)–or, with Aquarius on the cusp, we might pursue a form of teaching or study, union or group leadership, innovation in how these institutions function, or in the invention of ‘new, better’ ways of doing things connected to these subjects.

How then, you ask, do we actually get a handle on the stellium? Here we are, volunteering, or getting our degree in prison dynamics, or running a sleep institute, and we’re still not sure how that cluster of, for example, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all fit in. The next step is in defining what parts of the life these features rule (by looking at the subjects of the Houses they rule), and then considering what it’s like to keep the identity and Soul Purpose, the communication function, the aesthetic, relationship, and financial values, and the ambitions and fears, all under wraps, with their only outlets those Houses they ‘own,’ or through aspect relationships, where they can as easily mess things up as express due to the unconscious nature of their placements (I didn’t say this would be tidy or easy!)

So, the short answer to your question of what to do with a 12th House stellium is to dig it out however you can, and to do so as consciously as possible; the long answer, where we plot all the tentacles of the stellium as they reach out into the psyche and the daily activities, can take a lifetime.

How do I move forward with a Scorpio North Node?

One very effective way is to adopt the positive qualities of the North Node’s sign when planning goals and looking to the future. With Scorpio, this asks us to open ourselves to what others may prefer to leave hidden, to seek ‘the Truth,’ to be willing to deal with some form of the used, the damaged, and to assist transformation and re-birth. An effective attitude might be to think of oneself as a spiritual midwife of sorts, showing how to bring new life from the ancient and primal within. See Donna Van Toen’s excellent book, THE ASTROLOGER’S NODE BOOK http://www.amazon.com/Astrologers-Node-Book-Donna-Toen/dp/0877285217/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1232465425&sr=1-1 for details for all signs.

What is tertiary progression?

Simply put, it’s a day-for-month symbolic method of natal chart progression, where each ephemeris day from birth on represents one month in the life. Can be an interesting timing mechanism, as elaborated on by Richard Houck in THE ASTROLOGY OF DEATH http://www.amazon.com/Astrology-Death-Richard-Houck/dp/0964161257/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1232465634&sr=1-1  Don’t let the title put you off–this is a fascinating examination of timing methods, particularly about what ‘sets off’ a natal point or eclipse pattern.

What’s a trine, what’s a square?

A trine is an aspect degree as measured in the flat chart of 120 degrees, and generally represents an ease of exchange between the two energies. This can facillitate positive expression, or act to enhance a laziness or out-of-control quality that can make a trine any ‘easy downfall’ aspect. For instance, a trine between Venus and Jupiter can make for an expansive love nature, extreme generosity, easy projection of willingness to partner, a love of learning or teaching, and so on, but it can also make for a spendthrift, exaggeration of the importance of relationship, or for a major capacity for indiscretion, to name a few.

The square is a similarly determined 90 degree aspect that suggests conflict between two energies. It can be very helpful because it insists one deal with the disparities of expression, but can also show a basic dissonance that can be very hard to overcome. So, a square between Mercury and Mars can make for aggressive speech and thoughts that require one pull back and learn to moderate assertion, but can also create a volcanic temper that may be hard pressed to find another outlet for the Martian urge.

Does Mercury in the 8th House mean death?


I have Mercury in the 8th natally and it hasn’t killed me yet. So if you mean, does it indicate death eventually, then, I think we can safely say that of any placement! And if you mean, does transiting Mercury in the 8th mean death, then ‘no’ to that too, as no one would live more than a year if that were the case! Also out are progressed, directed, and Solar Arc Merc as death indicators in the 8th.

metrosexuality little arms

I’m truly speechless at this–I have no idea how this query led to my site, though I suspect it had to do with aspect ‘arms’ that are sometimes mentioned. All I can say is, good luck with whatever you’re looking for!

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And have a great inauguration Tuesday (here in the states) or regular Tuesday (everywhere else!)