Odin's last words to Baldr W.G. Collingwood 1908 {{PD}}

By 2 AM Pacific a trine of the Libra Moon to Mars, and a square to Pluto, bring an interesting energy combo forward: we are rarin’ to go in partnership and/ or artistic matters, but something destructive rears its ugly head. We may call it change or transformation, but in this case it really is destructive, a vein of energy seeking to undermine what seems like a really good partnership action. There’s something instructive to this, and we’d be smart to realize that when we aren’t hearing the important messages, the subconscious steps in and orchestrates a mini-crisis or problem, to put us back on track–and that’s, in essence, what this is.

In the 8 PM hour Pacific the Moon conjuncts Saturn and then by 10 sextiles Venus. This can have one of two results: either the emotions and intuition are suppressed in the extreme, with a follow-up two hours later that suprises us with our awareness of what’s important (it seemed we weren’t feeling and thinking about any of our Venus concerns, and then there they were!) or, the emos and intuitions are rock-solid, either materializing right in front of us or spurring us to try to make secure our emotional picture. This can lead, by the 10 PM sextile, to either a payoff in love, satisfaction, or even money, OR (and please note, that’s a big one!) may cause us to try to compensate mightily in order to feel loved–and we all know the mega-list of dangers that can comprise, starting with downing way too much ice cream :)

Alert! Mars is on his way to meet up with Ceres (due on the 26th). This can be clash of the Titans, pro-active assertion in concert with Mother Nature, taking a whack at Mom, or could make the crispy-hard and yet somehow flaccid sound of two tremendous egos smacking together! Just be aware that this combo is in the air–and duck and cover if necessary.