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Friday evening and Saturday for West Coasters looks like a time of rest and recovery, with a Pisces Moon through to the 11 PM hour PDT on Saturday making escape, imagination, and a sense of ease and Oneness with the Universe smoothly attained. Particularly on Friday evening, with the Moon’s trine to Venus, socializing should go very well. It’s a date night when fantasy, fun, and good feeling abound. Enjoy it! but moderate your liquids and other Piscean possibilities, as Jupiter, ancient ruler of Pisces, is in the 29th degree, urging us to overdo in every department, including our reactions and social interactions, our reaching out and the impulse to ‘educate’; with this influence, stay centered and concentrate on experiencing the moment–leave potential output for later.

Look for 10:48 PM PDT on the 5th when the Moon meets Jupiter in that 29th degree–bam! Then the Moon pops into Aries and at 11:18 PM Luna unites with Uranus exactly–and there is a shock, surprise, revelation, or rebellion in store–be on alert. This is followed at 11:28 PM PDT Saturday by Jupiter’s entry to the Aries Point, and the shift is likely to be significant. Aside from the potential for incredible shake-ups with this event cycle, there are the larger implications of Jupiter in Aries, setting our social attention and energy on the individual. I’m anticipating lots of individual initiative, people finding their feet and taking off, but I also sense that the social arena may be more than a little dog eat dog. More on Jupiter meets Uranus here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/

Have you seen this new dating service, ‘Zoosk,’ being advertised on television? I was walking through the room and heard the name, and had to turn around–were they saying ‘Zeus’? And if so, did they know what they were implying? I thought choosing a sound-alike name was a bit ominious; Zeus was not just the supreme Olympian, he was horrifyingly Self-indulgent, to the point of thoughtlessly imposing his Will (particularly his sexual interest) on others. Zeus was unfaithful and deceptive in his marital relationship, and was, in fact, a rapist. Is that what you want to date, ladies? I thought not. Read a lot more about Zeus the god and his namesake asteroid here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/

The daily forecasts will probably be abbreviated for a while, as I’m trying to wrap up the Juno book, do client work, and produce the next issue of ECLIPSE. I hope you’ll all give the magazine a try; the latest issue has 50 pages of information, material on astrology in practice and theory, and forecasts for the current astro outlook, and any of you who’ve read it, your comments, thumbs up or down, or any suggestions are very welcome–let others know if it’s worth it! http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/ Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!

Today’s Link: This is a resonant post that acts almost as a meditation http://dreamorpheus.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/scarab-vs-spider/