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'Glass of Absinthe and a Carafe' Van Gogh 1887 {{PD-Art}}

The New Moon happens at 7:31 AM PDT on April 3rd, conjunct Jupiter, and opposed Saturn, h.Zeus, and of course the Earth. When it arrives, this may give the NM energy a bouncy feel, back-and-forth between optimistic seedlings, the hopeful beginnings of things, and a reality-based viewpoint that says, ‘Put a lid on ambitions and desires–be practical.’ It might be a no-fun face-off, and we will likely choose one side or the other, according to our personality. Are we more a glass half empty or glass half full kind of person? That will determine which role we play–and of course, casting ourselves as one means we must cast others in our environment as the other, someone to ‘blame’ as either a wet blanket or an irritating Pollyanna.

The Sabian is surprisingly menacing: ‘A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman’ That doesn’t sound like a symbol of optimism! And yet, what we may see in this is not danger, as our first impression might be; the snake is near, which requires only awareness. This is perhaps a suggestion that we bring ourselves down to earth, just a little, by keeping a sharp eye on what surrounds us. The man and woman mentioned in the symbol suggest inclusiveness; the warning to stay aware applies to everyone, no exceptions.

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(I wrote this NM assessment quite a while ago, but I just had a playful half full/ half empty conversation with two Twitter friends, @starcana (Suzi Dronzek of Cosmic Dirt Suzi’s link is normally found under ‘Astrology on a Daily Basis’ at right) and @SagittarianMind (of Richmond, Virginia). Follow them on Twitter and enjoy informative and amusing Twitter-wisdom 🙂