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There is a factor of revelation to this Full Moon, the kind that tells us, ‘You’d better choose, you need to realize it can’t go on as it has, you’d better sh*t or get off the pot’ It won’t be that crude, but it will be that direct; we will see something (likely hooked to the matters of the axis of the natal House where this occurs) that must be dealt with, decided, that must reach a conclusion of some sort. Since it occurs in Libra, in the anaretic 29th degree, the tension of conclusion/ culmination that is a natural part of a Full Moon doubles; add to this that there is likely to be involvement with one’s relationship(s) and/ or with one’s aesthetic output, and/ or with expression of Will and want, and we have a prescription for situations that could blow-up–though even in distress, these circumstances could retain the politesse and civilized veneer of Libra–no shouting, certainly no shoving, though watch out for the passive-aggressive mental (Air sign and Fire sign, both Cardinals) sucker-punch that will leave you reeling; while the opposing forces may do just that, force an already stressed issue (Aries). We may divide up into aggressors and victims (energy across the Aries/ Libra axis–and there are some of each on both sides) though the truth is it’s a co-operative dance, with no truly guilty parties and no true innocents, either; that’s something to keep in mind during the go ’round.

The point in time of the Full Moon is potentially a precipice–an abrupt edge, passing over which we experience radical change–but no one can say with any certainty whether this will be perceived as positive or negative. The Sabian for the Aries Full Moon is ‘A Duck Pond and its Brood’  This suggests to me that changes occurring now are aimed (guided perhaps by the Soul, by the Higher Self, by God, by the Universe) at putting one into one’s ‘right environment,’ to finding the tribe to which one belongs and to creative expression in its broadest sense. This points the way toward best use of the Full Moon tension, in resolution through co-operating with the ‘right’ others. The trick is in finding, recognizing, and accepting that one has found them, that one belongs to this particular group, and that through this function one may see things about oneself that the ego doesn’t find flattering. To this I say, if you haven’t already, it’s time to assign the ego a back seat–(relatively) easily done with the Full Moon culmination in that last degree of Aries.

Imagine coming upon this pond, knowing you will find your tribe here JFAuburtin {{PD-Art}}

Okay, so I’ve loosened up a bit with the strict orb thing–I’ll go 2.5 if it gives us clarity. What we have, then, is a single contact, a generous quincunx of the Sun to Uranus in Pisces. In this instance it’s an oblique path the Moon energy takes to meet up with the Rebellious One, but there it is: the choice may be either a break-out moment for the ego (that could alienate one from the group and leave previous ties suddenly severed, or at least in little relationship tatters), or it could be the impetus for the Aries Moon to work out its differences (the quincunx) and serve via energy and attention (the connection through the Sun) the group (Uranian) interests–subsuming the ego in order to engage in the ultimate form of co-operation.

ECLIPSE Readers: the ‘Cup’ is present for this Full Moon–with what will you fill it?

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