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There’s a wonderful Grand Square formed (and while we consider this as a square, Pluto is also in the mix), soon to also be a Cross, involving the Nodes, Saturn/Sun, and Earth.Why wonderful? I’m not quite sure; it’s got a charged-up electric energy, seated in the Sun in a Venus-ruled sign, Saturn in its exaltation, the Earth in dynamic, kick-ass Aries, and the Nodes in Cardinal (action) energies of caring and structure–it just sounds like a recipe for transformation of circumstances (Pluto) and materialization of what’s both expressive of our Soul intents (Sun), needed for the Soul’s expression materially (Earth), and designed to move us along in our destined direction (the Nodes). A major config that presents major opportunity–and today holds a specific positive time period for another significant configuration–see ECLIPSE for details–I abhor saying it over and over, but if you do come here often to follow the Lunar forecast picture, you really could use the forecast section of the magazine–’nuff said 🙂

The lovely Taurus Moon goes on to quincunx Zeus around 1 PM PDT, challenging the emotions to accomodate the ambitions–somehow they rub each other the wrong way. The Lunar picture moves toward the physical, toward the material, the artisanal, through the rest of the day and into evening Pacific time–then around 2 AM PDT of the 27th, the Moon trines Mercury in Earth. The messages are centered on material circumstances, even when they appear to be otherwise; it’s a situation of reverse-symbolism, where talk about priciples and values is really representative of the asset situation–very ‘Taurus as concerned with who has what.’

8 AM PDT on the 27th brings the Moon conjunct Sedna–uh-oh, all those material things we were just talking about are just not discernible–it’s almost like we’ve spent time sorting through who has what only to find that everybody’s stuff seems to have disappeared! It’s only a temporary vanishing act, which is meant to turn our attention elsewhere for awhile.

A quincunx to Vesta noonish PDT means we get our sense of values back not just intact but heightened–after this little interlude we know what really counts. By 2 PM the Moon is in place as the apex of a Finger of God with base of Vesta/ Ceres; this implies that the emotions and/ or intuition (or possibly the matters of the House where the transiting Moon falls in the natal chart) will serve as outlet for a negotiation over the most important values and life elements (home in all senses, and the most intimately connected relationships)–the goal is to find what’s ‘natural’–and once the balance is reached a rush of emotional perception, intuitive knowing, and/ or other revelation about how to proceed will occur.

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