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On today’s Mercury Retrograde, which occurs at 7:16 PM PDT of the 14th at 12 Leo 32:

Our biggest danger during the retro time is that Mercury’s Fire placement during the initial change-of-direction could prompt us toward action with each review of Mercurial subjects and when we consider matters of the House where it turns around, as well as when we review matters of any House it may move into during the retrograde. This means that during the retro we may feel continually that ‘something must be done’, though what we need to remember at this point is that, though our re-consideration of matters reveals them in a new light, there will be other things hidden from us by the current retrograde motion of which we will remain unaware at least through the end of the retrograde, and quite possibly on through the shadow period (the time when a newly direct planet moves back through the degrees it just retrogressed through). It makes for a tough internal contradiction, as we ponder issues that quite naturally ‘light a fire’ under us that urges change, and yet we are in no sound position to make decisions that will make those changes effective!

And for tomorrow, the 15th of July:

By the 15th Saturn sesquiquadrates Ceres; authorities or our own power or maternal urges must adjust to the reality of things, likely needing to pull back and delay action, when we consider the other aspects in play–Mars semi-squares Juno, and Earth trines Sedna–actions may actually disempower us, and we just don’t have the ability at present to know what we might lose! A bit scary, unless we simply calm down and hold back. Dark of the Moon begins this evening, Pacific time, calling us to scale back and to meditate, contemplate, and go within.

We stretch into Monday, the 16th, and see what’s up:

Today Uranus also sextiles Ceres, giving the unique point of view and the individuality the license and authority to express; innovation can thrive, as can efforts by individuals and groups to work in harmony with nature. And, Venus trines Zeus, allowing us a glimpse of how desires may be fulfilled in relationship, and money can be earned through ambition–take note of what you realize/ see in this regard.

All this is from ECLIPSE, the Weekly Newsletter that features articles on astrology theory and practice, assessments of well-known people and events, commentary on specific astrological configurations, events, and aspects (this week, it’s Mercury’s Retrograde), and detailed forecast material one (and sometimes two) weeks at a time, using everything you’d expect plus Sedna, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Chiron, and Zeus, and featuring hour-by-hour major Lunar contacts and their meaning–all for only $5 per month!