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Bierstadt 1886 'Storm in the Rocky Mountains' {{PD-Art}}

Here are the two most exciting Lunar periods for the 25th; since one is very early, I thought I should publish early, so you can take full advantage of it.

3 AM is the Moon’s sextile to Venus; Venus is in her dignity (a sign she rules) and the Moon is in the sign of Venus’ exaltation–is this meaningful? Perhaps only in that the energies are especially open to each other; the flow of emotional perceptions and intuition keyed to the Collective, the Universe, and the creative depths (Pisces) moves easily into relationship matters, the attaining of assets, especially those that comfort (Taurus), and into artistic endeavors, particularly those of an artisanal or crafts nature. This is the energy US East Coasters and Midwesterners start their day with, doubling the effect and allowing them to extend the effect; they ‘carry it with them,’ so to speak, as the energy that launches our day can linger, influencing our mentality and approach. Poor West Coasters! This happens when most are sleeping–but early risers catch the tail end and ride it out. A beautiful opportunity–make the most of it.

1 PM Pacific the Moon conjuncts Ceres in Pisces, bringing two strong female symbols together. Intensely felt intuition and even stronger instincts (Ceres) are tuned to nature (Ceres) and the Collective/ Universe (Pisces). This is an almost magical window for the anima in us all; an immense knowing is possible, one where the intuition and all instincts align and can tell us anything about the natural world, or the other Beings in it, we’d like to know. Also hugely healing, and powerful for all female related functions: reproduction, nurture, receptivity–open to the Universe and go with it!

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