A partial Lunar eclipse in Capricorn begins at 4:30 AM PDT on the 26th at 4 Capricorn 46. I cover a couple of configurations active at the eclipse here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/ and this info concentrates in particular on the dynamics we can expect; here we’ll talk about the most arresting aspect of the eclipse, the Earth/ Moon/ Pluto line-up with only 41 minutes separation, along with the other aspects that fall into our 2 degree orb. This conclave in Capricorn is startling; how can we have a culmination (Full Moon) that is also either a wipe-out or an experience of total transformation?

If we think of it like this, it makes sense: bringing matters of the House axis across which this eclipse falls (and particularly in the House where the Moon/ Earth falls) to a moment of culmination, to a conclusion or point of determination where we can say, “This is what it is, this is what we have, this is how it ends,” will bring its own new material view/ view of reality, one that transforms the subject at hand into something utterly and entirely different. The conclusion of one event, progression, or situation births another–it rises like the phoenix from the ashes of what came before, and because of what came before we are prepared to see it in a whole new way.

The Sabian for this degree is: ‘Indians on the Warpath. While Some Men Row a Well-Filled Canoe, Others In It Perform a War Dance.’ This suggests that the eclipse brings about a very particular attitude, one that is so strongly felt that aggression (or at least unequivocal assertion) is the proposed course of action. This attitude is taken by people well-equipped to wage war on/ let their attitudes be known to others, and there is no hesitancy in letting everyone know that this is the intent–though you’ll notice, no ‘war’ is actually being engaged in; this is bluster, hype, threats, a cry of ‘look how serious we are!’–and that implies that the intent is really to transform the playing field, to change the way others regard us, to be taken seriously.

The other aspects that fall within our orb measurement that figure in to this are an opposition to the Moon by Mercury, and the eclipse axis plus Mercury and Pluto create a T-square with Jupiter in Aries. This gives us more hints about meaning: we really are trying to communicate something quite distinct about who we are (Mercury conjunct the Sun), and we are willing to exaggerate to get our message across (Jupiter). The point is to broadcast an image that makes ‘them’ take ‘us’ more seriously ; the point is not to engage in an actual war, only to threaten this kind of all-out effort, in which consequences cannot be anticipated and destruction of some kind is almost guaranteed. (Note that Merc and Jupiter are both slightly more than 2 degrees from aspect but as always, the chart must be assessed as a whole, with necessary leeway granted in order to make sense of the Big Picture).

The eclipse makes one other aspect, with Moon/ Earth/ Pluto sextile Pallas. This tells us something that may be rather surprising about this image of broadcast aggressive intent: it’s a smart thing to do. Our own wisdom prompts us to make this noise, to beat this particular drum in this particular way, and it’s good that we do. Part of gaining the respect of others is that we are considered skilled and worthy Beings capable of effecting our surroundings–each of us needs this kind of regard, and built in to it is a certain animal response: we do not respect those who don’t have an effect on things or on us, and this is not a matter of physicality so much as a matter of the energy of the spirit as it reaches out to the spirits of others. It is the respect of one living thing recognizing the spark in another, and it’s this impression we’re seeking to make.

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