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 I went out to bring the trash cans back from the street today and it was pouring, and it had been for days. We live on a slight incline, but the ground was finally saturated and standing water ringed the west and south sides of the house. It was a little freaky, seeing grass and pavement shimmering, completely under water. I went back in and later in the afternoon fell asleep. I dreamed of floods, water rising at the high living room window, the neighbor’s dog paddling on, dog bowl and flower pots and garden rakes floating by, and shot through with fear in the dream I wondered, “Where’s the water coming from?” There was so much of it, far more than would gather with anything less than a second Great Flood. As I watched the water I was afraid and the water level rose; when I climbed to the second story and both stopped being afraid and stopped wondering where the water was coming from, the flooding receded, leaving everything dry once again.

The dream made me think about Neptune; I’ve neglected him of late. Right now, aside from the much-discussed conjunction to Chiron and Jupiter, he’s receiving a quincunx from Earth, a sesquiquadrate from Saturn, a square from Sedna, and a semi-sextile from Juno. This offers a scenario where flooding of any kind, physical, emotional, shouldn’t be unexpected, as Earth makes the effect material, Saturn brings in the status quo, Jupiter exaggerates, Chiron exposes the wound (perhaps a natural human one such as the fear of drowning), with it all bringing up the question of personal empowerment, and Sedna comes along and blocks our awareness of the Neptune circumstances altogether.

What does that leave? All the effects of a flood without the awareness of one. Perhaps the thing to do is look around and notice what has all the earmarks of being overwhelming, of engendering fear, of washing away what’s familiar, of drowning us emotionally or psychically, but which we haven’t yet realized is actually a threat.

Did the eclipse change things? It did for me; the new year had been inexplicably chaotic, draining, and even dangerous until the Solar eclipse, which fell in my 12th, sextile my Venus. I can only think it flooded my subconscious with love as the Moon, Sun, and transiting Venus connected. I hope it’s been as kind to you.

Today the Aquarian Moon hits the midpoint of the Ceres/ Juno trine, asking us to balance our own empowerment with appropriate co-operation with authority; then it squares Pallas=emotional questions about what’s wise; trines Zeus=ambitions and willfulness are aided by emotional perceptions; and by early afternoon PST the Moon opposes Mars=expect temper, confrontations, and the exercising of the Will, and this may seem like it’s coming out of nowhere. The evening remains in a holding pattern; however you enter it will set the tone and play out without much alteration. By 2 AM PST on the 17th the Moon quincunxes the South Node, and we’re either recalling the evening and thinking we should’ve known better, or we’re nostalgic for some element of the past.

Today’s Link: Read Twilight on Art and the best artist you’ve probably never heard of http://twilightstarsong.blogspot.com/2010/01/arty-farty-friday-francis-picabia.html  And enjoy your Saturday!