Here we sit, in the Dark of the Moon, poised for Mercury’s direction, easing into Saturn’s retro turn, and waiting for both an eclipse and Jupiter’s move into Pisces–whew! Could the edge of our seats be more crowded? Nobody is at ease, nobody is relaxed–tension permeates the nerves, the very fabric of our being, and disturbs sleep, meditation, and fun–and yet the surface of things is disrupted only in bursts–like when I took a freak fall Monday night that left the entire right side of my body bruised and with an oddly twisted feeling. I’m fine–my point is that it was so abrupt that it didn’t make logical sense. And that, I think, is what we’re facing right now, a tense atmosphere seeded with little surprises, not all of them bad, and some of them major, like the earthquake in Haiti. We’d better take this as a rearranging, a setting of the stage for all the changes that we’re on the cusp of, and whatever does crop up should be taken as a last chance at Aquarian intellectual enlightenment (even if it comes, as it did for me, in the falling-down form of a cartoon!) sponsored by that benevolent over-doer, Jupiter.

Did I hear correctly? Professional Quitter Sarah Palin started her job at Fox as a commentator? By the way, the ex-governor has fewer Twitter followers than many celebrities–does that mean maybe we should run Ashton Kutcher or Ellen DeGeneres for vice-president? Just wonderin’ with tongue in cheek. As an astrologer, I would never counsel a client to begin a media job with Merc still retro, and with all the added bonuses listed above–but I’ll be watching her success and stick-to-it-tiveness or lack of it in this instance for what I can draw from the astro circumstances. Maybe it was the pressure of Jupiter, the broadcaster, at 29 degrees that pushed her to start now–and maybe the fact that both Mercury and Saturn are currently stationary could serve to cement her in place–hmmm, maybe she used an astrologer, after all!

Jupiter into Pisces will slip in like a hand to a well-fitted glove as he enters his ancient home. I still like to link Jupiter to Pisces as a secondary ruler; it often explains a connection that is otherwise bewildering. What can we expect? An expansion of imagination, creativity, and ideals; a huge emphasis on Oneness (which may not always be a welcome message); people reaching for their dreams and some welcoming in delusions; the broadcasting of illusion; the teaching of Cosmic verities. There may be too much reliance on image or illusion, and the pressure to join together may not allow for the individuality some need and thrive on. We’d all do well to respect the autonomy of others at this time, and take extra care to allow independent expression to thrive–otherwise we might lose the variety of voices that give life texture and can act to inspire and provide contrasting viewpoints.

And with that in mind, have a great day!

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