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I look and at first see the same old same old, starring that Mystic Rectangle involving the Nodes, that just won’t go away–and I’m looking for it to dissolve as it doesn’t seem to be making life any better for us–at least, not in any new, obvious way–I think it set its effect some time ago, so it feels like a running ‘good luck’ thing for some and a ‘bad luck’ thing for others (if the elements of the Rectangle are in significant hard contact to important parts of your natal chart), and a mixture for those with both hard and easy contact. So, it hasn’t recently offered us much that’s new, until right about now, as Mercury moves into proximity to conjunction with Saturn, and Mars sneaks up on the South Node; suddenly our outlook changes just a bit–we’re primed to actually move on some of what’s been presented as possible (or possibly presented as outside our reach, depending on the aforementioned contact), and we have a strong urge to make our thoughts manifest. The impetus to make ‘it’ happen comes forward–but is it wise to act?

Mars is still quincunx Neptune, and the Juno/ Uranus combo is trine the Arian strongman–this suggests that implementing plans (specifically those plans you’ve been itching to get off the ground, but have so far been either totally in the planning stages or have somehow been thwarted when you did try to go forward) would be difficult–we can’t really tell what action’s needed, and underlying it all there may be too much ‘I’ll show you!’ energy, too much neediness to feel empowered, which makes it just too tempting to do anything in order to meet your goals. Better in my view to hold off until about the 8th; then Vesta is firmly entrenched opposed Jupiter, and the Sun is sextile our saucy, sacred tart, and together this signals we’ll see very clearly our own values vis a vis society and our personal social sphere–and that makes it easy to know what we want to do. As well, we’ll have the energy to do what we intend, as opposed to the current situation, where the energy seems to flow on and off as if controlled by a giant, invisible switch.

In fact, the 8th has a lot of big selling points in terms of what positive aid may be available to us. The Moon will be trine the Sun (that energy bounce), Mercury will be exact semi-sextile Ceres at 28 Virgo/ Libra, respectively(a glib tongue, the power, authority, and charisma to negotiate successfully, and very possibly a ‘right time, right place’ aspect, especially if either makes soft contact to the natal chart), and Venus moves to within conjunction of Saturn, opposition of Uranus/ Juno, and quincunx of Chiron/ Neptune. The first two sets of aspects put in place a dynamic of what we value, relationships, and assets being either ‘nailed down’ in some way, of being featured center stage as we want (demand?) their materialization, and we muster what education and skills, and sense of empowerment, we own in service of this. The latter aspect, Venus quincunx Chiron/ Neptune, may with care serve to make us sensitive in a highly positive way, possibly divinely inspired, and if we’re flexible, in touch with our ideals. And that is the key, remaining flexible to both take advantage of the influences and to avoid, in over zealousness to create precisely what we believe we want, shutting out the love that is there, available, being offered.

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