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. . . and possibly some sharp words, disturbances to the home situation, and the chance you’ll begin the wisest course you’ve ever chosen. Not bad for a mid-month New Moon in Pisces that just as easily could’ve kicked off a period of feeling drugged out, confused, or steeped in illusion. This time, though, we’ve got influences that leave us attuned and sharp, at least to the degree we’re willing to adjust our approach to our own most sacred ideals (the Vesta aspect).

Dark of the Moon began early afternoon Pacific time on the 12th, ushering in a time for centered calm, withdrawal, retreat, meditation, and appreciation of our world. It’s a time to take a step back and receive what is around us–and if we don’t like what we are surrounded with, then our mandate is to change the environment to something that more closely reflects what we want to be, and to understand that what we are is what we’re seeing–change, improvement, or modification, rather than denial or anger, is the order for this period.

The New Moon arrives at 2:01 PM PDT on the 15th at 25 Pisces 10, and it makes a quincunx to Vesta in Leo, a trine to Pallas in Scorpio, and a conjunction to the exact meeting of Mercury and Uranus right next door (and this will be coming off the Superior Conjunction of Merc and the Sun on the 14th which likely brought illumination, a message, probably through a dream, fantasy or day dream, or through the realization of an ideal or goal (Pisces). This SC is a natural ending to which we must be receptive, rather than a typical Superior Conjunction that brings endings to things we’ve actively planned or worked for. The power of the Universe is displayed in the attractive quality of the energy; let it show you how it works.

Pisces, image courtesy of the wonderful 'Swivelchair' at http://vintageprintable.com/

But back to the New Moon! The quincunx to Vesta in Leo suggests this is a new beginning in terms of the ego/ identity and what it stands for; we have the chance to adjust ourselves to better fit what we find most sacred, and also the opposite, we have the chance to modify ideals so that they truly reflect who we are. The trine to Pallas promises that wisdom and guidance are ours, whether they have internal or external sources. And the conjunction to Mercury and Uranus says in no uncertain terms, the messages we need to start a fresh lunar cycle will be delivered, possibly with a shock, or through the group, in the natal House where the NM occurs, or in personal lunar matters or the House with Cancer on the cusp.

The Sabian for this New Moon is, ‘Watching the Very Thin Moon Crescent Appearing at Sunset, Different People Realize That the Time Has Come to Go Ahead With Their Different Projects’ http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html  This seems to be a way of expressing that new ideas, young concepts (the Thin Crescent Moon) that have just barely coalesced in the mind, are now beginning their creative life–they have leapt to the fore, from amongst a variety of possibilities, to receive the full energy and attention of their creators. This is the most fertile and energized point of creation, when the idea has caught hold of the mind and musters all the force of creative spirit, and the co-operation of the Universe, in order to be made manifest. We should expect outbursts of beauty and grace, if only within our own minds, and should approach with optimism and willingness whatever idea is seeded in us at this time.

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Today’s Link: About Pluto http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2010/03/12/2225958.aspx The Greenwood Space Travel business mentioned in the piece is a place I’ve walked by and looked in the window (they were closed). They offered an array of unusual goods, to say the least. Unfortunately I missed the rally 😦   And, check out the possibilities implied by this Moon for our country by the excellent Jude Cowell http://www.starsoverwashington.com/2010/03/new-moon-25pisc10-march-15-2010.html