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There's a pair of fish in the picture, like the Pisces symbol, right? Perugini c1870 {{PD-Art}}

No matter what you do or don’t celebrate, it’s the holiday season–there’s no way to avoid it. In the newsletter I shared a few tongue-in-cheek suggestions for how to survive this annual time of family, food, fights, fun, fruitcake, and all those other ‘f’ words, and I’ll be sharing a little advice for each sign, one at a time. Your Nemesis, listed at the end of the sign, suggests who might be out to sabotage or just give you a hard time, while your angel is the sign energy you can call on in others for assistance, and your personal elf or cherub is the sign energy that will cheer you up and work behind the scenes to make your holiday special. This is the final installment; scroll back through time for the other 11 signs–and have a wonderful holiday!

Pisces  Some people just don’t get  you, Pisces; you are in touch with the Cosmos, linked to the great All-That-Is, you hear angels singing all year round–so in a way, the holiday season is just your internal world made external, all bright lights, sparkle, and delicious somethings, now much more easily sharable with those you love. So why would you of the diaphanous clothing, gentle humming, and creative holiday centerpiece bug anyone? Because Pisces hears angels singing all year round, and so pays attention to that beyond-nether region, rather than the sister-in-law who’s asking that you mash those potatoes. Nobody likes to feel they’re being looked through, and yet that’s the impression darling Pisces gives to everyone with whom he or she interacts–and during a time when nerves are frazzled anyway, dear Pisces, head in the clouds, seems to be blithely dancing on the very last one. Pisces is highly attentive to her or his surroundings, it’s just that Pisces ‘sees’ all the layers, and so loses focus on the here-and-now–and that can win some complaints as others struggle to, as they see it from a strictly material standpoint, pick up the slack. Often as not, Pisces ends up at some point in tears, suffering under the recriminations of the more materially-focused and literal-minded, feeling unappreciated and misunderstood–and they are. The answer to others’ idea that Pisces isn’t useful is this: Pisces is a magnificent resource that the rest of us just don’t know how to interact with to everyone’s benefit. The holiday season is ripe for use of each individual’s gifts; aside from the obvious creative abilities that can be employed myriad ways, Pisces can be given a task, really any task, while he or she gives their real contribution to the holiday gathering: being sensitive to the atmosphere and interactions affecting each individual, so that Pisces knows before that person does who’s hungry, tired, needs time alone, needs help, or who’s coming down with what, can steer someone in the direction they need, and can link the persons who can assist each other. Pisces embodies the Universal connections we all share; Pisces hears the music, and can share it with us, if we’ll only let them. Your Nemesis this holiday season: Aries, Aquarius, or Virgo/ Your secret angel: Scorpio/ Your own personal elf or cherub: Cancer