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Finding your passions in life might be a little like drinking from this fountain, according to this allegory of Love as a mystic and all-consuming experience. By Fragonard ‘The Fountain of Love’ c1785 {{PD-Art}}

This is from the most recent ECLIPSE (the new issue arrives in your email tonight Pacific time) and talks about the role of Pluto in understanding the nature of, and where to find, your passions in the natal chart:

Pluto: is the star in the passion universe simply because of his character; the intensity and depth inherent to the lord of the Underworld make him the essence of passion no matter what his contacts or sign placement. In the natal chart Pluto carries the part of us that is deadly serious, indeed, that registers life and death in our primal consciousness, that lets us know immediately when danger, or the need to walk the life-death-life line, comes into play. In Pluto we are all linked through those passions that are common to all human beings, the ones that drive our major choices, relationships, and that are similar to the life energy dedication of Vesta, but with a twist: where Vesta calls us to dedicate energy in a pure and Selfless way to a cause greater than ourselves, Pluto calls forward that life energy in fulfillment of personal, and often rather primitive, passions. We touch the greater Collective through the Plutonian similarities all humans share and, unlike with the other energies, all manifestations of Pluto are charged with passion, making it a consistent indicator of passion in the natal chart.

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