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‘The Mountain Brook’ Albert Bierstadt 1863 {{PD-Art}}

. . . is a hot mess, as far as I can tell. Misunderstandings, confusion, nostalgia, good intentions, touchy feelings, conflicts with authorities (especially maternal figures), and talking past each other seem to be the ingredients of this four day period (including Friday and, in the US, Monday, Memorial Day), and these influences will be experienced stand-alone, combined, and re-combined, so that we are dealing with essentially the same stew of missed connections, hurt, contrariness, and kindnesses through the entire period. We do have the Sun/ Mercury in Superior Conjunction (‘Superior’ describes this as being the meeting between these two that occurs when Mercury is direct–‘Inferior’ applies to their meeting when Merc’s retrograde) on the 27th, which should bring to fruition something begun at the March 20-21st Inferior Conjunction. There’ll be a lot of talk, and though we’ll feel the message is of primary importance, what will cause the most trouble is not what we say but how we say it, as most everyone (ourselves included) will be poised to misread just about everything communicated. The important thing to remember may be that, though we’re feeling stressed and as if we must do in order to keep our heads above water, this is a misperception; all that’s really necessary is to relax and let the energy flow around us–in order to come through unscathed (and with psyches, relationships, and finances intact) we must be the stone, placed in the middle of the stream, that effortlessly parts the waters (Juno, Chiron, and Neptune, troublemakers all, posited now in Water).

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