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Here's looking at you-- The Marquesa Spinola Doria by Rubens 1606 {{PD-Art}}

4:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Pallas, and we may wonder if ‘x’ is a good idea–we want so badly for it to be a smart thing to do–but we’d do better to adjust our viewpoint, and so the way we feel about ‘x’–just until we can get a little more perspective (and maybe a little feedback and/ or do a little research).

By 6:30 PM PDT the Moon opposes Neptune and semi-sextiles Mercury. This could be the point when we can get more informed about ‘x’–we’ll be capable of disengaging ourselves completely from fantasy, deception, and misconception, if we’re truly willing–not a good point for creative work, though we can judge our output with astonishing objectivity.

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