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Starting tomorrow, February 25th, and lasting through March 29th, Uranus in Pisces forms a sesquiquadrate with the Leo South Node. A sesquiquadrate suggests we will experience a long-term adjustment, an irritation that seems to go on and on, related to the current role of transiting Uranus in our chart, and to the South Node. What we will likely find centers in a scenario of continuing upset springing either directly from our past or from those things we believed we’d already handled, and they will disrupt our individual innovative and creative expression, our role within the group, or both. Considering the signs involved, it may be a case where matters are presented as either ‘we do it for the group/ Collective’ (and that’s judged to be ‘good’) or ‘we do it for ourselves’ (with the implication that this is inherently ‘bad’). The most important thing to keep in mind is that we must choose and perform in such a way that we can exorcise the past while being true to what we as individuals choose–in this instance, consideration for the interests of the group can and should be secondary.

And now, a little ‘What You’re Asking’:

How long will Saturn oppose Uranus?

This pairing will move back out of and then into orb again several times before finally separating; the last exact opposition occurs at 00 degrees 25 minutes of Libra and Aries on 26 July 2010, with any leftover effects swiftly diminishing thereafter. The good news is that by then we will have been living with the opposition’s effects for so long that we will likely have long ago developed ways to accomodate its influence; the bad news is that once it goes the chances to reform old structures and strictures will be gone, as will the chance to make solid our inventions and our most original creative ideas. Ending in the Cardinal Libra and Aries also suggests that its final influences will be notably swift, sure, and in a much different vein than those of the Virgo/ Pisces time period. Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries suggest we could see solid new partnerships and perhaps martial revolutionary action before it’s all said and done.

How are Mars and Neptune alike?

At first glance this might seem like an odd and unanswerable question, but when I thought about it I realized that if nothing else they have strength of Will in common. Mars is known for his Willfulness, the ego ready to push his way to the front of the line, the Warrior who doesn’t hesitate to fight, and usually for a cause from which he benefits. Neptune is often characterized as soft, wishy-washy, illusive–but I think that’s protective covering for enormous drive to make the dream or ideal a reality. Even in its more negative manifestation, the strength of Neptune is impressive; it takes a tremendous Willpower to create and maintain a fantasy, a deception, or an escapist pursuit, and successfully shut out the world entirely. And when the two connect in the natal chart, we can be looking at one of the most persistent, determined, and yes, stubborn combinations around, if only because so much energy is devoted single-mindedly and with complete faith, to those Neptunian subjects.

Can a person breathe on Pluto?

Sorry. No.