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A Magellanic cloud from the Hubble Telescope-Thanks, NASA!

8 AM PST the Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury with Neptune at the midpoint, trines Juno and quincunxes Saturn. Emotions may be way off the mark, formed under illusion, deception, fantasy, or in following ideals, but no matter what, they carry a communication punch that will be empowering for both listeners and speakers, in spite of the changes to the material situation that will be required.

We have an odd Void situation: The Moon heads toward the Void with Mercury only 7 minutes from entering Aquarius, but before the Moon hits the Void point Mercury enters the next sign, effectively Voiding our Void by removing the ‘measurement yardstick’ provided by Mercury! Let’s measure it from the time Luna pulls away from trine with Juno, 9:37 AM PST, though some may prefer the quincunx to Saturn as he has major planet status, leaving at 9:19 AM–but then again, many don’t use the quincunx in timing a Void!

In any case, the Moon enters Aries at 10:28 AM PST.

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