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Everything changed; did you feel it? I think for many this was subtle but discernible, if only through the intuition; for some, the world appears exactly the same, but something tells us it has slipped slightly, like we’ve skewed to the very next dimension, thin as paper, right next to the dimension we were accustomed to, and we know it’s different, we just haven’t seen those differences yet. It’s almost a matter of faith. For myself, I know change has occurred, I can feel the shift all around me, but I can’t yet point to the results–all we can be sure of now is that the changes will show in different modes of action (Cardinal energies of Full Moon).

LRR, courtesy Wikimedia Commons and the Guttenberg Project {{PD-Art}}

The Moon continues through Aries like Red Riding Hood through the woods, alone and strangely unguarded; though the Aries energy is usually pugnacious, today the feeling is much more lunar, more receptive. It’s as if this Moon handed over the action urge when it contacted the Sun and Earth along the Aries Point axis, perhaps funneling all the energies into the T-arm formed by Pluto. It’s not hard to imagine the density of the tiny demoted body pulling the juice from every other contact into its dark maw, making changes to reality (in Saturn-ruled Capricorn) that are so extensive and quiet we’ve yet to truly see or grasp the result.

But back to our concern of the day, Little Red Luna, as she skips along and makes no aspect until much later. Alone and unafraid, she moves through what seems to be familiar territory, and it is–except it usually doesn’t hide a wolf. The emotions will be very Self-focused today, in a way that’s more like contemplation, like reflecting on the Self and one’s role, than it is anything else–so what a shock when one finally notices the wolf! Before that, though, Red is stalked, and remains unaware of the onlooker. This is very much like the Moon’s next contact, an 11:30 PM-ish PDT opposition to Vesta; what matters, the sacred, the home, the intimate contacts, are all suddenly making demands on the Self–the emotional energy can’t be kept all to oneself, and this makes it obvious.

A quincunx to Pallas about 4 AM of the 25th says we will need to adjust the emotional perceptions to accomodate what’s wise–it’s a brief schooling in which emotional perspectives may simply be foolish and indulgent, and which may need to embrace a smarter course.

It’s at the 5 AM hour PDT that Red finally gets rolling, forming a Grand Trine in Fire with Juno and Ceres, and a sextile to Chiron/ Neptune. Here’s Red’s initiation into the ‘real’ world, into the layers a reality can hold, into the what the Full Moon energy has subtly re-aligned; the emotional Self meets the possibility of creating a power outlet that is much more than the sum of its parts. The GT says the emotional Self holds the key to both expression of the individual’s innate power and authority, and the relationship to Mother Nature–and with this latter, the ability to manipulate, handle, direct, or otherwise use natural forces is all ours. Chiron/ Neptune adds one’s most unique skills and the ideals and creative capacity to the mix, making for a tremendously powerful period when the individual becomes an energy alchemist, transforming the unique relationship to skill and power into actions taken, initiating oneself into the ‘new’ relationship with the ‘changed’ Universal flow of the Full Moon. You can blow the doors off it, at this point; aim the energy and the intentions very very carefully.

Void begins at 7:12 AM PDT on the 25th; Moon enters Taurus 1:16 PM PDT. ‘Til then, have a great one!

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