We move in the wake of our power issues (see previous post for the 29th) all the way through 7-ish PM Pacific, when the Cancer Moon conjuncts the South Node, joining the Nodes in forming a Grand Cross with the Sun/ Earth axis, plus Saturn; the Moon goes from dealing with those very basic and intense power concerns (and even if you didn’t experience an obvious power situation, you likely sensed one, via the Moon’s intuitive function) to involvement in a heavy kind of life-direction-determining event. This all sounds very dramatic but for most of us it won’t be; it’s instead the small, quiet moment that changes everything–so even if you aren’t aware of a big, life-changing thing, you need to realize that there is something path-determining going on today. Recognize the seeds as they are sown, and that even small choices will reverberate.

A trine to Mars in Water forms in the 2 AM hour PDT of October 1st, suggesting that actions mesh well with the emotions; the trick here is to have already brought the emotional state into harmony with the personal intents (natal Sun). If the Self is vibing all of a piece (as they say!) one’s actions and choices will be supported and the intuition will guide. If disharmonies remain unconscious, are disregarded, or carefully swept under the rug, this aspect can mean it’s really easy to facillitate some bad ideas–or at least, act in ways that may be Self-defeating, in the long run.

By 4 AM PDT of the 1st the Moon trines Venus–and whether we’ve chosen well in our actions or not, we’re likely to feel good about it. It’s a bit odd, but not the time to worry about assessing effects or modifying results; instead, relax into the depth and beauty of Venus and the Moon complimenting each other in the feeling element.

Something remarkable is going on–and by remarkable, I don’t necessarily mean positive, but rather mean that things, mostly intangibles, are happening and require our notice–they need to be remarked upon–and yet, I think most of what we’re perceiving is coming through as an irritant: life seems like a downer right now, but most of us have great difficulty pointing to exactly why, as even our more undesirable circumstances show some obvious pluses. Everything is in flux (and I can almost hear some of you adding, still!) but I think the Ceres/ Pluto exact meeting on October 19th may explain a lot. See more on that here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ and see my new book on Juno, its meaning in both womens’ and mens’ natal charts and in synastry here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/ And Thanks to All who’ve supported the book in word, thought, and through purchase–it’s very much appreciated! My ‘Thank You’ for purchasers of JUNO IN THE NATAL CHART is one question answered. Contact me at my email juliedemboski @ hotmail with a specific, focused question, include your birth data, and I will decide how to determine the answer (transits, Solar Arcs, natal indicators, or horary) Please do not try to squeeze a whole reading into one question! At my discretion I will trim ‘too bigs’ down to a one question essence, and you could be disappointed with my choice, so prepare your query with care; and remember, specific questions bring specific answers! If you bought the book under a name and/or email other than the one from which you’re writing, please provide the email address under which it was bought. Please DO NOT send a question before purchasing the book, or your query will be discarded. Also allow me some time to get to your question. Answers will be brief! This is a limited-time offer. Get the book here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com Thanks!