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earth and moonNew Moon arrives the 16th of November at 11:13 AM PST at 24 Scorpio 34; there’s a trine of Earth to the North Node and the Sun/ Moon combination trines the South Node (using a two degree max orb) and we also have the Sun/ Moon trine the exact Uranus/ Juno conjunction in Pisces (creating a Grand Trine with the South Node) and square Neptune in Aquarius. There is always a birth of the new in the House of the natal chart where the Sun/ Moon conjunction falls, and this time it will bring easy expression of the uniqueness and empowerment circumstances of the Self, which in itself will be a precise test of how well we’ve learned the lessons of the past. The Grand Trine formation in Water suggests that the greatest revelation and payoff will be emotional; the trine made by Earth to the North Node says that whatever progress there is to our destined development will have a marked effect on the material circumstances of our lives.

We are given a clue as to the nature of this birth of the new (or perhaps in this case a re-birth or resurrection, considering the sign is Scorpio) by the Sabian degree symbol, ‘An X-Ray Photograph.’ Putting all our clues together, this says that the renaissance involves a depth of perception, especially emotionally (the Water Grand Trine) in some matter related to the House where this occurs for us in the natal chart. Expect to see something, in fact, to see through something, so that the bare bones of the matter are exposed–nothing is hidden, in the particular area affected. However, to take the symbol a little farther, an x-ray doesn’t show us the nature of the surface of the object or individual–and that suggests that though we may have very sharp and detailed insight into the matter, we may not see the thing, person, or situation as it’s actually presented, a ‘miss the forest for the trees’ kind of focus. We will express our individuality, uniqueness, and empowerment and, depending on the thoroughness of our ability to process what we’ve learned from the past, we can literally see the very structure of things, and yet there may be a problem as we dehumanize what’s before us–and we’re reminded of this by the Earth trine to the North Node in the Earth element, which asks us to see how the material surroundings, the way things look, the tangible, those surfaces and externals mentioned earlier, are giving information about the direction we’re headed, about our future.Moon in shadow

Under oddities and influences we have Vesta at 29 degrees and the Part of Fortune for the moment of the New Moon exact quincunx Mars and sextile the asteroid Zeus (about which I’m preparing an article right now, which is why I noticed! The article will be included in an electronic quarterly in Pdf form that will be available for purchase soon–I’ll also include–and pay–other contributing astrologers for future issues, and hope you’ll give this pub a try!) This combination suggests that we are in some way stressed about those subjects we find sacred, circumstances in the home, or with the sex life, perhaps feeling a contradiction between the actions we would take (Mars), that energy most characteristic of ‘luck’ or a sort of adept touch (Part of Fortune), and the Zeusian attitude of do what we want when we want. This may form a surface current that crosses and mingles with the New Moon energies, distracting and confusing us. The way to keep them separate is to recognize that what creates an emotional impact (and/ or empowerment or sharp perceptions) will relate to the New Moon, while what creates stress will relate to the Mars complex–this requires us mostly to recognize boundaries and what actions typically benefit us, and stick with these, rather than following those impulses to ‘go rogue.’

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And don’t forget the Leonids, visible the next few nights http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33891078/ns/technology_and_science-space/?GT1=43001

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Both images courtesy of NASA