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'L'ete ou les cinq sens' Stoskopff {{PD-Art}}

5 AM Pacific kicks off a challenging set of oppositions from the Moon in Leo to other bodies that will chase away a lot of the carefree sense we may have embraced yesterday–but if we did enjoy that influence we will be much better off today, as we face some surprising conflict and some outright opposition–the respite will have fed our energy and ego, our sense of Self in a good way–and makes it much easier to meet today’s push-back. We start with Ceres, which may provide resistance to our Will from Mother Nature and/ or authorities; next it’s Mercury, where we likely just won’t like what we hear; the opp to Mars (around 7 PM PST) may pit the Self against the group or action v. thought–consider the other side’s POV, but don’t feel you must capitulate–it’s not necessary at this point to declare a ‘winner.’

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