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sliver moonDark of the Moon begins late evening of the 14th, Pacific time (approx. 10:30 PM). A passive meditation on relationships (New Moon in Libra) may be in order over the days preceding the Sun/ Moon conjunction. Though a meditation in motion is recommended (this is a practice of being, with the meditation an attitude carried throughout the day) it may not be easy, as the Dark period likely keeps us thinking about relationships almost obsessively; for some, the obsession may concern one’s Art or one’s efforts at diplomacy, judgment, or fairness of issues. Even as we look to other subjects, those interactions that need attention or resolution continue to intrude. Putting attention on these subjects is very appropriate, but don’t pressure yourself to come to some decision or resolution. The period preceding the New Moon is a time for contemplation and passive consideration of what the relationship or issue needs–it’s not a time to leap into action, come to conclusions, or make pronouncements.

The New Moon of the 17th occurs at 24 Libra 58 at 10:31 PM Pacific, and the only aspect within one degree is a Grand Cross created with the Earth and Nodes. This suggests a dynamic start-point, a birth, a decisive energizing that affects the life direction. The Sabian symbol for this degree (courtesy of http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html) is “The Sight Of An Autumn Leaf Brings To A Pilgrim The Sudden Revelation Of The Mystery Of Life And Death” The image, too, suggests the importance of the moment in terms of a new understanding that affects the life destiny in major ways. Now, this doesn’t mean we should each expect our own personal lightning bolt–instead we may do better to approach the New Moon with the idea that we cannot know ‘the big moments,’ the turning points in our lives, in all cases, as sometimes they are quiet instants of reflection that quicken the intelligence and open our spiritual eye to some vital truth never before seen. This is what the degree promises: that the faithful seeker (the Pilgrim) will be given the spark of knowledge and comprehension that applies to key life energies, forces, or experiences. Not a bad promise, at all, and likely to be lived out over the time between this New Moon and the next.

It’s of note that the New Moon will occur exactly conjunct Fixed Star Arcturus (24 Libra 22), which long-time readers will know I use as Psyche, per Michael Munkasey’s persuasive suggestion. This may bring the issues Psyche dealt with (love of one she doesn’t completely know, curiousity that wounds the relationship, the jealousy and vindictiveness of other women, the opportunity to listen to the spirit and accomplish ‘impossible’ tasks, the awakening or resurrection to a ‘new,’ more powerful Self) to the forefront, especially for women.