One never knows what might occur to one in a moment of repose AL Egg 1862

Today the Sun and Ceres are conjunct, and the Moon’s conjunction to Pallas, followed by her square to Saturn (noon to 4 PM Pacific) all emphasize the same theme: issues of who knows best, who holds authority, and who’s in charge are paramount. This is a good time to think about what authority you want, and who’s in charge of what, particularly when it comes to your personal life–but don’t show your hand just yet–only think on it.

10 PM PST brings a trine of the Moon to Sedna, and the celebrated ‘blind spot’–just accept that emotion and intuition are currently on the fritz, and agree with others to ‘know we don’t know’ (or maybe that’s ‘feel’)! By 7:30 AM of the 1st of February, the Moon will conjunct Mercury, and be within the midpoint of Venus/ Neptune (which is of course also occupied by Merc). This is a seminal moment for creative types–take note of what comes to mind right now, as the Dark period, combined with these elements, makes for extra-open access to the creative and to the unconscious (which we all know is where all the best stuff is kept!) I hope you’ll join me in the new ECLIPSE newsletter service (sign up at right), for weekly forecasts, articles, and access to the protected page here at the blog. Thanks!