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We’re in the dark now, figuratively, on approach to the New Moon and a Solar eclipse. Effects remain much as they have been–and this will definitely be frustrating for some, as the Dark of the Moon calls for receptivity and a meditative approach that may contrast with natural inclinations. If possible, stay low key and make no commitments–Merc retro isn’t done with us yet, and this is a great time to sit back and let events and those more insistent determine things for a short while–what we miss out on will likely be mistakes, wrong turns, and choices that aren’t fully informed.

The one outstanding new influence will be the Moon’s trine to retro Mars evening PST. This brings our Martian ‘stuff’ out–aggression, anger, and energy to accomplish and to put forward the personal Will is abundant and should be taken advantage of. The emotions will carry the charge and it’s our job to give expression a positive form. Those who don’t embrace (and especially those who don’t acknowledge) Mars may find fits of temper surfacing out of nowhere and flashes of aggression and even violence that momentarily take the emotional upper hand. Acceptance (rather than a safer-feeling denial) of all tendencies possible means we’ll be able to see and handle the urges as they appear.

Let the Sag Moon have its way–be open to adventure, new horizons, and gaining knowledge we can use later. Next, what to expect with the eclipse! Have a great one–

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